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What a night!! Saturday we saw Crowded House and it was the most awesome night ever. I was wishing it was never over – I cried a number of times because the music was so beautiful and the memories of listening to the songs were so lovely. What you can see here is a very crap photo that in no way represents anything that we saw or heard, but it’s the best I can do. I really need a camera!! If you squint, you can see Neil.


  1. Getting away from it all with the Spunk, shopping at Salamanca Market, listening to some fantastic Celtic music at the New Sydney pub whilst sipping a beer and making our way to the concert.
  2. Seeing my all time favourite band live, even though they haven’t really existed for a long time. I never thought that would happen.
  3. The weather held out. It was crisp but not freezing and I was quite comfy in jeans and three layers on top, with a beanie and boots.
  4. Knitwear everywhere. I will share examples below.
  5. Great atmosphere. Not a lot of scope for bogan-like behaviour at an event like this.


  1. Portaloos. Say no more. (Although I had a Kenny experience at one point and a nice man cleaned the toilet just before I went in! Hilarious!! And remembering how I fell out of a Portaloo in my wedding dress. But that’s another story.)
  2. Lining up for drink tokens to then line up for drinks. Thankfully I didn’t have to do this because I am spoiled rotten, but I did have to wait a long time!
  3. Flipping idiots in front of me who may or may not have escaped from some kind of facility for the mentally challenged who were THROWING PEANUTS and people and at one point STOOD IN FRONT OF ME SO I COULDN’T SEE until the Spunk asked them to kindly sit. He figured we could have taken them in a fight.
  4. Walking for nearly an hour afterwards before we could get a cab.
  5. Crazy taxi driver on the way who told my friend to stop playing with the window uppy downy button and to STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS and BE QUIET WOULD YOU. I thought we might get put out. He was a very grumpy man.

Knitwear spied. Sorry if by some strange and unfathomable coincidence you see yourself. Please know that I stalked you with the greatest appreciation and not a bit of creepiness.

I have finished a part of my Secret Santa for our Saturday group, but don’t know what else to do – I need to add something. The silly season is just beginning. It’s a slippery slide of get togethers, break ups, shopping, baby showers, school picnics, graduations, barbecues, prodigal brothers returning and Christmasses (yes, plural. Bloody divorced parents) from here until January. I figure I will just go along for the ride and let it all happen. Somewhere among all that I will turn 34. I don’t remember ever imagining being 34. However, I have a feeling it will be a good year.

PS Check out Summer Sue.


Where do weeks go? It has been three weeks or so since I blogged! I just checked my google reader list and there are 165 unread posts! Eeek!

Of course there has been knitting. I have finished one sock, and have two more socks on the go. I would like to finish the stripy pair before Monday because I am going on camp and need warm socks.

I also finished Button Me Up and found it slightly too small – wearable definitely, but I would have felt uncomfortable. And so, Purl scored a jumper. She has worn it twice and has actually ordered another one exactly the same but the smaller size. I ordered some more Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Ranch Red to make her another. It is really nice to see her in one of my knits! Fifteen year olds can be difficult to please! We are planning on some interesting buttons for the red one. This was a fantastic pattern that went very quickly. I will make myself one too I think. One day.

Speaking of camp, I decided I needed a hat and made one. I like it, but I think the Spunk and Purl think I look a bit odd. What do you think? Excuse the photo, I took it myself!

This week I also ordered some Cascade Heritage sock yarn from Yarns Online. $12.50 per 100g skein, and the colours are really lovely. Now I am wondering which socks to knit. I also bought some KnitPicks Harmony needles – 2.25mm. They are very pretty and feel quite nice. I am a bit worried that I will break them so I am knitting slightly slower than usual.

I am also making a shawl that will probably never be worn . . . hey, it keeps me off the streets!

We have been busily buying books here and there from the Book Depository. I have bought Knitting Without Tears and The Knitter’s Almanac, as well as some books for the kids and some surprises for the Spunk who is having a birthday next week. I might have just scraped through – the gap between the AUD and the GBP seems to be widening. Sigh.  

As I mentioned, I am camping next week for two nights, and then again the week after. School camp is a funny thing. I quite enjoy seeing the kids outside of school and usually find it really rewarding. However, it is so darn tiring and I am dreading being chief decision maker 24 hours a day. I can usually manage a work day where I am expected to make decisions time and time again, but it’s nice to come home and let someone else decide what to eat or watch on television! Not only that, but I don’t think I will get much knitting done! I will take it just in case it rains (God forbid!).

We are still waiting for the Spunk’s cardigan to be zipped. Hopefully he will have it before his birthday! Next time I think I will try it myself WITH MY NEW SEWING MACHINE. Mum and her husband have given me my birthday present two months early! I haven’t sewed a stitch with it yet – I am certainly not the world’s greatest seamstress, but I am looking forward to making something. Perhaps some simple skirts for the Tiny Madam for summer?

The Spunk has been a teacher for nearly three weeks and is travelling well. The kids have responded well to him and he is enjoying himself!

Us Launcestonian Ravelers met up last weekend and sorted our Secret Santa knitting out. I have lots of ideas for my recipient! I want to talk about it but I can’t!!

This is one of my all time favourite songs, although it is a bit depressing I guess! The song came to mind this morning whilst watching the morning news. Just thought I would share the song – the film clip is absolutely awesome!

Let’s see. Knitting news . . .

I finished the Shalom Cardigan, as did Mother. I like it, although  it does feel a bit gapey at the front. I wore it to work last Monday and I have never had so many compliments. I was concerned about it being a bit gapey and was thinking of reknitting, but I won’t bother. Again I was asked to knit one for someone! Ha! Get real. This is my first experience of working with Bendigo yarn – and definitely not my last. In fact, there is more on the way. Mother bought the Damson for me for Shalom, and Green Tweed for herself. Since we both had some left over she bought some more and we are swapping, so I am going to knit Juliet for myself out of the the Green Tweed! I bought the pattern today! How exciting. And fancy only having to weave in minimal ends. Bliss and joy.

In more news, I have been working on an Asymmetrical Cardi, and came within 7cm of the armpit, but then realised I had made a cable arse-about (apologies for the technical term) and as I could not have lived with it (Malabrigo is a bit too expensive to be having arse-about cables) it is now rewound into yarny cakes. Bugger and bother. A whole week’s knitting down the gurgler. I haven’t managed much knitting due to having to write almost ninety reports this week, so to rip it out was very painful. (NINETY REPORT COMMENTS! MY GOODNESS! IT HAS ALMOST KILLED ME!) However, when I wrapped the cardi around myself it was too big anyway, so all is not lost. I will cast on again tonight.

I also finished the Woodland Shawlette and I am really pleased with it. I used just about an entire ball of Trekking yarn and it is long enough to wrap around my neck and keep me warm.

The Spunk is very unhappy this week. He has been told in no uncertain terms that he will be receiving no more knitted socks from me. His insistence on sliding around the house like some kind of Tom Cruise wannabe has meant the demise of three pairs of hand knitted socks. No knitter could tolerate this. I have caught him twice this week wearing my socks, and once tonight sliding into the lounge room again. Honestly! Lucky he does all the washing, drying, vaccuming, washing up, bed changing, some of the cooking and ironing, all of the lunch making, bill paying and most of the grocery shopping, parent and kid wrangling. Otherwise, it could be curtains!

I have reclaimed a whole cardigan worth of Country Silk and am planning on knitting Sassymetrical soon. I never wore the cardigan, so this seemed like a sensible thing to do.

I admitted to the theft of yarn to knit the little jumper. My colleague was very understanding and even complimented me on the end product. It fits the little guy really well, as does the green hat if rolled up properly!

I think that’s it. No photos today. Sorry!

I have been wicked in more ways than one lately! First of all, I bought enough dusty blue Jet today at Kmart to make myself another Wicked. While there are many other patterns out there I want to try, I am also very cold and in need of something to wear to work, so Wicked it is! I wore my black one to work the other day and was complimented on how I make knitting cool. My word, that was a nice compliment! Little do they know how many other people there are out there making knitting much more cool than I ever could! So, wicked for buying yarn and wicked for not challenging myself with a different pattern.

Another way in which I have been wicked this week is by kind of stealing yarn. Only kind of though. Last term I asked other staff if they had any yarn they didn’t need because we were having a finger knitting challenge on the last day (I know! Lucky teenagers they are! They loved it!). Some yarn was donated and I didn’t bother looking through it because it was needed and looked like just oddments and we used it all up. Then on Tuesday, someone left some yarn on my chair in my office – and there were seven 25g balls of some elderly Cleckheaton 8 ply yarn (85% wool, 25% viscose – about 45 m per ball) which I thought would be perfect to make a little vest for a certain tiny guy I know who is about to turn one. So I snaffled it! Should I confess??

I finished a pair of socks for the tiny guy, and a hat too! Purl helped me knit some of the hat. The tiny guy’s mother appreciates hand made gifts. No wonder she is one of my best friends!

Made using sock calculator from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book

Family Rolled Brim Hat – 40cm size

Because his mum is such a lovely person and admired my Booga Bag immensely when we visited recently, I made her one! It is waiting to be felted. Also, I have just about finished my messenger bag – just a little bit to do on that and it will be ready for sharing and for the pattern to be available to anyone who would care to spend hours knitting something the size of a small pony, trying an i-cord bind off, knitting further i-cord forever and then shrinking it all in the washing machine! Here is the Booga – lovely Vintage Hues!

I have also cast on for a Woodland Shawl. This is wicked because I already have a bit going on with the knitting at the moment. I am using Trekking yarn that has had one brief incarnation as a pair of Hedera socks. I haven’t yet finished a repeat, so won’t bother with a photo. So far I have only had to restart it three times. I don’t know how I can manage to have one and five-eighths degrees and be unable to count for lace patterns!

Last Saturday I was wicked in a “Cool, wicked!” way, when Mother and I went to WWKIP Day at Inveresk, outside the QVMAG. It was a beautiful brisk Tasmanian day (read bloody freezing when we got there, and pretty cold the whole time, but the sun was out!). Lots of people went past, a very small number spoke to us, but about a dozen or so knitters came and went over the four hours we were there. There are some photos over at 2paws. Those are my denim clad knees in the top left, and Mother’s next to me! When I read about a Sydney get together with about 55 knitters, I realised that 12 knitters was quite a large group for a small city! There was also a gathering in Hobart. Well done Tassie Knitters (Ravelry link)!

Speaking of Mother, she was wicked and bought me some yarn at Spotlight. I can’t remember what it is called, but it’s very soft and completely synthetic. I made a scarf with it using the pattern that was printed on the back. It was the most confusing pattern for what is basically a 8 stitch 8 row cable with a garter stitch border! Anyway, it’s warm and doesn’t irritate my skin which is a bonus!

Now I had better go and redeem my wicked self by cooking a yummy risotto for tea to warm up the family. It is shockingly freezing here today (9.4 degrees)! I am typing with a scarf around my neck, my calorimetry shoved on my head and knitted socks on my feet. We have electric heating here and it is quite inadequate on dull days. Brrrrrr.

Oh, and just to support Katt here is a list of what I am knitting at the moment:

  1. Pinwheel Blanket
  2. Socks for myself
  3. Woodland Shawl
  4. Wicked II
  5. Messenger bag

. . . no post! A kind blogger emailed to ask if I was okay. I really am, work is great at the moment! Of course work is getting in the way of what I would prefer to be doing! Knitting and talking about knitting, along with reading and writing about knitting. I guess that’s what weekends are for. And Show Day! We had a sneaky day off on Thursday and I did nothing really except sit and knit.

Some time ago I was going on about the Interweave anniversary book and how I wanted to get it so I could make the felted bag. fitknit offered to send it to me, gratis, and promptly did! I am constantly amazed by the generous nature of the people I meet in cyberspace! Thank you so much Fi! The bag has joined the queue. I have to just save some pennies to buy some yarn for it!

Last weekend the Spunk and I ventured out to the Evandale Market where I was hopeful of finding something yarny to buy. On one stall was some bluebell and some baby wool and some grey stuff (enough for a cardigan). I didn’t buy any of it because it was sweaty. Yuck.

This morning I went to the library and got two books – Spinning Designer Yarns and a stitch dictionary. I looked for the audio books but the Spunk was doing blockies while Purl and I were in getting our stuff, and the whole blinking library has been rearranged and I couldn’t find them. Just as well I guess as I have three Harry Potter books to listen to, and about a million podcasts. My ipod sure does get a workout!

Of course, there has been sock knitting. I have finished a few things since my last post:

  1. Waving Lace
  2. Swirly Girl
  3. Back to Basics
  4. Back to Basics (on foot of sock one)
  5. Embossed Leaves (one down)
  6. Retro Ribs (one down)
  7. Vanilla
  8. Vanilla
  9. Vanilla

Some pictures and comments:

Embossed Leaves in Patonyle. I find this pattern incredibly quick to knit. Apart from the Patonyle sock pattern, it is the first I have knit twice. They are lovely.

This is Back to Basics in Koigu. I tried a number of patterns with this yarn, and this is the best one. I really liked knitting the pattern and the yarn. The heels on this pair are a bit ‘poochy’ – next time I will start the shaping a little sooner. Knitted on 2.5mm addi circulars, these may also have converted me to a socks on 2 circs kinda girl.

Vanilla Patonyle sock pattern, knit with Online yarn. This is really nice yarn to knit with, not as scratchy as Opal (which hurts my delicate skin after a while!!) These turned out really well and I was tempted to keep them for myself! No, I must be strong. I will buy more of this yarn.

The lone Retro Rib sock. The Leg’s foot is nowhere near as big as the Spunk’s. How do I motivate myself to make another one?

The start of another Back to Basics, although I am considering other things at the moment. Not sure. Hm. I better decide soon, I am almost up to the ‘V’.

Hey, we also made a hat! I knitted some and so did Purl! It’s my own design with some sparkly spangly yarn picked up from the BSODL ™ for $2.00 per ball. It’s for Purl. She will never wear it. Still, it was interesting to knit and I might make myself something similar for next winter.

The smallest kids and I have been enjoying watching Fraggle Rock episodes, and have started a bit of a tradition – one a day, before bed! They are so cute and funny and carry such a positive message. I just love LOVE them. Today I bought the second series at Woolies. I can’t wait to watch some more!

Fraggle Rock

Try not to clap! I dare you!

In other news, Little Purl got a job with the Golden Arches! She will start soonish – she had to sit a test at home last night online, and they will call her with her first shift directly. She is excited by the money spending possibilities – although has just begun to understand that things are expensive when one is spending one’s own money! 

Also this week, I got a webcam and a facebook. Mother and I have been corresponding grinningly at each other each evening. Through facebook I have made contact with three old school chums! Yay!

I received one of those forwarded email this week – “Things I have learned” or something along those lines. The title of my post comes from one of the items on the list. I think most of us understand that at times you can find yourself on the wrong side of that fine line. At least one of my feet has been over the line on a number of occasions lately. There are various factors influencing my balancing act:

  • My decision to make 9 pairs of socks by Christmas
  • Ravelry
  • KALs
  • My spinning wheel
  • Mother nature
  • The daily grind

I will address each factor in turn.

My decision to make 9 pairs of socks by Christmas

I am actually doing quite well with the socks. Well, at least with the first sock of each pair. Here is an update:

  1. Waving Lace
  2. Swirly Girl
  3. Anastasia
  4. Embossed Leaves
  5. Retro Ribs (one finished)
  6. Back to Basics (one finished, the other going well) 
  7. Vanilla (one finished, the other on the gusset)
  8. Vanilla
  9. Vanilla

So, about 9 socks and a couple to finish off. Not too bad really. There are 85 days left until Christmas, which means a sock each 9.44444 days. That is fine – I can manage that as long as I keep going at my current rate. I absolutely loved knitting the Back to Basics sock from Knitty, it was a lot of fun. I knitted it on two circular needles and the first one went very quickly. I made great progress on the second sock yesterday during the AFL Grand Final at my MIL’s house. Here is an action shot of the first one in progress:

Mmmm, Koigu


I won’t go on about Ravelry, except to say it is amazing, I love it and spend too much time trawling forums and thinking about what to knit next with what yarn. Time I should be spending doing other things, namely knitting socks.


At the present time, I am involved in three KALs, a Sock Challenge on Ravelry(!) and one fibre sharing group. I am not really being very vocal in any of them. Tomorrow is the start of the Southern Summer of Socks. As such, I am obligated to cast on a new pair. I think it will be Embossed Leaves, as this is for Christmas and I have done the pattern before and really enjoyed it. It will also qualify me for the Holiday KALCAL and the Favorite Socks KAL. The Back to Basics qualify me for the September Sockdown on Ravelry, which had to be either Grumperina designed, toe up of knitted from a mystery pattern posted in sections. This sock is toe up. Now, the fibre sharing . . .

My spinning wheel

I have taken some time lately to do some spinning. I took on my plying demon, and didn’t do too badly. Here is my yarn!

It is a bit too twisty, which I will need to address next time I spin, but I am really quite pleased with myself. This will become a scarf in the not too distant future. I wish I didn’t have occasion to wear scarves at this time of year, however it is still freezing at times despite being one month into calendar Spring! It was so wild and blustery on Friday night we lost power a number of times and I was forced to play Samorost in the dark!

My spinning wheel also possessed me to buy more fibre from Mandie at EGMTK and will have to post to the Ewe Give Me the Knits Fibre Gallery! Here’s what I got:

500g Amethyst Merino Cross Top and 200g Plum Wine Merino Top

I have resisted the temptation to begin spinning any of this yet. I am hoping to be able to spin enough yarn to make another cardigan for the Tiny Madam, and will also try to make enough yarn out of the Plum Wine top to make another scarf, or something. I don’t know. I just love purple.

Mother Nature

A friend of a friend of mine had a tiny, premature little baby yesterday. So today I knitted him a hat.

My own pattern – a copy is here. Feel free to use it. I am planning on making another one tonight.

The daily grind

Monday meant the end of the holidays. I have been back at work a whole week, and I must say it was a better week than I have had for a very long time. The two weeks off allowed me to get some perspective and control over my own destiny and I am feeling much more positive about work. However, it has cramped my knitting time.

Finally, my badge for this post:

The “I Will Impress You With My Math Prowess” Badge – The recipient is a whiz at substituting yarns and calculating gauge, can space increases and decreases evenly and is fully comfortable with the basic math encountered in all knitting projects.

I would not necessarily call myself a whiz, but I did make a tiny hat today with evenly spaced decreases and can make a sock with eyelets that spiral. I understand gauge even if it is sometimes a bit off and if I had to I could knit maths my way out of a paper bag.

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