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Well, we survived! Christmas has been and gone, and I reached most of my knitting goals. In the end I gave out eight pairs of socks. All were greatfully received. Well, to be honest I gave out seven pairs and one single sock. I knitted my butt off but could not quite finish the final sock for my friend who gave me my spinning wheel. Thankfully she found it very amusing to recieve one sock and watch me knit madly to finish the other. The yarn is Donni’s that she sent in my tea cosy parcel. Here is a picture of the second sock, which was finished Boxing Day night. I will post it to her Monday.


The final count was:

  • Embossed Leaves
  • Waving Lace
  • Back to Basics x2
  • Swirly Girl
  • Stocking Stitch x3

Speaking of Christmas, we had a lovely time. I was awake at 5:10 and waited patiently for the kids to wake up so we could have presents. They were very happy with their haul. We headed off for breakfast at 9:00 with MIL1, then off to lunch with Mother and then dinner with Father. On Boxing Day we went to the FIL and MIL2’s house. I got an extra surprise when I found a pubic hair in one of my meals. The Spunk and I almost wet our pants! It was hilarious. I went to remove it and then thought “Well, I am not about to eat that anyway!” so left it where it was. I shudder to think how it got there! The lesser of the possible evils is that it at least belonged to someone I know! Oh, it’s the little things that get us through!  

Phew. I have joined a very sensible KAL – The Year Long Gift-A-Long where the idea is to set goals and spread your gift knitting throughout the year. Considering I would like to knit socks for some people for their birthday as well this year, I thought this would be useful to keep me on track!

I am participating in Pay it Forward. The idea is that I will knit for the first three people who comment and commit to knitting for the first three people on their blog and so on. Those people will receive a gift within a year! What a great idea. Thanks to Nat who is going to pay it forward to me! Comment – go on, join up! I will make you something nice, I promise!

I have not sent my tea cosy for the Ravelry exchange yet. I am losing a bit of sleep about it. I will have to go to the yarn shop tomorrow and find something suitable for my recipient. Thankfully tea cosies do not take too much knitting time and I will be able to finish this weekend. Why, oh why do I procrastinate so? Speaking of tea cosies, I promised Donyale that I would post pics of the cosies (and pots!) that she sent me. They are perfect for my brown on brown with brown and green highlights house:

I am now happily a week into my holiday. It is such a luxury to get up lateish, and to spend time with my kids and family. We are planning to go to the beach a couple of times, which should be much easier and more pleasant now that our smallest Tiny Madam is 5. Life is becoming much more manageable. She even made her own lunch today! A peanut butter sandwich! How very clever.

I had been quite concerned about my knitting mojo. I think about four weeks went by where I did not knit a single stitch. I must have overdone it. However, in the past two weeks or so I have knitted six socks! Admittedly one is quite small for Master Seven. This photo was taken at lunch time today. It has since been finished and I have done the cuff for sock number two!

The yarn in this sock came with lots of other yarn that this gorgeous blogger sent me from her ‘scraps’. There is enough in there to make many little socks! Thanks Carol! Here is a pic of her generosity!

The Spunk and I are in the process of working out what we are going to get tattooed onto ourselves. Did you just fall over in shock Mother? We are both going to get each other’s name somewhere – mine has to be a bit discrete due to me having to pretend to be an upstanding citizen and all. I am also getting something small where it can be seen – I have decided to get a broad arrow on my heel to symbolise a very large part of my ancestry. It is now a thing of pride to be descended from convicts, and I am directly descended from at least seven transported convicts! It would be difficult to be more Tasmanian than me!

Finally, some of you noticed on Ravelry that it was my birthday recently. My Dad’s wife asked me if I would like a Pandora bracelet – I had never heard of them! When we had finished Googling Pandora bracelets, I decided I would like one very much. So, I got one! Dad and his wife gave me the bracelet and a little silver gift charm. I have since been given eight more! My lovely work friends gave me a gift voucher for two, Mother and her husband have given me two, and the Spunk gave me two (including a ram because i heart knitting!). Dad and his wife gave me two more for Christmas. I also bought some beads off Etsy! I don’t do anything by halves. Here is a blurry picture of my bracelet!



As I was getting ready for work this morning (praying the rain wouldn’t fall – carnival day!) the Spunk raced up our external stairs (from the laundry – oh for an internal laundry!) and said “I think you better come and have a look at this”. To cut a long, expensive story short, the hot water cylinder had leaked all over the freakin floor, into the ‘little room’ under the house where the previous owners may have kept their teenager and created quite a mess. About $1000 later, we are the proud owners of a new hot water cylinder and a very wet floor. I have to see the glass as half full – there were some boxes of books that are quite important but too voluminous to have in the house that we could have lost and didn’t, so it’s not all bad. That would have upset me. As for the money, well, they’re still printing it. Tighten the belt. Cancel Christmas. Sigh.

I didn’t quite make the deadline of posting before the end of the weekend. There were storms here on Sunday night and I am a bit scared of weather, especially of it jumping through my laptop and killing me, so I put the post off. Then last night I fell asleep again. But, here I am. I finished a sock, and am on the home stretch of the other one. I have done a bit of my handspun scarf and also started a Granny Square afghan with left over sock yarn.

Left overs

Granny Square

Buggy Basics

Handspun Scarf

I got an early birthday present today! I am not a ‘high maintenance’ kind of girl and much prefer comfort over speed. I have been coveting some crocs Mary Janes for some time, and when I was talking to Mother about them the other day, she offered to get me some for my birthday (which is in December!). We have never been particularly good at waiting for birthdays! Here they are! Yay!

Nice moon tan!

We also came by some books today. Little Purl has a job on the side reviewing books for the local rag. In the post she got Do Not Open and Ripley’s Search for the Shrunken Heads and Other Curiosities. Both of these books are fantastic and I would highly recommend them for kids and adults. The first would be an excellent gift for book lovers or seekers of knowledge. It’s amazingly filled with facts about everything from the contents of your hamburger to the Mary Celeste. The second is in the style of Egyptology and has pop-ups and little letters and all sorts of things. Both are presented beautifully, the first in a box with a magnetic closure and the second with a kind of squishy cover and embossing. A sneak preview: 

The cool book box. Shiny and new. *sigh*

A typical double page. Believe it . . . or not!

Finally, imagine how difficult life can be without a v key. Mine is sticky. It is annoying! Looks like keyboard number three could be coming up!

Well, I finished the ‘I can’t say no’ socks and they were gratefully received yesterday. It was not all in vain, I was given a nice bottle of red wine for my trouble. Hm, that could get dangerous! I would have shown you a picture, but apparently it was inadvertently deleted from the camera, as was another tea cosy that I knitted for MIL2 for her birthday. I will write up the pattern for this, because it is entirely mine. Never mind, I will need to take a picture of it when I visit. Deep breaths.

I took delivery of some lovely yarn this week. Pink Jo Sharp cotton for a cardigan for the Tiny Madam – I have finished the back of the cardigan, it is a lovely ribbed number. There is nothing like a four year old with an angry face to motivate one to knit! We had to go and buy buttons this morning. I could have been finished with the cardi had the book with the pattern not gone missing for two whole days, only to turn up in a plastic toy bin. No one is admitting to the crime!

And these arrived – my first etsy purchase, but I would hazard a guess it won’t be my last!

As we say around here – WOOP WOOP WOOPEE!! I am all about the pinks, purples and greens at the moment. I have rolled one skein into a ball, but I will not cast on. I have too many things on the go. I must finish something. The colours are so bright! They are calling to me, but I will resist. I am stronger than any sock yarn. Really, I am.

My ball winding is quite a sight. I don’t have any fancy equipment, just my feet at the end of my stretched out legs and a fair bit of shoulder work to make a perfect ball. I used to spend hours winding balls like this for Auntie (my dad’s auntie who raised him for the most part) in my childhood, so this process brings back many memories for me. She taught me to knit when I was six. I have been looking for a photo to share with you of me knitting when I was really little, on Auntie’s couch with my brother in the background. When I saw her recently (she is now over eighty and in a nursing home) I told her I had been knitting socks. She has knitted just about everything I think, but never fine socks. She can no longer knit due to failing eyesight.

Here is me knitting outside in the heat (and boy there is a bit of that around here at the moment. The kids and the SuperSpunk are outside at the moment, in the blow up pool). I am getting game – this is the most of me I have ever shown on my blog! The red thing you can see is a bag that my mother made for me which is a great knitting bag! I have lots in many colours as she can never just make one of anything.

I am managing the two socks on two circs, but you can probably see I am a bit awkward. I am still unsure whether I really like this method of knitting socks. I think it will be very strange to get to the end and have a pair rather than having to cast on another. And if I might be so bold – the Addis are a bit blunt for my tastes.

I watched ‘Ten Canoes’ earlier in the week, which I really enjoyed immensely. The film tells a story in a very interesting way, with three different layers and connections between the present, the past and the ancestors. I was keen to see it, and also keen to see if it would be suitable for 28 or so teenagers to watch at school. I think the kids would need quite a bit of work beforehand, as the actors are naked the entire time, and they talk about poo a lot. I can imagine quite a bit of tittering which drives me quite nuts.

My holidays are rapidly drawing to a close; I actually went in to work on Thursday. I am in two minds about this. Obviously it would be fantastic to lead a life of leisure but I am yet to find a way to make that profitable!

What is it about people who don’t knit? Or is it that I keep saying how easy it is to make things if you concentrate? I am presently dealing with two mother in law issues. Because I have two mothers in law. I think I have mentioned this before.

MIL1 loved her tea cosy so much! So much that she showed her friend who also loved it so much! So much that MIL1 volunteered me to knit another one for her! Without consulation with me. And this was relayed over the phone. Sheesh. I got a bit snaky. Because, I won’t just knit something out of the stash, I will need to go and buy something. If I am going to knit something, it is going to be worth looking at! I am not about to turn out some crap in the wrong colour for this friend’s kitchen! Yikes.

Today I received an SMS from MIL2. Again no face to face. “Special request from (insert name of cousin from England visiting at the moment). If she buys the wool could you knit her some sock like the ones you made for me?” I jumped on the phone and it just so happens that they have already visited the LYS and purchased some Opal, which would be perfect for golf socks! How can I say no to that?

I like knitting for people. I think we all do. But, I like to choose who I knit for and I like to choose what I knit. It is part of the fun. Now I am stuck with knitting two items for people I vaguely know, out of yarn and colours that I would not choose, for nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling. What is with that? If I wrote short stories, would people assume that I would write a story for their workmate? If I painted pictures, or played music, would it be expected I could just turn something out? What is it about knitting that allows people to believe it just happens? Man. Grr. Aaaaaargh.

So, now I am finishing my purple and green socks, and the SIL socks, and Pomatomus is no further, and BaudelaireII is not even cast on and I want to design my own sock and phhht.

Oh, I did buy some gorgeous yarn which I am waiting impatiently for. Some advice – stay away from etsy! Especially this store. Her yarns are gorgeous. I will show pictures the minute it arrives. So, it’s not all bad news. Now, I had better go and knit socks


First of all, I would like to thank you all for your positive comments on my new blog. I am still finding my way around Wordpress, and find that at times it will not load properly and at other times seems to have a mind of its own. However, I will persevere, now that I have made the commitment to change blogs! 

Here is my tea cosy! Isn’t it cute? My mother in law was suitably thrilled with it, ensuring she will be receiving further goods. She tends to behave as if I am creating something supernatural when I knit. I tried to tell her it was really a couple of rectangles with some i-cord, she wouldn’t hear of it! I must say, I am really pleased with this.

Especially for Katt, here is a picture of my Elspiral Socks, which are so comfy.

 The yarn Katt dyes is really smooshy and soft – I cast on a purple and green sock with the other skein I bought from her, and have finished one sock. These are plain, from my Patons book, as they were intended for the sister in law, but upon consultation with mother in law I have decided pastels would be more fitting, so that is another pair on the go!Finally, I have included a picture of the pair of Fon Sox that I knitted some time ago. They are expertly modelled by the Tiny Madam, who demanded socks and then wanted them to have no toes so she could wear them with her Fons (thongs or flip flops!). Very cute.

Well, I guess you found me! I have been blogging for a while now, and I am a little over blogger. I don’t know enough to be able to make it look as pretty as other people’s blogs, and I have been suffering from blog envy for a while, so I have made a move. Let’s see how we go! 

I have been listening, again, to podcast after podcast lately, and thanks to Julie I listened to Sticks and String, which is done by an Australian guy who knits and something he said resonated really well with me. He mentioned that knitting is for ‘me’, whether you intend on keeping the knitting or not. It is a chance to sit and just be. The process of knitting is something that I love very very much. It is something I love talking about, writing about, thinking about and doing. I guess if I felt like this about running, I would be a completely different shape! Hm.

Knitting to me is a meditative exercise. I like to look at knitting books. I like surfing knitting sites, both blogs and yarn stores and thanks to Lime and Violet I am starting to trawl through Etsy. At the moment, my issue is with socks, sock yarn, sock knitting, sock books, SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS! At the moment, I am knitting three pairs of socks, and I finished a pair last week out of some hand dyed yarn from Katt. They are yummy and based on this idea (scroll down!), but I made mine opposites so the holes swirl toward each other. I have knitted two other socks, both different and have cast on another red one. The purple one is Baudelaire, the red one is Pomatomus. The picture was taken on holiday at Bicheno, which was lots of fun and lovely and beachy and swimmy.


Then last night I decided I would knit some socks for my sister in law who is due to have a baby in four weeks. She thinks she does not like hand made gifts. I will allow her to learn the difference between home made and hand made. My socks are nice. She will like them. If I have enough yarn I will knit a pair of baby socks to match! Cute!

I have not finished the fraternal socks on two circs, and I don’t know when I will. I am not loving them a bit. Not even a little bit. I have to think of something else to do with those Addis. Hm.

I have been very busy thinking about a sock pattern that I have designed on paper, and am dying to knit. However, I need to stick with the socks I am doing, and then I will treat myself with some sticky knitting and maybe, just maybe some sock yarn. I am thinking about ordering INTERNATIONALLY!! Woo hoo. I have ordered tshirts from 80s tees, but not yarn. We really are yarn starved in Australia.

Last night and this morning I knitted a tea cosy for one of my Mothers in Law. I will attempt to photograph this tomorrow. With my new blog here I am going to attempt to make prettier pictures. The tea cosy idea came from somewhere out there. I just had to make one. Weird. It is so cute I almost want to drink tea. Almost.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new blog!

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