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quarantined again!

Posted on: July 25, 2008

For the third year in a row I have been banished from work! In 2006 there was a case of measles at school, and because I was under 40 and couldn’t prove I had been immunised I had to stay home until a blood test cleared me. Then, last year I had influenza A, which is a communicable disease and had a week off school. Now, I have CONJUNCTIVITIS which is gross but not as gross as I have had it in the past. I told someone at work that my eyes were a bit sore, and um yes, my kids have had it and before you could say “Get out you infected leper” I was on my way home. Thank goodness the pharmacists around here can write certificates now because seeing my GP is impossible, and communicable disease leave doesn’t come off my sick leave. So I am home with gritty blurry eyes. And I am here alone at the moment! For various reasons either one, two or three of the kids have been home this week. Tiny Madam just made it back to school after being ill last week and a door slammed on her finger so she had to come home again and had two days off while it healed enough for us to trust her not to damage it further. It was awful – she was stuck in the door because it was too heavy for her friends to open it to get her out! They had to wait for a teacher! The number one son has had a cold and CONJUNCTIVITIS and so couldn’t go to school. And Little Purl has had a sore throat and a severe case of lethargy, so she had two days off. In addition to all that, the Spunk has an upper respiratory thing going on. Do not approach any of us. We are contagious!!

You would think that this would mean knitting time, but it hasn’t. I have still been report writing like a woman possessed. And thanks to a wonderful collegial spirit I have also been proofreading for others, so it has been quite intense. Four hours yesterday alone. I hope those parents appreciate the time and effort that goes into giving them feedback about little Johnny and Jane! Even if they don’t like what they’re reading! At this point I start dreading parent/teacher conferences. Blerk.

I have made some progress with the Assymetrical Cardigan:

The colours are not quite right but are pretty close. There has been pooling and I am now knitting from two skeins as I should have from the start. But I don’t care. I really like it and my goal is to finish this tomorrow.

And here is Shalom from last post:

Again the colours are not quite right. The real shade is a bit deeper than this.

And I bought more Jet at Kmart because it was about $3.20 a ball. This is going to become Liesl:

And I have the Green Tweed from Bendigo which is going to become Juliet:

And that should do for now! Except that I have some Sesame Street to share, in honour of the pigeons that seem to have appeared at my school. I am not a bird fan AT ALL. I also found Bert’s obsession with pigeons (and Bernice in particular) to be a bit odd, even creepy. Perhaps it was a Jim Henson thing – Gonzo was very close to his female chicken friend. Just saying!


9 Responses to "quarantined again!"

I dropped of a folder of things for you from MrsDrWho at your school today and they said you were sick. Then I remembered you said you had pink eye and I wondered why you were having a potato??? Now all is clear, except your eyes!! You are a house of illness. You need a quarantine flag. Hope all is well soon. Your knitting is delicious!!!

Oooh Liesl will be fab in the Jet!

Love the Shalom Cardigan! Hope your feeling better…icky children germs is really the danger of working in education, isn’t it? This was my first year teaching elementary (versus Jr. High and H.S) and I was so dang sick all year.

oooo. Blurry gritty eyes = no fun. I can’t believe you can type! I had my eyes dilated last week and couldn’t see a thing the rest of the day and the next day my eyes were hypersensitive to light. It drove me crazy! I didn’t notice the walkway out on the beach was on floaters until that day…I really noticed it rocking from the waves. Talk about nausea adding to the blurry confusion! Get well soon 🙂

You poor thing (Unclean Unclean) Love the cardis! Whoot!

Erk! Poor you! We seem to be over the infectious stuff and are just keeping up the seasonal low-grade sniffles and coughs. Of course I’d be a lot better if I stopped everything and went to bed by ten every night.
Shalom: lovely!
Malabrigo – oh lustworthy!
Sale yarn – not to be sneezed at!
tweed – mmm, tweedy :>
Bert – there are children in the room. I won’t go there until I am alone (lest they kick me off my computer for three hours of instant replays)

Ugh…conjunctivitis is unfortunately something that hits me every now and again. Working at a hospital I guess if that’s the worst thing that I bring home with me…

What a miserable feeling though.

Shalom looks REALLY cute!

Leper. You will soon need a bell and a posy of herbs.
Hope you are well enough to be back at school…he he he he he.
We had a PD day today. I would rather be teaching.

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