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I finished the Cotton-Ease blanket, and if anyone is interested I wrote a chart and pattern which is available for download. It is very very easy and I could read whilst knitting, so it went fairly quickly.

My yarn arrived from Live2Knit, and it is deliciously gorgeous. I don’t quite know what to do with it yet. I am not sure it will become socks.


I cast on some socks last night – a gift for my Dad’s wife. I have only ever made her one pair and she is continually rinsing them out and drying them quickly to wear again. I am using some Patonyle I dyed ages ago. It has been such a long time since I made socks; my hands had almost forgotten how to hold the tiny needles.

Here are some of my muffins. One lot, chocolate chip. The other, cheese and bacon! Yum!

On Sunday the Spunk and I found ourselves sans children, and decided to go to the pictures! We hadn’t been for so long, I can’t even remember what we saw last when it was just the two of us. We saw Hellboy 2 which I thought was really good. I liked Hellboy after watching it despite some misgivings about his appearance and whatnot. Anyway, I would recommend Hellboy 2 if you are into comic book adaptions. IMHO it is one of the best!

Tomorrow we are seeing Wall-E which the kids are very excited about. I am more excited about the popcorn, but never mind! Two trips to the cinema in one week! It must be holidays.

Speaking of which, we are very much on the slippery slopes back to work. The good news is that the Spunk is all legal and will be starting teaching with me on Monday! It will be interesting working together!


I finished the Spunk’s cardigan and dropped it off at Knits Needles and Wool to have a zip inserted. My first anxious thought was about the colour of the zip. I bought a black one, and now I think it should be grey. The second anxious thought was about leaving something that took me so long to make with someone I don’t know and trusting them not to bugger it up! My third anxious thought was about it being away for so long (up to two weeks!) and then the Spunk having no opportunity to wear it!

However, it fits. I don’t have a photo because the camera is still in Queensland. But it really does fit very well and he is thrilled.

I made the back and one front of Hey Teach! and then ripped it out because it just wasn’t doing it for me. Then I cast on for a cotton Wicked cardigan and that wasn’t cutting it either, so now I am making a baby blanket with Cotton-Ease. I love the colour and the yarn is very soft, but I think I need to learn I don’t like knitting cotton into garments! There are a couple of babies in the making around me at the moment, so I am sure one of them will appreciate a machine wash/dry blanket. Pattern is my own – I will share as soon as I can.

Next on the needles – Button Me Up! Pullover by Laura Chau. The numbers are fairly close to Wicked, so it should work out well. In fact, the pullover itself is quite similar to Wicked, but it is knit from the bottom up. I should be able to finish this before going back to school.

I am awaiting delivery of a couple of books – Knitting Without Tears and The Knitter’s Almanac from The Book Depository. I have fallen in love with Elizabeth Zimmermann like thousands of knitters before me. I can’t wait to get them. The Spunk has ordered another jumper – I am going to make him a Seamless Hybrid (Rav link) – we just have to agree on a yarn choice.

We have been spring cleaning with a vengeance this week and finally tackled the kids’ room. Tiny Madam and Number One Son share a room at the moment – our family outgrew our house with the suprise arrival of TM! Oh boy, it was a disgrace. Now, a place for everything and everything in its place. One tub of toys each in the open, everything else is shelved or tubbed and hidden away. It feels very good! However, I wish I could buy them a space saving bed each – we saw a fabulous example at Harvey Norman yesterday. We went to buy a printer and ended up bouncing on beds, fondling carpet and rocking in chairs. What good clean fun!

I have been bitten by the muffin bug. I have never before this week cooked muffins, but have made up for that since Thursday! Yum!

Now to brighten what is a very grey day here – a very bizarre pairing – REM and some Muppets.

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre, which to most of you might not seem like any special occasion. However I am fairly anti-leavethehouse most of the time, so it is often not me who does the shopping. As I was leaving an elderly man dropped his coins and I crouched down to pick them up (bones creaking!). When I handed him his coins I noticed that he was a man of the cloth. Which denomination of cloth I have absolutely no idea! He blessed my heart! I left the centre feeling somewhat uplifted!

And how am I blessed? Well, we had a lovely Father’s Day despite both our fathers being away. Mine is in Queensland (with Little Purl – lucky beggars!) and the Spunk’s Dad is in Munich. It is telling that our two youngest kids were so excited to be giving their Dad some presents that they were up at about 6am! He was very pleased with his spoils.

I am feeling particularly lucky today because I won a prize in the random draw of the Ravelympics, which is really exciting! A skein of sock yarn from Live2Knit. I have never used any of her yarn, but have often wanted to because it is so pretty. I think it might be just the thing to kick off some sock knitting again. It has been so very long since I have knitted socks. I have been on such a cardigan spree.

Speaking of cardigans, I am just casting on for the collar of the cardigan for the Spunk. Then all I have to do is sew it up(!). I will do that tomorrow in the daylight. Nothing better to do because I AM ON HOLIDAYS!!! Then, off to Knits Needles and Wool to get a zip put in and he will be able to wear it. We are holding our breath at the moment because he is this close to finishing his degree and then he will be teaching – and it looks like he will be with me at my school in the classroom next door! I dare not even think about it at this stage. It has been a long time coming, let me tell you. I have been chief breadwinner for nearly six years and I am very much looking forward to us both working for a decent wage. He has been an absolute trouper through this time, working at the pub up the road putting up with all sorts of rubbish and people asking for cups of chino and chicken in pyjamas, but that will all soon come to an end. Instead he will be putting up with all sorts of rubbish from teenagers! But at least he will be getting paid decent money for it and will be home at night! Hooray! Another blessing!!

We had another northern Ravelry meeting on Saturday, which was absolutely lovely. Before that Mother and I went into town and did a tiny spot of shopping. For some reason that I have forgotten, according to Mother it is my year to get presents, and she bought me a new handbag! Thanks Mum!

And earlier in the week we went to Hobart for Little Purl’s official presentation with the Premier regarding her prize. It was a lovely day; the Spunk drove us there and almost all the way back, we did another spot of (window) shopping, caught up with my uncle and watched a presentation by last year’s winners. We had a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and came home again. Lovely. What a proud mother I am! Any locals may have seen Purl in The Examiner or The Mercury.

While I am feeling blessed, I am sorry to say there are no photos of knitting this time around, because Purl has the camera. However, here are my two girls with their little cousin in pink the background and their brother most of the way down the hill playing together after their Grandad’s 70th birthday lunch out in the country. They spent ages rolling down a hill and walking back up it, then rolling down the hill and walking back up it, and . . . so on. To our horror, even Grandad had a turn! To see my fifteen year old giggling and laughing with her five year old sister warmed the cockles of my heart. So I guess I have a blessed heart with warm cockles.

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