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I have been knitting! On Friday I cast on for a pair of Fetchings using left over Cascade 220 from the CPH. My friend has to teach in our hall, which is a great big cavernous building which is almost impossible to heat. She has been after some fingerless gloves for some time. The problem is, she can’t stand to touch wool!! Why I thought that the answer to this would be to knit a gauntlet out of pure wool (which is a little on the scratchy side) is beyond all comprehension. Anyway, I finished the left one on Saturday, and put it on. It is:

  1. obviously made of scratchy wool; and
  2. too big around the top.

So, I will keep that for myself and knit another one soon – I too have to brave the weather on lunch time duty, and these will come in handy. Pun only half intended!

I then scrounged around in my pitiful stash and found some pale green Cara Mia from some time ago. This is a blend of various man made fibres and 13% angora. It is very soft and does not feel a bit like wool. However, I found that 45 stitches around was too loose, so I ripped back and started again with 40 stitches. Lucky this is a quick knit!! I am now up to the thumb on the left mitt and should get that finished tonight, all going well.

The Nutkin sock pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend it. However, next time I do not think I will do the cuff as stated in the pattern, as I found it highly irritating to fold the cuff over and knit a stitch from the cast on edge with the stitch on the needle. It looks nice, but I am not sure it’s nice enough to bother again!

My throat is holding out. I am resting it as much as possible and milking it for all it’s worth at school! “Do not make me raise my voice! You will be subjected to relief teachers if you aren’t careful!!” It works part of the time at least!

In my usual fashion, I think I am becoming a touch obsessed with convicts. At the moment, I am reading The Potato Factory by Bryce Courtenay, Out of Ireland by Christopher Koch and The Great Shame by Thomas Keneally. I am about to watch Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist and we have The Potato Factory mini-series out on video. But we don’t have a video player! I guess I never learned about ‘everything in moderation’!

Because I can’t leave you without something to look at, here is my cat as photographed by the Tiny Madam (you can see her perfectly pink toenails!). Excuse the dead grass. Blame global warming.


It has been a good week this week! I have not been at work . . . I guess that has a lot to do with the sort of week I have had.

First of all, I have almost completed an assignment for Uni – here is a picture of my Monkey socks on top of a pile of reading:

The assignment will be finished today, which will allow me to move on to all the other school work I have to get done by Monday. Next week will be another good week, but in a very different way. I am off to camp! šŸ˜›

I have had some time to work with some raw fleece from the Op Shop. You can almost see me behind the bag – it is huge!

Unfortunately, the fleece feels so disgusting and dry I was having troubleĀ even touchingĀ it, hence I took these from the SuperSpunk (I am serious, he is quite famous around here for his pink gloves!):

However, I found that it was too difficult to work with gloves, and had to take them off and get my hands dirty. Ugh. Here is me ‘under the house’:

I wasn’t too happy, but the cat was loving it:

Mmmeoow! Fleece!

Anyway, I washed and dried quite a bit of fleece, and have been spinning a little bit. I have had some great advice from some lovely people hereĀ and here (thanks!) to do with plying, but have not spun enough yet to try it out. I should get this done soonish. I am already nervous about it!

I have also signed up for SockapaloozaĀ 4, which is very exciting. I need to stop with the signing up for things now though, or I will not have the time nor money to get everything done that needs doing. I am also involved in a scarf circle at the Lime and Violet message board, and have to knit six inches of scarf to post Monday. The idea is that the scarf will travel around the world, starting with me and will be added to by eleven others! So the twelve of us will end up with a long scarf that has a section knitted by all of us! Isn’t that cool?

As well this week, someone turned 7. One of the Grandma’s arrived with this, guaranteeing herself more knitted socks!

And to round it all off, some friends arrived with this, which may or may not have been chosen purely based on what was on the label!


I have been thinking a lot about knitting lately. I know that seems to go without saying, but I have set myself some goals for this year. Although some of my goals are private (ooh, how intriguing!! What am I up to?), I am planning the following in the ‘public’ eye:

  1. I will blog more often and comment more often, and generally be a better blogger. I like writing my blog, and I love reading comments and keeping in touch with the online knitting community. It allows me to be a better knitter!
  2. I am going to endeavour to use quality materials and will go without yarn rather than settle for less.
  3. I will continue to challenge myself as a knitter and will design at least three things myself this year.
  4. I will publish these designs on my blog.
  5. I will learn to say no (see previous post for reasons why!!).

I have been making plain old socks like a fiend lately. Here is one finished pair and some works in progress:

‘Barney socks’, Katt‘s yarn in Water Lily


‘I Can’t Say No’ socks in Opal


‘Maybe for the SIL, maybe for the xmas stash socks’ in The Knittery Watercolours


RPM socks’ in The Knittery Forest Moss


I have been ordering books from the library like a thing possessed. I found a cardigan I will knit for the Tiny Madam, pink of course, and ordered some Jo Sharp cotton fromĀ  The Knittery for a very reasonable price. I have always been very happy with the service from this online store, and would recommend them highly to anyone! I have also almost decided to finish the second pair of socks that were meant for my sister in law and put them away for someone for Christmas, and make a doll for our niece to be from this book. I spied these dolls on the interknit some time ago and ordered the book somewhat blindly. I love them and want to make hundreds. I only wish they were my idea! The arms and legs are knit with few stitches in st st, which makes them roll. They aren’t even seamed! I might make i-cords instead, as this would probably go faster anyway. Now I am trawling for the right yarns. The unborn niece has a pink and mint nursery, so I will use those colours, with a bit of violet thrown in for good luck! I am a bit excited about knitting this. Mind you, I have knitted the body, arms and legs of another doll for the Tiny Madam and never finished it! I hate seaming!!

The RPM socks came about because I went to a barbecue last night and promptly left the ‘I Can’t Say No’ socks at my Dad’s house for the night. I was working on some fraternal Opal socks on these circs, but hated them intensely because they were laddered and hideous so I pulled them off (did not rip them back. You never know I might finish them one day. cough.) and cast on approximately 17 times to make these RPMs. You may remember I had knitted almost a sock with the green, then ripped it. I think the yarn may be unlucky. I could not for the life of me get this going last night. So I started one sock on two circs, did five rows ribbing, took it off onto two dpns, cast on the other sock, did five rows, then tried to get the two on the circs together. No go. By this time it was past midnight! So, I left one on the dpns, one on the circs and this morning discovered that the problem was one was inside out. Huh. Now, I am off like a prawn in the sun.

Speaking of ridiculous Australian sayings, Happy Australia Day (I am siding with 2paw a bit on this one. It makes me vaguely uncomfortable to celebrate on this day), but most importantly Happy Birthday to our cat, who is two! Here is her grin – cute if slightly pointy!

All photos today supplied by Little Purl, who HAS BEEN KNITTING!

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