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I finished my Assymetrical Cardi! I am very happy with it. Here I am after a day at work on Monday:

On the weekend the kids amused themselves by drawing TV stations to put in an empty box. The Tiny Madam made me a knitting show! If you look closely, you can see that she has written nitik and that you need too needles! That’s me in the picture by the way!

I have started knitting Juliet, and it seems to be turning out okay. I am about to have to decide whether I am making the smallest size or not. I think it would be prudent to measure!

I had a very odd day at work today. I was the phantom teacher! Little Purl had an incredibly important interview in our State’s capital today, and I organised for Mother to take her. I had hinted at being allowed to go, but it was never discussed that I could miss a day of work, so I assumed I was to appear as per usual. When I got to work, lo and behold, there was my name on the board! I was supposed to be absent, but no one told me anything about it! A relief teacher had been organised. I had no classes for the day! It was too late to go to Hobart! I had no one to pick up the smaller offshoots! So instead I spent the day proofreading reports and suspending people. Lovely. Aaaanyway, Little Purl did very well in her interview and I dare not speak about what it was for until we know the outcome. Suffice to say IT IS A HUGE DEAL INVOLVING INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. Eeek!

I did not knit one darn stitch yesterday, so I am about to go and rectify that. Not long until the Olympics and whilst I have joined Team Oz on Ravelry for the Ravelympics I have kind of changed my mind about what I want to knit! Of course I have. Mary Mary always contrary, that’s me!

By the way, I have just clicked over 900 comments on this blog. Should I offer a prize for number 1000? Would that encourage lurkers to delurk? Are you lurking? Let me know!!


I am sitting here in my chair, being so incredibly lazy today! So lazy that I am watching/listening to some kind of tribute to the ABC covering ANZAC marches. It is not ANZAC Day, and the program is a year old, so it is actually 51 years of coverage . . . I usually quite like the ABC on Sunday afternoons, starting with Landline and then on from there. I have learned about irrigation, planting green gages and scholarships for young indigenous boys! I have also sung along to some rousing wartime songs! Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye . . . Ooh, what’s this – a cultural exchange between indigenous Australians and Ugandans! Cool! I guess I can justify all of this television – it is research for school. IT SO IS!

I have been adding to my Woodland Shawlette at great speed. I have finally memorised the leaf pattern and can keep track of the yos and pssos without having to check the pattern. I am quite happy with the way it is progressing, although I always feel that my yos are a trifle messy. I think they will be fine once I block.

There have been five more repeats added since I took this photo.

I finished the second Wicked within a week, which isn’t bad considering I have been at work! I am very happy with it. What do you think?

This photo was taken after a day at work, and the bottom band is a little stretched out. It seems that Jet does not hold shape as well as Cascade. But Cascade seems to get a bit fuzzy.

Yesterday we had another Tassie Knitters meeting, which was a good deal of fun. It was fantastic to catch up with everyone and have a chat. I started some socks for my father in law who will turn 70 in August. I am contemplating knitting more socks for my mother in law who has a birthday at the end of July. In amongst this however I am planning on knitting Juno Regina for the Ravelymics (Ravelry link). I was going to make another Clapotis (and even bought the yarn for it – more on that later!) but the Spunk reminded me I should do something challenging and while that much stocking stitch is challenging on some levels, I think I have struck a nice balance with this pattern choice. I already have the yarn, so now I just have to wait for the opening ceremony!

I have been spending a bit of time thinking about the Olympics this year, for various reasons. First of all, we are learning about ancient Olympics compared to modern Olympics at school. We will also be looking at Chinese culture and how it is reflected in the staging of the Olympics. We will also need to cover some political issues. Like 2paw, the whole thing leaves me a bit uneasy this year. I generally love to watch the Olympics – I am not a huge sports fan but enjoy the pomp and ceremony of it all. However I can’t ignore the underlying issues . . . anyhoo, back to knitting content.

I finished a little jumper my friend’s son – a birthday boy. This was a fantastic little knit and I would make it again. This is the yarn I ‘acquired’ from school. I am going to confess to the donator of the yarn that I used it in this manner. In an interesting twist of fate, the donator taught my friend and me when we were in Grade 7! Oh what a small world I live in!

I also finished some socks which were supposed to be mine but they are kind of baggy and odd, so Mother can have them! Her feet are bigger than mine!

Speaking of Mother, she is awaiting our first ever purchase from Bendigo! She bought Green Tweed for herself and Damson for me. Aren’t I spoiled? We are going to make a Shalom cardigan each! I also bought something for myself this week. I needed the lift! I BOUGHT 4 SKEINS OF MALABRIGO!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

And now, I have to move from the chair. Tiny Madam has decided it is the perfect time to watch Mary Poppins. For the fifteen kabillionth time! I love Mary as much as the next person, but having lived through Little Purl’s obsession with the movie, and now moving into my second child who would watch it back to back all day if allowed, my patience is a little thin!

I want to share this with you! It is flipping brilliant . . .

That’s a pretty good word to describe how I feel today. I am not sure why, just blerk. I have been out of sorts since waking up this morning incredibly HOT! We had planned another trip to the beach, but the son is coughing like a . . . well, like a boy with a bad cough, and the day is a bit windy and overcast so we stayed home.

I have been knitting! This is my last port of call as far as updating. Do any of you find that it takes quite some time to keep up with all the peripherals around being a knit blogger? I am involved in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry as I mentioned last time, and so for the January challenge I made:

Smooth Monkeys! I love them! I cast on last Friday, and finished yesterday (Thursday). I loved the pattern the first time I made them, but I really liked doing no purls! I think I will make some of these if I do gifty knitting this year. At one point I was thinking of making socks for the girls I work closely with for Christmas this year (’08), but that would mean four more pairs than ’07 for giving away. Which leads me to the question – have I set a precedent that I am willing to meet? Will people expect socks from me for Christmas and birthdays all the time? I can’t really maintain that level of knitting I don’t think! However, it would certainly alleviate any guilty feelings about buying yarn! Speaking of buying yarn, I have become a little obsessed this week with thoughts of buying yarn from The Knittery or some Jitterbug, or both. And some KnitPicks Harmony dpns. Hmmm.

Anyhow, I digress. I have spent quite a bit of time updating all over the place today. I have spent most of the afternoon on the couch actually. Hence the strange photos. The setting is the recliner footy bit of my couch! Argh! I digressed again. What I am trying to get at is that I have been hopping all over the interknit posting here, there and everywhere! All this joining in takes time! I have been to the SSS KAL, a couple of places on Ravelry, Favorite Socks KAL and my FO blog. Then, I went to the Year Long Giftalong to check whether I had completed anything on my list. I had not, so I felt a bit guilty but forged ahead anyway!

Here is the Spunk expertly modelling his Retro Ribs that I finished some time late last week. The Trekking Pro-Natura yarn is so soft and lovely.

Last night I knitted another sock for Tiny Madam, but it looks crap and I will not knit another one!

Instead, I cast on for Hedera for me. I have been wanting to make these socks forever and ever, so it’s about time.

When I finish these, I officially only have two full skeins of Patonyle left in my sock yarn stash. Things are getting a bit desperate. I asked Mother to give me back the yarn I gave her last year that she hasn’t knitted yet, so I can make some socks for her with it! Eek.

In other news, we watched The Bourne Ultimatum which we thought could perhaps be re-titled The Boring Ultimatum. Nothing really happened, the camera work was dreadful and so many of the scenes were so dark you couldn’t see what was happening. I am becoming an old fuddy duddy I think. I just want to be entertained! Tonight we are watching Romulus, My Father which was given good reviews. Purl bought an excellent hard cover copy of The Stand by Stephen King for us yesterday to replace an older paperback copy, and The Talisman arrived today – it was ordered before my birthday on the 13th. As Purl is reading The Celestine Prophecy should I be wondering about the coincidence of two Stephen King books coming into the house in two days?

Well, we survived! Christmas has been and gone, and I reached most of my knitting goals. In the end I gave out eight pairs of socks. All were greatfully received. Well, to be honest I gave out seven pairs and one single sock. I knitted my butt off but could not quite finish the final sock for my friend who gave me my spinning wheel. Thankfully she found it very amusing to recieve one sock and watch me knit madly to finish the other. The yarn is Donni’s that she sent in my tea cosy parcel. Here is a picture of the second sock, which was finished Boxing Day night. I will post it to her Monday.


The final count was:

  • Embossed Leaves
  • Waving Lace
  • Back to Basics x2
  • Swirly Girl
  • Stocking Stitch x3

Speaking of Christmas, we had a lovely time. I was awake at 5:10 and waited patiently for the kids to wake up so we could have presents. They were very happy with their haul. We headed off for breakfast at 9:00 with MIL1, then off to lunch with Mother and then dinner with Father. On Boxing Day we went to the FIL and MIL2’s house. I got an extra surprise when I found a pubic hair in one of my meals. The Spunk and I almost wet our pants! It was hilarious. I went to remove it and then thought “Well, I am not about to eat that anyway!” so left it where it was. I shudder to think how it got there! The lesser of the possible evils is that it at least belonged to someone I know! Oh, it’s the little things that get us through!  

Phew. I have joined a very sensible KAL – The Year Long Gift-A-Long where the idea is to set goals and spread your gift knitting throughout the year. Considering I would like to knit socks for some people for their birthday as well this year, I thought this would be useful to keep me on track!

I am participating in Pay it Forward. The idea is that I will knit for the first three people who comment and commit to knitting for the first three people on their blog and so on. Those people will receive a gift within a year! What a great idea. Thanks to Nat who is going to pay it forward to me! Comment – go on, join up! I will make you something nice, I promise!

I have not sent my tea cosy for the Ravelry exchange yet. I am losing a bit of sleep about it. I will have to go to the yarn shop tomorrow and find something suitable for my recipient. Thankfully tea cosies do not take too much knitting time and I will be able to finish this weekend. Why, oh why do I procrastinate so? Speaking of tea cosies, I promised Donyale that I would post pics of the cosies (and pots!) that she sent me. They are perfect for my brown on brown with brown and green highlights house:

I am now happily a week into my holiday. It is such a luxury to get up lateish, and to spend time with my kids and family. We are planning to go to the beach a couple of times, which should be much easier and more pleasant now that our smallest Tiny Madam is 5. Life is becoming much more manageable. She even made her own lunch today! A peanut butter sandwich! How very clever.

I had been quite concerned about my knitting mojo. I think about four weeks went by where I did not knit a single stitch. I must have overdone it. However, in the past two weeks or so I have knitted six socks! Admittedly one is quite small for Master Seven. This photo was taken at lunch time today. It has since been finished and I have done the cuff for sock number two!

The yarn in this sock came with lots of other yarn that this gorgeous blogger sent me from her ‘scraps’. There is enough in there to make many little socks! Thanks Carol! Here is a pic of her generosity!

The Spunk and I are in the process of working out what we are going to get tattooed onto ourselves. Did you just fall over in shock Mother? We are both going to get each other’s name somewhere – mine has to be a bit discrete due to me having to pretend to be an upstanding citizen and all. I am also getting something small where it can be seen – I have decided to get a broad arrow on my heel to symbolise a very large part of my ancestry. It is now a thing of pride to be descended from convicts, and I am directly descended from at least seven transported convicts! It would be difficult to be more Tasmanian than me!

Finally, some of you noticed on Ravelry that it was my birthday recently. My Dad’s wife asked me if I would like a Pandora bracelet – I had never heard of them! When we had finished Googling Pandora bracelets, I decided I would like one very much. So, I got one! Dad and his wife gave me the bracelet and a little silver gift charm. I have since been given eight more! My lovely work friends gave me a gift voucher for two, Mother and her husband have given me two, and the Spunk gave me two (including a ram because i heart knitting!). Dad and his wife gave me two more for Christmas. I also bought some beads off Etsy! I don’t do anything by halves. Here is a blurry picture of my bracelet!


As I was getting ready for work this morning (praying the rain wouldn’t fall – carnival day!) the Spunk raced up our external stairs (from the laundry – oh for an internal laundry!) and said “I think you better come and have a look at this”. To cut a long, expensive story short, the hot water cylinder had leaked all over the freakin floor, into the ‘little room’ under the house where the previous owners may have kept their teenager and created quite a mess. About $1000 later, we are the proud owners of a new hot water cylinder and a very wet floor. I have to see the glass as half full – there were some boxes of books that are quite important but too voluminous to have in the house that we could have lost and didn’t, so it’s not all bad. That would have upset me. As for the money, well, they’re still printing it. Tighten the belt. Cancel Christmas. Sigh.

I didn’t quite make the deadline of posting before the end of the weekend. There were storms here on Sunday night and I am a bit scared of weather, especially of it jumping through my laptop and killing me, so I put the post off. Then last night I fell asleep again. But, here I am. I finished a sock, and am on the home stretch of the other one. I have done a bit of my handspun scarf and also started a Granny Square afghan with left over sock yarn.

Left overs

Granny Square

Buggy Basics

Handspun Scarf

I got an early birthday present today! I am not a ‘high maintenance’ kind of girl and much prefer comfort over speed. I have been coveting some crocs Mary Janes for some time, and when I was talking to Mother about them the other day, she offered to get me some for my birthday (which is in December!). We have never been particularly good at waiting for birthdays! Here they are! Yay!

Nice moon tan!

We also came by some books today. Little Purl has a job on the side reviewing books for the local rag. In the post she got Do Not Open and Ripley’s Search for the Shrunken Heads and Other Curiosities. Both of these books are fantastic and I would highly recommend them for kids and adults. The first would be an excellent gift for book lovers or seekers of knowledge. It’s amazingly filled with facts about everything from the contents of your hamburger to the Mary Celeste. The second is in the style of Egyptology and has pop-ups and little letters and all sorts of things. Both are presented beautifully, the first in a box with a magnetic closure and the second with a kind of squishy cover and embossing. A sneak preview: 

The cool book box. Shiny and new. *sigh*

A typical double page. Believe it . . . or not!

Finally, imagine how difficult life can be without a v key. Mine is sticky. It is annoying! Looks like keyboard number three could be coming up!

Don’t be alarmed! It’s still me. I just needed a change! Do you like it? I have been adding and subtracting on the side bar as well; updating some FOs and the like. Note the KAL I have joined – this might help me keep on track for Christmas socks!

My badge for this post: The Knitting Whilst Under the Influence Badge – “This applies to both actual knitting under the influence, as well as achieving moments of stunning intellectual clarity about ones knitting under the influence. Presumes talking about knitting whilst under the influence a given.”

Since I generally have a glass of wine (or two – anitoxidants people!) per night, this one was easy. There should also be something about buying yarn – alcohol can really make one  more likely to succumb to internet purchasing. Perhaps you have heard of beer goggles? I have Merlot glasses. At least the yarn is always pretty and I don’t feel too ashamed in the morning! I can also be found at times planning my takeover of the LYS and actually believing it could happen. *sigh*

Now, knitting updates. Of course, being the rebellious soul that I am, as soon as I decide that I will knit 9 pairs of socks for Christmas I start obsessing about doing other things. Yesterday I started working on the Kevat shawl again. I was really enjoying the knitting, but the triangle just kept getting bigger and I began to worry. Where the heck did I see myself in a triangular shawl? Nowhere. Certainly I would not wear it day to day. I do not go out at night and if I did I still wouldn’t wear a triangular shawl. So, I cast it off. It is the prettiest, smallest triangular shawl in the whole wide world!

Next time I will knit a rectangle. Perhaps this one

The decision to cast off left me with a whole heck of a lot of lace weight yarn! Lucky for me I have also been obsessing about knitting another Clapotis. RoseRed has been working on one with laceweight. Ever the follower, I cast on.

As well, I have been spinning and spinning. I was always planning on spinning during the holidays, but regular readers will remember I have a fear of plying. How fortuitous it was then, that in the new Knitty (which I thought was pretty good) there was an article about HOW TO PLY and the suggestion was made to add some tension to your bobbins on the lazy kate so they don’t get away from you and get tangled. I have had some tangles and some panicky sweaty moments in the past. I am hoping that the tension might in fact help me get somewhere. My singles are looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

I also made a hat for my littlest friend. However, he made an unexpected visit today and I didn’t take a photo of it. If his Mum sends me one I will share it with you. 

Of course, I have not been completely wicked. I have finished one stocking stitch sock and am on the foot of the Retro Rib. Ah, holidays!

We saw Ratatouille, I loved it a lot. It is one of the best animated films I have seen in a long while. Highly recommended! 

And finally, here is my updated list:

  1. Waving Lace
  2. Swirly Girl
  3. Anastasia
  4. Embossed Leaves
  5. Retro Ribs (in progress)
  6. Back to Basics (changed my mind on Vinnland) 
  7. Vanilla (in progress)
  8. Vanilla
  9. Vanilla

Here is the finished Sockapalooza pair!

What do you think? I am very very happy with them. I really really need to get myself one of those foots.

Here are some pictures of our day at the beach. Purl is missing because she needed to take the pictures.

Last night I was both productive and unproductive. I cast on for some socks for me. That was productive. Apart from finishing my Baudelaires, I have not made socks for me for a little while. So I am making Go With the Flow from my Favourite Socks book. Seriously, this book has been one of the best investments! The Spunk asked me last night “Is that the best book in the world, or what?”!

In the unproductive basket, I pulled the MIL1 socks off the Magic Loop and restarted them on dpns. And changed my mind about the pattern. I am now doing Undulating Ribs, also from Favourite Socks.

What do you all think of the Summer Knitty?

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