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Posted on: June 22, 2008

I have been wicked in more ways than one lately! First of all, I bought enough dusty blue Jet today at Kmart to make myself another Wicked. While there are many other patterns out there I want to try, I am also very cold and in need of something to wear to work, so Wicked it is! I wore my black one to work the other day and was complimented on how I make knitting cool. My word, that was a nice compliment! Little do they know how many other people there are out there making knitting much more cool than I ever could! So, wicked for buying yarn and wicked for not challenging myself with a different pattern.

Another way in which I have been wicked this week is by kind of stealing yarn. Only kind of though. Last term I asked other staff if they had any yarn they didn’t need because we were having a finger knitting challenge on the last day (I know! Lucky teenagers they are! They loved it!). Some yarn was donated and I didn’t bother looking through it because it was needed and looked like just oddments and we used it all up. Then on Tuesday, someone left some yarn on my chair in my office – and there were seven 25g balls of some elderly Cleckheaton 8 ply yarn (85% wool, 25% viscose – about 45 m per ball) which I thought would be perfect to make a little vest for a certain tiny guy I know who is about to turn one. So I snaffled it! Should I confess??

I finished a pair of socks for the tiny guy, and a hat too! Purl helped me knit some of the hat. The tiny guy’s mother appreciates hand made gifts. No wonder she is one of my best friends!

Made using sock calculator from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book

Family Rolled Brim Hat – 40cm size

Because his mum is such a lovely person and admired my Booga Bag immensely when we visited recently, I made her one! It is waiting to be felted. Also, I have just about finished my messenger bag – just a little bit to do on that and it will be ready for sharing and for the pattern to be available to anyone who would care to spend hours knitting something the size of a small pony, trying an i-cord bind off, knitting further i-cord forever and then shrinking it all in the washing machine! Here is the Booga – lovely Vintage Hues!

I have also cast on for a Woodland Shawl. This is wicked because I already have a bit going on with the knitting at the moment. I am using Trekking yarn that has had one brief incarnation as a pair of Hedera socks. I haven’t yet finished a repeat, so won’t bother with a photo. So far I have only had to restart it three times. I don’t know how I can manage to have one and five-eighths degrees and be unable to count for lace patterns!

Last Saturday I was wicked in a “Cool, wicked!” way, when Mother and I went to WWKIP Day at Inveresk, outside the QVMAG. It was a beautiful brisk Tasmanian day (read bloody freezing when we got there, and pretty cold the whole time, but the sun was out!). Lots of people went past, a very small number spoke to us, but about a dozen or so knitters came and went over the four hours we were there. There are some photos over at 2paws. Those are my denim clad knees in the top left, and Mother’s next to me! When I read about a Sydney get together with about 55 knitters, I realised that 12 knitters was quite a large group for a small city! There was also a gathering in Hobart. Well done Tassie Knitters (Ravelry link)!

Speaking of Mother, she was wicked and bought me some yarn at Spotlight. I can’t remember what it is called, but it’s very soft and completely synthetic. I made a scarf with it using the pattern that was printed on the back. It was the most confusing pattern for what is basically a 8 stitch 8 row cable with a garter stitch border! Anyway, it’s warm and doesn’t irritate my skin which is a bonus!

Now I had better go and redeem my wicked self by cooking a yummy risotto for tea to warm up the family. It is shockingly freezing here today (9.4 degrees)! I am typing with a scarf around my neck, my calorimetry shoved on my head and knitted socks on my feet. We have electric heating here and it is quite inadequate on dull days. Brrrrrr.

Oh, and just to support Katt here is a list of what I am knitting at the moment:

  1. Pinwheel Blanket
  2. Socks for myself
  3. Woodland Shawl
  4. Wicked II
  5. Messenger bag

16 Responses to "wicked games"

You bad girl you. Very wicked indeed. Do you know who left you the wool? If not don’t confess…if you do then I would tell them they have donated wool far too lovely to waste on finger knitting and that you are thinking of keeping a child warm all winter with it…who could resist????
One week down…how many to go???????

Wicked women are the best kind! You had to rescue that Cleckheaton – it would have been a wicked waste otherwise.

That all sounds like perfectly acceptable — and maybe even admirable — wickedness.

I love Cleckheaton and turning it to a noble purpose seems like a really good idea. And I hate electric heat but wool is a Good Thing. So you go.

Neener neener it’s 80 F here today. I don’t know what that translates to in Celsius but it’s pretty comfortable. Sorry….you’ll get me back in December.

Wicked..all I could picture is Chris Issac in the “Wicked Games” video, now that song will be stuck in my head. Love the woodland shawl Loverly in it’s leafiness.

I’m coming over for some of that risotto. Haven’t made it in ages and NOW I’m craving it.

wicked! in a good way. x

Thanks for the support 🙂 my list got chopped by 2 items over the weekend (YAY for FOs!) so now down to 7 which is only slightly healthier.

Is the Kmart yarn still on special? I hope not…LOL like i need more?!! Adam has made comment that perhaps its time I went on a yarn diet…(well…leasts its the only diet he nags i should go on).

Thats one of the two vintage hues colours I didnt grab among my almost 50 balls..but I was really tempted!! Its pretty 🙂

You sound as wicked as me though. Guess we will be wicked together!! And I am with Marj, I now have Wicked Games stuck in my head (but the band HIM singing it..they do a great job).


Katt’s idea to post all the guilty secrets is a good one. Shall join you both and then see if we can encourage each other to pare it down.


It is your fault I ordered some more Malabrigo for a short sleeved wicked – all yours – not mine – yours!!

It looked so good I wanted one of my own and the instant gratification!

Your projects sound reasonable to me, which is probably more a sign of my lack of reason than anything else!

Wicked is definitely on my list of someday knits. Yours looks great, so of course you need another one!

[…] up the idea from Kattwings via Amanda, I decided to be honest about what I have here for UFOs. I am not counting the Viking Ship Sweater […]

LOL I love it when wool falls in your hands!! Lately anything coming my way was not very nice in colour (but I could dye it)!
I ve done a fair bit of spinning lately,will put some piccies up shortly,mostly raw wool,merino/corredale and at the moment corredale/ english leicester that I hope to make into socks,what are you going to spin?

You are wicked indeed!!! If you’re on a good thing you should stick to it!! I went to look at the Jet but there was no green 😦 You have been doing som much kitting. I am at home all the time , I must just while my time away……….

[…] wicked games I have been wicked in more ways than one lately! First of all, I bought enough dusty blue Jet today at Kmart to make myself another Wicked. While there are many other patterns out there I want to try, I am also very cold and in need of … […]

I thought Id add that I dont have that time for spinning either,the house just doesnt get done,I figure that with all the stress of the last few months Im going to have fun!! This time Im spinning quite fine but navajoing it means theres an much quicker result,puts me off having to do another bobbin,LOL

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