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Where do weeks go? It has been three weeks or so since I blogged! I just checked my google reader list and there are 165 unread posts! Eeek!

Of course there has been knitting. I have finished one sock, and have two more socks on the go. I would like to finish the stripy pair before Monday because I am going on camp and need warm socks.

I also finished Button Me Up and found it slightly too small – wearable definitely, but I would have felt uncomfortable. And so, Purl scored a jumper. She has worn it twice and has actually ordered another one exactly the same but the smaller size. I ordered some more Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Ranch Red to make her another. It is really nice to see her in one of my knits! Fifteen year olds can be difficult to please! We are planning on some interesting buttons for the red one. This was a fantastic pattern that went very quickly. I will make myself one too I think. One day.

Speaking of camp, I decided I needed a hat and made one. I like it, but I think the Spunk and Purl think I look a bit odd. What do you think? Excuse the photo, I took it myself!

This week I also ordered some Cascade Heritage sock yarn from Yarns Online. $12.50 per 100g skein, and the colours are really lovely. Now I am wondering which socks to knit. I also bought some KnitPicks Harmony needles – 2.25mm. They are very pretty and feel quite nice. I am a bit worried that I will break them so I am knitting slightly slower than usual.

I am also making a shawl that will probably never be worn . . . hey, it keeps me off the streets!

We have been busily buying books here and there from the Book Depository. I have bought Knitting Without Tears and The Knitter’s Almanac, as well as some books for the kids and some surprises for the Spunk who is having a birthday next week. I might have just scraped through – the gap between the AUD and the GBP seems to be widening. Sigh.  

As I mentioned, I am camping next week for two nights, and then again the week after. School camp is a funny thing. I quite enjoy seeing the kids outside of school and usually find it really rewarding. However, it is so darn tiring and I am dreading being chief decision maker 24 hours a day. I can usually manage a work day where I am expected to make decisions time and time again, but it’s nice to come home and let someone else decide what to eat or watch on television! Not only that, but I don’t think I will get much knitting done! I will take it just in case it rains (God forbid!).

We are still waiting for the Spunk’s cardigan to be zipped. Hopefully he will have it before his birthday! Next time I think I will try it myself WITH MY NEW SEWING MACHINE. Mum and her husband have given me my birthday present two months early! I haven’t sewed a stitch with it yet – I am certainly not the world’s greatest seamstress, but I am looking forward to making something. Perhaps some simple skirts for the Tiny Madam for summer?

The Spunk has been a teacher for nearly three weeks and is travelling well. The kids have responded well to him and he is enjoying himself!

Us Launcestonian Ravelers met up last weekend and sorted our Secret Santa knitting out. I have lots of ideas for my recipient! I want to talk about it but I can’t!!


This is one of my all time favourite songs, although it is a bit depressing I guess! The song came to mind this morning whilst watching the morning news. Just thought I would share the song – the film clip is absolutely awesome!

Let’s see. Knitting news . . .

I finished the Shalom Cardigan, as did Mother. I like it, although  it does feel a bit gapey at the front. I wore it to work last Monday and I have never had so many compliments. I was concerned about it being a bit gapey and was thinking of reknitting, but I won’t bother. Again I was asked to knit one for someone! Ha! Get real. This is my first experience of working with Bendigo yarn – and definitely not my last. In fact, there is more on the way. Mother bought the Damson for me for Shalom, and Green Tweed for herself. Since we both had some left over she bought some more and we are swapping, so I am going to knit Juliet for myself out of the the Green Tweed! I bought the pattern today! How exciting. And fancy only having to weave in minimal ends. Bliss and joy.

In more news, I have been working on an Asymmetrical Cardi, and came within 7cm of the armpit, but then realised I had made a cable arse-about (apologies for the technical term) and as I could not have lived with it (Malabrigo is a bit too expensive to be having arse-about cables) it is now rewound into yarny cakes. Bugger and bother. A whole week’s knitting down the gurgler. I haven’t managed much knitting due to having to write almost ninety reports this week, so to rip it out was very painful. (NINETY REPORT COMMENTS! MY GOODNESS! IT HAS ALMOST KILLED ME!) However, when I wrapped the cardi around myself it was too big anyway, so all is not lost. I will cast on again tonight.

I also finished the Woodland Shawlette and I am really pleased with it. I used just about an entire ball of Trekking yarn and it is long enough to wrap around my neck and keep me warm.

The Spunk is very unhappy this week. He has been told in no uncertain terms that he will be receiving no more knitted socks from me. His insistence on sliding around the house like some kind of Tom Cruise wannabe has meant the demise of three pairs of hand knitted socks. No knitter could tolerate this. I have caught him twice this week wearing my socks, and once tonight sliding into the lounge room again. Honestly! Lucky he does all the washing, drying, vaccuming, washing up, bed changing, some of the cooking and ironing, all of the lunch making, bill paying and most of the grocery shopping, parent and kid wrangling. Otherwise, it could be curtains!

I have reclaimed a whole cardigan worth of Country Silk and am planning on knitting Sassymetrical soon. I never wore the cardigan, so this seemed like a sensible thing to do.

I admitted to the theft of yarn to knit the little jumper. My colleague was very understanding and even complimented me on the end product. It fits the little guy really well, as does the green hat if rolled up properly!

I think that’s it. No photos today. Sorry!

I am sitting here in my chair, being so incredibly lazy today! So lazy that I am watching/listening to some kind of tribute to the ABC covering ANZAC marches. It is not ANZAC Day, and the program is a year old, so it is actually 51 years of coverage . . . I usually quite like the ABC on Sunday afternoons, starting with Landline and then on from there. I have learned about irrigation, planting green gages and scholarships for young indigenous boys! I have also sung along to some rousing wartime songs! Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye . . . Ooh, what’s this – a cultural exchange between indigenous Australians and Ugandans! Cool! I guess I can justify all of this television – it is research for school. IT SO IS!

I have been adding to my Woodland Shawlette at great speed. I have finally memorised the leaf pattern and can keep track of the yos and pssos without having to check the pattern. I am quite happy with the way it is progressing, although I always feel that my yos are a trifle messy. I think they will be fine once I block.

There have been five more repeats added since I took this photo.

I finished the second Wicked within a week, which isn’t bad considering I have been at work! I am very happy with it. What do you think?

This photo was taken after a day at work, and the bottom band is a little stretched out. It seems that Jet does not hold shape as well as Cascade. But Cascade seems to get a bit fuzzy.

Yesterday we had another Tassie Knitters meeting, which was a good deal of fun. It was fantastic to catch up with everyone and have a chat. I started some socks for my father in law who will turn 70 in August. I am contemplating knitting more socks for my mother in law who has a birthday at the end of July. In amongst this however I am planning on knitting Juno Regina for the Ravelymics (Ravelry link). I was going to make another Clapotis (and even bought the yarn for it – more on that later!) but the Spunk reminded me I should do something challenging and while that much stocking stitch is challenging on some levels, I think I have struck a nice balance with this pattern choice. I already have the yarn, so now I just have to wait for the opening ceremony!

I have been spending a bit of time thinking about the Olympics this year, for various reasons. First of all, we are learning about ancient Olympics compared to modern Olympics at school. We will also be looking at Chinese culture and how it is reflected in the staging of the Olympics. We will also need to cover some political issues. Like 2paw, the whole thing leaves me a bit uneasy this year. I generally love to watch the Olympics – I am not a huge sports fan but enjoy the pomp and ceremony of it all. However I can’t ignore the underlying issues . . . anyhoo, back to knitting content.

I finished a little jumper my friend’s son – a birthday boy. This was a fantastic little knit and I would make it again. This is the yarn I ‘acquired’ from school. I am going to confess to the donator of the yarn that I used it in this manner. In an interesting twist of fate, the donator taught my friend and me when we were in Grade 7! Oh what a small world I live in!

I also finished some socks which were supposed to be mine but they are kind of baggy and odd, so Mother can have them! Her feet are bigger than mine!

Speaking of Mother, she is awaiting our first ever purchase from Bendigo! She bought Green Tweed for herself and Damson for me. Aren’t I spoiled? We are going to make a Shalom cardigan each! I also bought something for myself this week. I needed the lift! I BOUGHT 4 SKEINS OF MALABRIGO!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

And now, I have to move from the chair. Tiny Madam has decided it is the perfect time to watch Mary Poppins. For the fifteen kabillionth time! I love Mary as much as the next person, but having lived through Little Purl’s obsession with the movie, and now moving into my second child who would watch it back to back all day if allowed, my patience is a little thin!

I want to share this with you! It is flipping brilliant . . .

Don’t be alarmed! It’s still me. I just needed a change! Do you like it? I have been adding and subtracting on the side bar as well; updating some FOs and the like. Note the KAL I have joined – this might help me keep on track for Christmas socks!

My badge for this post: The Knitting Whilst Under the Influence Badge – “This applies to both actual knitting under the influence, as well as achieving moments of stunning intellectual clarity about ones knitting under the influence. Presumes talking about knitting whilst under the influence a given.”

Since I generally have a glass of wine (or two – anitoxidants people!) per night, this one was easy. There should also be something about buying yarn – alcohol can really make one  more likely to succumb to internet purchasing. Perhaps you have heard of beer goggles? I have Merlot glasses. At least the yarn is always pretty and I don’t feel too ashamed in the morning! I can also be found at times planning my takeover of the LYS and actually believing it could happen. *sigh*

Now, knitting updates. Of course, being the rebellious soul that I am, as soon as I decide that I will knit 9 pairs of socks for Christmas I start obsessing about doing other things. Yesterday I started working on the Kevat shawl again. I was really enjoying the knitting, but the triangle just kept getting bigger and I began to worry. Where the heck did I see myself in a triangular shawl? Nowhere. Certainly I would not wear it day to day. I do not go out at night and if I did I still wouldn’t wear a triangular shawl. So, I cast it off. It is the prettiest, smallest triangular shawl in the whole wide world!

Next time I will knit a rectangle. Perhaps this one

The decision to cast off left me with a whole heck of a lot of lace weight yarn! Lucky for me I have also been obsessing about knitting another Clapotis. RoseRed has been working on one with laceweight. Ever the follower, I cast on.

As well, I have been spinning and spinning. I was always planning on spinning during the holidays, but regular readers will remember I have a fear of plying. How fortuitous it was then, that in the new Knitty (which I thought was pretty good) there was an article about HOW TO PLY and the suggestion was made to add some tension to your bobbins on the lazy kate so they don’t get away from you and get tangled. I have had some tangles and some panicky sweaty moments in the past. I am hoping that the tension might in fact help me get somewhere. My singles are looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

I also made a hat for my littlest friend. However, he made an unexpected visit today and I didn’t take a photo of it. If his Mum sends me one I will share it with you. 

Of course, I have not been completely wicked. I have finished one stocking stitch sock and am on the foot of the Retro Rib. Ah, holidays!

We saw Ratatouille, I loved it a lot. It is one of the best animated films I have seen in a long while. Highly recommended! 

And finally, here is my updated list:

  1. Waving Lace
  2. Swirly Girl
  3. Anastasia
  4. Embossed Leaves
  5. Retro Ribs (in progress)
  6. Back to Basics (changed my mind on Vinnland) 
  7. Vanilla (in progress)
  8. Vanilla
  9. Vanilla

seem to blowing around here at the moment. I have become somewhat obsessed with shawls. I have no idea why this has happened to me, although some of the blame must lie with Ravelry. I keep looking at other people’s work. There is some beautiful stuff out there! At the moment I have two shawls on the go. I have also been wondering how I can make a whole shawl out of only 100g of Koigu that is at the moment languishing as half a sock. Perhaps I will make a small Clapotis? Any ideas? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE I WOULD WEAR A SHAWL!! HELP!!

This week I have been off work due to influenza and being quarantined. Influenza is a communicable disease, and as such I have not been allowed to enter the workplace. Thank you to everyone who sent kind thoughts and messages to me! It’s nice to receive well wishers from one’s kindred spirits!! I actually realise that if I had not been bullied into going to the doctor I would have been in hospital. I was that sick! What an idiot. Work is not that important! School can function without me!

Here is the progress on Kevat:

Here is another very easy shawl that I cast on based on this pattern:

Here is the Montego Bay scarf:

I dare not show you my progress (or lack thereof) on Cindy’s sock. Likewise I have knit the back and one side of a tiny cardigan and have stalled.

Another thing. Julie finished a Pinwheel Blanket. I want to knit a Pinwheel Blanket! Somebody stop me!!

Finally, I must post my Sockapalooza gift. My pal emailed to let me know the socks are in the mail! How exciting! I still have no idea who she is but she is in Memphis!!


Posted on: July 28, 2007

On and off for the past few weeks I have been feeling pretty dreadful. I finally dragged myself to the doctor last night after realising it is not normal to almost die walking up and down stairs. I have the flu. The real flu, not just a cold or something, but the aching body sore throat brain knocking on my skull can’t move my eyes can’t breathe without coughing sinus sore back keep falling asleep flu. So I am quarantined and the MIL’s 60th has been cancelled in my honour and I looked up Influenza A and wikipedia told me it is a BIRD FLU! Like those two words don’t strike horror in one! Don’t tell anyone though. I don’t think it is the same bird flu or the people in white paper suits would have grabbed me and put me into a big tent like ET.

Anyway, I haven’t knitted for a couple of days, but when I could lift my fingers (I am struggling to type dear readers. Many backspaces due to severe finger lethargy) I was doing this:

Slowly but surely, 2paw’s sock.

Montego Bay scarf with Bamboo. Not sure about this but will plough on regardless.

At the risk of jinxing myself completely, I have done some of a shawl. Specifically, this is Kevat. The leaves are very poochy but I have read about blocking and its miraculous ways, so I am not too concerned.

Okay. Back to the couch.


Oh dear. I was supposed to wait for the end of July to buy yarn, but I cracked today. I went on an excursion into the city (anyone see lots of kids in uniform in Launceston today? That was me!) and the kids were off on their own and I had to buy some yarn to send to Julie (Hi Julie!! Welcome home! Posting your pressie tomorrow!) and then there was some gorgeous bamboo that I bought to make a scarf for a friend and then there was some Merino Bambino that I had to buy to make something for my newest tiny friend and suddenly I had dropped $60! Woops. However, this doesn’t count does it, because it is all for other people! Don’t worry Nat, I won’t eat for the next 11 days. That should leave plenty of money for yarn.

Here are some pictures:

I have been knitting of course. I have done the back and one front of a cardigan for my newest tiny friend, the heel of the second Opal sock for the spunk and am thinking seriously about the fact that I said I would have a shawl to wear to end of year celebrations and it’s nearly August. Can anyone recommend a nice easy free laceweight shawl pattern that someone with concentration problems and too many children and no time to think could knit?

Cindy‘s Mon vert ami et professeur socquette is coming along slowly but surely. Perhaps I should list WIPs to keep me honest like Katt does. No pics of knitting because there is nothing much interesting to look at.

Finally, here is the present my friend at work gave me (minus a couple of bits and pieces and quite a lot of the chocolate), just for being me! She is going to be the recipient of the bamboo when it becomes a scarf! Shh, don’t tell, it’s a secret.

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