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But first . . .

Bert’s It!

Oh my goodness, I have no idea how Bert puts up with Ernie! He wears away at him like a wave on a rock! I notice that there are others out there posting their favourite Jim Henson clips here and here. I am happy that we are spreading the joy!

I have no idea where the week went. I have been so busy at work, it seems all I do is walk around and around the school chasing up ‘issues’. Not to mention the administration of NAPLAN testing! All this walking is how I managed to lose about 15 kilos last year when I started in this role I have now! The next two weeks can’t go quickly enough as far as I am concerned. We all need a holiday!

I have been knitting like a demon, which tends to happen when I am swamped at work. This week I finished the Spunk socks and a Calorimetry:

I made this out of the leftover yarn from the Fetchings that I made for a workmate, at her request, which she promptly accepted with a thank you and no offer of even paying for the yarn. Now, I know I said I wouldn’t accept money for them – this is after all a copyrighted pattern and there is no way I would do that. But, she could have offered to pay for the yarn. It wasn’t from the stash! I had to go and buy it!! Grouch!!! It’s one thing when I knit for someone out of the goodness of my heart, but she ASKED FOR THEM!!!!

Ahem. I also designed the sock I was thinking of, but have to get some suitable yarn to test knit it with. I started with some yarn that I had but it was too busy to show off the pattern, so I will try to find something more amenable. I am really pleased with it though. I will post it as a PDF as soon as it is done. I just downloaded a PDF maker and will make my patterns into PDFs soon. I notice that quite a few people look at the pattern I made for the preemie beanie, which is cool.

Speaking of PDFs, I bought a copy of Wicked this week, and am in the process of umming and aahing over what to knit it with. I did ‘borrow’ this pattern some time ago, but couldn’t find where I saved it and as I am all about supporting independent artists, I thought $7.19AUD was not too bad for such a versatile pattern. Also, I saw ratherbeknitting (Ravelry link) with the pattern at our inaugural Tassie Knitters meeting last week, and covetous thing that I am, I had to have it!

I cast on another pair of socks last night, this time for me. I am about to turn the heel this evening. Again, a simple stocking stitch sock with some of the yarn I bought from BSODL(tm).

Mother requested a miniature sock this afternoon, and I finished it earlier this evening. While she was visiting today I signed her up for Ravelry! Mwhahaha! She won’t know what’s hit her! Also, it means she can join us next time for the Tassie Knitter meetup, which will be fun! Mother has also been knitting like a demon and has made three headbands and two pairs of mitts this week! Go Mum!

And now, a quick review of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book.

Well, I love it! The book begins with a short history of sock knitting, including quite a bit of information about the war effort and socks for soldiers. It then goes into the anatomy of socks and breaks down the sock into manageable parts. There is a universal toe up and top down pattern, a sock calculator that allows you to plug numbers into the pattern for three different yarn weights and for sizes from baby to XL adult. There is then a large section on stitch patterns – textures and colours. And finally, there are some fantastic patterns, both modern and from ago. It is an excellent resource for all sock knitters, from novice to expert and I love it! Highly recommended! My only gripe is that it has a dust cover and I am worried about getting it a bit tatty. I have considered having our lovely library lady at work cover it for me with plastic to protect it, but what should I offer in return? Perhaps a pair of hand knit socks?!

To finish, I am going to share a couple of photos of my girls. They are nine and a half years apart in age (I know, think about it – one will be heading into adulthood just as I am starting the whole teenage girl thing all over again!!), but they are really good mates. One of their favourite things to do is to put makeup on and take photos of themselves and each other. Here are two of about four hundred million that exist!


That’s a pretty good word to describe how I feel today. I am not sure why, just blerk. I have been out of sorts since waking up this morning incredibly HOT! We had planned another trip to the beach, but the son is coughing like a . . . well, like a boy with a bad cough, and the day is a bit windy and overcast so we stayed home.

I have been knitting! This is my last port of call as far as updating. Do any of you find that it takes quite some time to keep up with all the peripherals around being a knit blogger? I am involved in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry as I mentioned last time, and so for the January challenge I made:

Smooth Monkeys! I love them! I cast on last Friday, and finished yesterday (Thursday). I loved the pattern the first time I made them, but I really liked doing no purls! I think I will make some of these if I do gifty knitting this year. At one point I was thinking of making socks for the girls I work closely with for Christmas this year (’08), but that would mean four more pairs than ’07 for giving away. Which leads me to the question – have I set a precedent that I am willing to meet? Will people expect socks from me for Christmas and birthdays all the time? I can’t really maintain that level of knitting I don’t think! However, it would certainly alleviate any guilty feelings about buying yarn! Speaking of buying yarn, I have become a little obsessed this week with thoughts of buying yarn from The Knittery or some Jitterbug, or both. And some KnitPicks Harmony dpns. Hmmm.

Anyhow, I digress. I have spent quite a bit of time updating all over the place today. I have spent most of the afternoon on the couch actually. Hence the strange photos. The setting is the recliner footy bit of my couch! Argh! I digressed again. What I am trying to get at is that I have been hopping all over the interknit posting here, there and everywhere! All this joining in takes time! I have been to the SSS KAL, a couple of places on Ravelry, Favorite Socks KAL and my FO blog. Then, I went to the Year Long Giftalong to check whether I had completed anything on my list. I had not, so I felt a bit guilty but forged ahead anyway!

Here is the Spunk expertly modelling his Retro Ribs that I finished some time late last week. The Trekking Pro-Natura yarn is so soft and lovely.

Last night I knitted another sock for Tiny Madam, but it looks crap and I will not knit another one!

Instead, I cast on for Hedera for me. I have been wanting to make these socks forever and ever, so it’s about time.

When I finish these, I officially only have two full skeins of Patonyle left in my sock yarn stash. Things are getting a bit desperate. I asked Mother to give me back the yarn I gave her last year that she hasn’t knitted yet, so I can make some socks for her with it! Eek.

In other news, we watched The Bourne Ultimatum which we thought could perhaps be re-titled The Boring Ultimatum. Nothing really happened, the camera work was dreadful and so many of the scenes were so dark you couldn’t see what was happening. I am becoming an old fuddy duddy I think. I just want to be entertained! Tonight we are watching Romulus, My Father which was given good reviews. Purl bought an excellent hard cover copy of The Stand by Stephen King for us yesterday to replace an older paperback copy, and The Talisman arrived today – it was ordered before my birthday on the 13th. As Purl is reading The Celestine Prophecy should I be wondering about the coincidence of two Stephen King books coming into the house in two days?

What is it about people who don’t knit? Or is it that I keep saying how easy it is to make things if you concentrate? I am presently dealing with two mother in law issues. Because I have two mothers in law. I think I have mentioned this before.

MIL1 loved her tea cosy so much! So much that she showed her friend who also loved it so much! So much that MIL1 volunteered me to knit another one for her! Without consulation with me. And this was relayed over the phone. Sheesh. I got a bit snaky. Because, I won’t just knit something out of the stash, I will need to go and buy something. If I am going to knit something, it is going to be worth looking at! I am not about to turn out some crap in the wrong colour for this friend’s kitchen! Yikes.

Today I received an SMS from MIL2. Again no face to face. “Special request from (insert name of cousin from England visiting at the moment). If she buys the wool could you knit her some sock like the ones you made for me?” I jumped on the phone and it just so happens that they have already visited the LYS and purchased some Opal, which would be perfect for golf socks! How can I say no to that?

I like knitting for people. I think we all do. But, I like to choose who I knit for and I like to choose what I knit. It is part of the fun. Now I am stuck with knitting two items for people I vaguely know, out of yarn and colours that I would not choose, for nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling. What is with that? If I wrote short stories, would people assume that I would write a story for their workmate? If I painted pictures, or played music, would it be expected I could just turn something out? What is it about knitting that allows people to believe it just happens? Man. Grr. Aaaaaargh.

So, now I am finishing my purple and green socks, and the SIL socks, and Pomatomus is no further, and BaudelaireII is not even cast on and I want to design my own sock and phhht.

Oh, I did buy some gorgeous yarn which I am waiting impatiently for. Some advice – stay away from etsy! Especially this store. Her yarns are gorgeous. I will show pictures the minute it arrives. So, it’s not all bad news. Now, I had better go and knit socks


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