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ze vicked

Posted on: June 9, 2008

she iz finished!

Pattern – Wicked
Size – Small
Yarn – Cascade 220 (less than 3 skeins!)
Needles – 4.5mm
Modifications – No pocket, no twisted stitches on the neck and sleeves. Made much longer than stated in the pattern – I would suggest this as it is not looong on me, and I am quite short!
Verdict – LOVE IT!

This is such an easy and quick pattern to knit. I made it in about four days and I wasn’t really knitting the whole time. It would have been done quicker, but I put a pocket on and then didn’t like it, so carefully tried to remove the pocket and SNIP I cut a stitch. Which in the end was okay because I ripped back and ended up adding some increases for my hips. I will make this again – maybe as a short sleeved cardigan?

I am half way through designing a messenger bag. It’s all in my head, and half way knitted, so I will share that with you before the end of the week! As well, I have made a baby sock. I am going to make another one of course – I might save this for WWKIP Day on Saturday! Yay!

Did you know about these two newish online knitting magazines? Metapostmodernknitting, and The Inside Loop. I heard about them on the Stash and Burn podcast. Not bad! More socks! I like these!


12 Responses to "ze vicked"

I love it! I have some Dream in Color Smooshy here for Wicked, and now I think it might be next on the needles ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s fabulous! Looks so good with jeans and over the long sleeved top.

That’s smashing, and it fits you perfectly! I love Zephyr Style designs.

I Loooooooooove Wicked.
It looks great in the black.

Ze Vicked is hot stuff! Looks great on you :>
I’m looking forward to seeing what your design looks like!

Pretty cool there. I agree with you about skipping the pocket.

Woo hoo! Congrat’s on an FO!

Who’s that hot mama modeling it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

[…] – do I want to do knitthis one? Wicked is looking pretty good to me. Quick, simple and a chance to use up some more yarn (grin). […]

Love the short sleeved wicked – It’s on my queue but so is everything else! Aaargh!! Might try and fit one in regardless (it won’t be the small size though!)

Darlink, she is lovely!! And so are you whilst wearing her!! I have gone all Green Acres now. Oh I feel your snipped stitch pain, I did that to Sharon’s Secret Santa socks last year. Oh Woe!! I was surprised to see I knew about both the online magazines, but had forgotten about them!! Thanks for the links!! Wasn’t WWKIP Day lovely?? Wicked in fact!!

really good pattern.

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