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i have never felt better

Posted on: June 3, 2008

Well, actually I have never felted better. Okay, quite honestly I have never felted before this! But look! A Booga Bag! Isn’t it cute?

Booga Bag, knitted with exactly three balls of Vintage Hues, colourway 1269. Bought from Spotlight by the Spunk who took pity on me when I missed the Northern Tassie Knitters Ravelry group because I had the makings of a migraine. He was sent with instructions to buy the purple-green colour, and he did well because there is no such thing, but he got what I was thinking of! Bag knitted with 6mm needles, handles with 4mm dpns because they were the biggest I had. Handles made much longer than specified in the pattern. This went through a hot and heavy wash twice.

I am so pleased with it. It is quite small and I am astounded by how much it squished down in the wash! I am going to be working on my own design for a bag I think. Mother bought me four more balls of the Vintage Hues in a different colourway, so I will do something with that soon. The bag was very quick and easy and so much fun.

I am not one of those knitters who is bored by the round and round of stocking stitch on a circular needle. In fact, I quite enjoy it! Which is just as well, because the yarn for Wicked arrived yesterday. So far, I have cast on and ripped it three times. The first time because I looked on Ravelry and thought I had probably over-estimated my size and should trust my instincts for once. The second time because I cast on in what I thought was a smaller size only to find when I was dividing for the front back arms etc that I had four extra stitches and had in fact cast on EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT AS BEFORE. Honestly! Desperate Housewives has a bit to answer for in that one! Then, I didn’t leave enough yarn for the long tail cast on! Never mind. I have cast on again, left the crossed over stitches because I didn’t want them to be wonky and an 8 stitch pattern does not go into 124 and have begun the raglan increases this afternoon. Going well!

Purl decided that she didn’t want the pinwheel blanket hat, so it is again a pinwheel blanket. It is a purple and leftover 8 ply striped affair and another example of pretty mindless knitting. Pretty, no?

I love holidays! I must make sure that I don’t just blah them away! Today the kids and the Spunk went to the park to kick a football and then this afternoon a friend came over to watch The Sound of Music and eat popcorn. I will also set up a computer for Purl that I got for FREE from school! It has no disc drive so I am problem solving how to install drivers for a wireless adaptor – there could be much swearing today depending on how this little project goes! Also, Purl just bought Travolta which is a three disc set with Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive! Surely that much cheese could kill someone!! And most exciting of all, tonight I find out who has made the miraculous transformation from Ladette to Lady. I LOVE THIS SHOW!


7 Responses to "i have never felt better"

Oh your felting is fabulous!! Isn’t it exciting and isn’t the Spunk so thoughful and kind!! I am making a felted project at the moment. It is secret!!!

Ahhh you poor thiing with all the casting on. I bet you overestimate your size!! Good luck with Sahara. Hope to see it in person maybe or even being worn!!!

You are so right: a planned holiday, unfrittered away, is a good holiday!!!

felting is really fun!!!! that pinwheel blanket is looking great!! what yarn are you using?

I bought some Vintage Hues about this time last year to make a Booga Bag. Yep, it is still in the stash, waiting waiting waiting to be made. But I will do it! And I’m like you, I’m quite happy doing stocking stitch in the round. So much better than flat knitting (or purling!).

you kill me. I watch NO TV. Well, hardly any. But I am addicted to that stupid show. And I love me as much round and round and round stockinette as you can throw at me. In fact I love it so much that when I am told to purl for one row to make a ridge, I turn around and knit inside out for that row. Enjoy your holidays.

Oh now I have to go and purchase some of the Vintage Hues so I can make one. I did knit a booga bag about 2 years ago but never liked the color and threw it away last week. It was awful seeing it sitting there unfinished but now I can knit another. I love the pinwheel blanket, the colors look wonderful together. I only have 3 more weeks until school holidays, and hopefully they will be more peaceful than the last ones.

I can see it will hold a lot of Boogas.
My only question is …WHY?
Is it for especially when you next get a cold?
Purdy though.

Gorgeous! I love intentionally ruining something…I feel so evil.

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