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There has been much knitting! This week I have been working on socks, washcloths, a gnome and two hats. I have also been finishing off a term at school thank goodness! Here are some photos:

Gnick Gnome on the mantlepiece surrounded by photos. Note my nan and pop in earlier times!

Washcloths for Mum – happy birthday to her for last Friday. I can only show you one because I stole a pattern for the other one from Ravelry (copied! eeek!). I used this pattern legitimately. Mum liked them very much.

Little hat made using this pattern. This is a gift for a new friend’s nephew. What can I say? I knit on a whim at times. I also made a hat for Purl, but I don’t have a photo of that yet. It started off as a pinwheel blanket and ended up as a large beret! I might just have to start another pinwheel blanket this evening for some mindless round and round action.

We are having another Ravelry Tassie Knitters (Northern Chapter) meet up tomorrow! I am very excited and even though I have not been feeling very well, I will be there! It sounds like there will be even more members there than last time! Our little group keeps growing, which is fantastic. We will be discussing our plans for WWKIP day, which is only a fortnight hence.

I am feeling rather chipper this evening. We have two weeks off school and let me tell you it came just in time. I have been old Mrs Grumpy Pants at school this week, and some of the kids have been quite revolting! A very simple equation: grumpy teachers + tired kids = blech. The major project for the next two weeks is Wicked. I just need to wait for some yarn to arrive and off I go! I have also got my eye on this and have been umming and ahhing over buying some yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Perhaps in Damson? What do you think?

Little Purl turned 15 this week. She had a lovely birthday and received an iPod Touch as her major present from us and a few of the grands. I WANT ONE! THEY ARE COOL! I think I will have to wait a while for one of my own. I will just use hers on the sneak when she is at work! Mwahaha!

We have had a change in leadership here on the Apple Isle. Apparently from now on we will be a more clever, kind and connected state. That should make life more pleasant! Also, it seems that Gunns will need to look elsewhere for a great big ginormous loan, as the ANZ is not funding the Pulp Mill. Interesting times indeed.

Finally, someone googled girls socks covered in spunk and landed at my blog. Each to their own I guess, but I feel a little violated anyway!!


But first . . .

Bert’s It!

Oh my goodness, I have no idea how Bert puts up with Ernie! He wears away at him like a wave on a rock! I notice that there are others out there posting their favourite Jim Henson clips here and here. I am happy that we are spreading the joy!

I have no idea where the week went. I have been so busy at work, it seems all I do is walk around and around the school chasing up ‘issues’. Not to mention the administration of NAPLAN testing! All this walking is how I managed to lose about 15 kilos last year when I started in this role I have now! The next two weeks can’t go quickly enough as far as I am concerned. We all need a holiday!

I have been knitting like a demon, which tends to happen when I am swamped at work. This week I finished the Spunk socks and a Calorimetry:

I made this out of the leftover yarn from the Fetchings that I made for a workmate, at her request, which she promptly accepted with a thank you and no offer of even paying for the yarn. Now, I know I said I wouldn’t accept money for them – this is after all a copyrighted pattern and there is no way I would do that. But, she could have offered to pay for the yarn. It wasn’t from the stash! I had to go and buy it!! Grouch!!! It’s one thing when I knit for someone out of the goodness of my heart, but she ASKED FOR THEM!!!!

Ahem. I also designed the sock I was thinking of, but have to get some suitable yarn to test knit it with. I started with some yarn that I had but it was too busy to show off the pattern, so I will try to find something more amenable. I am really pleased with it though. I will post it as a PDF as soon as it is done. I just downloaded a PDF maker and will make my patterns into PDFs soon. I notice that quite a few people look at the pattern I made for the preemie beanie, which is cool.

Speaking of PDFs, I bought a copy of Wicked this week, and am in the process of umming and aahing over what to knit it with. I did ‘borrow’ this pattern some time ago, but couldn’t find where I saved it and as I am all about supporting independent artists, I thought $7.19AUD was not too bad for such a versatile pattern. Also, I saw ratherbeknitting (Ravelry link) with the pattern at our inaugural Tassie Knitters meeting last week, and covetous thing that I am, I had to have it!

I cast on another pair of socks last night, this time for me. I am about to turn the heel this evening. Again, a simple stocking stitch sock with some of the yarn I bought from BSODL(tm).

Mother requested a miniature sock this afternoon, and I finished it earlier this evening. While she was visiting today I signed her up for Ravelry! Mwhahaha! She won’t know what’s hit her! Also, it means she can join us next time for the Tassie Knitter meetup, which will be fun! Mother has also been knitting like a demon and has made three headbands and two pairs of mitts this week! Go Mum!

And now, a quick review of Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book.

Well, I love it! The book begins with a short history of sock knitting, including quite a bit of information about the war effort and socks for soldiers. It then goes into the anatomy of socks and breaks down the sock into manageable parts. There is a universal toe up and top down pattern, a sock calculator that allows you to plug numbers into the pattern for three different yarn weights and for sizes from baby to XL adult. There is then a large section on stitch patterns – textures and colours. And finally, there are some fantastic patterns, both modern and from ago. It is an excellent resource for all sock knitters, from novice to expert and I love it! Highly recommended! My only gripe is that it has a dust cover and I am worried about getting it a bit tatty. I have considered having our lovely library lady at work cover it for me with plastic to protect it, but what should I offer in return? Perhaps a pair of hand knit socks?!

To finish, I am going to share a couple of photos of my girls. They are nine and a half years apart in age (I know, think about it – one will be heading into adulthood just as I am starting the whole teenage girl thing all over again!!), but they are really good mates. One of their favourite things to do is to put makeup on and take photos of themselves and each other. Here are two of about four hundred million that exist!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all, whether you have human or fur kids, or even those you have knitted for yourself. I had a great day and received some lovely gifts including a beautiful white dressing gown that I could not wait to get home to wear today. It’s been a very long and draining day – 11 hours at work on a Monday! Can you believe it!

I also received some lovely cards and a poem that made me cry with joy and two new charms for my Pandora including a gorgeous flowery one that Purl found at Salamanca market, and a new release one with a mother monkey and a baby! Bit of a joke around here – every time there is a monkey or ape on the television you have to yell out “Hey, (insert name)! Quick! You’re on the telly!” Very cute. Mum made me some Fetchings, and gave me the cutest possible notepad with ‘A Note from Amanda ___’ on the top and a picture of a woman knitting on the couch on the bottom. It seems a shame to use it, but I will. Stationery and knitting together! Bliss! We had breakfast with Mum, then the Spunk went off to wait on other Mums at work and Purl and I watched To Kill a Mockingbird, then we went to the Spunk’s Mum’s for dinner. I made most of a sock for the Spunk yesterday too. Lots of Mums and knitting. For my Mum, I finished these at 12:40am Sunday morning.


Modified to stocking stitch foot, with heel and star toe stolen shamelessly from Embossed Leaves

I had a very exciting and wonderful time on Saturday afternoon! We had our first meeting of the Launceston chapter of the Tassie Knitters group from Ravelry. We had quite a contingent there. It was such good fun and lovely to meet local people who share our passion and obsession with knitting. 2paw made us a keyring with bells on, so next time we really can be there with bells on. We discussed our World Wide Knit in Public Day plans, which sound exciting and useful at the same time. I got to touch Malabrigo in the flesh so to speak. I WANT SOME. I managed to finish the green thing for 2paw as mentioned last post. And wouldn’t you know, he camouflaged himself against her Green is the New Black cardigan!! Here he is . . . introducing Cuzmo.

Here he is sitting with Cozmo, who belongs to my Number One Son. Cozmo needed a jumper because we are saving money around here and rugging up as much as possible, and using the heater as little as possible.

The boys, if that’s what they are, are Knitted Babes made green with no hair and no nose and mouth. Just black eyes.

I also knitted a cardigan for Rose, but no photos today! I am planning on making her a new skirt soon, and perhaps a vest top too, so I will do a photo shoot with her when they are done.

To top off my lovely weekend, Sue furnished me with a pattern for the gnome! Oh happy days. Oh joy and rejoicing. Be prepared for a gnome explosion ’round these parts some time soon!!

And . . . I think I have almost designed a sock. Watch this space!!

. . . look what I made!

Her name is Rose, and I really really like her! When I drag myself away from the computer, I will be sewing the side seams of a jumper for her. These things could be addictive! I have made her a brother of sorts, but I can’t share him because I am going to make another one as a gift and the recipient reads here and she will get him on the weekend and I am bad at keeping secrets but suffice to say he’s green. Mwahaha!

I also finished the Fetchings for the work colleague and will deliver them tomorrow. Easy peasy.

Holly challenged me to use 6 words to explain my philosophy of life. Well, that’s pretty tricky! How about this:

LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE IT WELL. I won’t go as far as tagging, but if you would like to have a go, do so and let me know. I would be really interested to read what your six words are.

If you have a few minutes, check out Holly’s blog. It’s fantastic. Her sock knitting makes me wonder if she is actually a real human!

Speaking of socks, my Vogue book arrived. I will review it directly. I haven’t had much of a chance to look yet.

My Professional Learning went well. Sometimes you get lucky and actually learn something. This was one of those times.

And finally, we Launcestonians are meeting on Saturday for coffee! I am EXCITED! I have never made it to a S&B meeting here as they are on Tuesdays and I work and in holidays I become a hermit worthy of my own cave. But Saturdays I can do! Hooray!!

Sesame Street – Grover loves his map

Hahaha. This is another classic clip that has altered my consciousness – to the point where I can’t hear South America without hearing Grover’s voice in my head. That’s okay though. I would rather hear Grover than Elmo who I can hear giggling maniacally in the background as I type. I can’t come at the little guy! I’ve tried. In my honest opinion, the characters have been dumbed down somewhat. Gee, I am feeling controversial this morning!

Just so you can see the lengths I will go to when procrastinating over school work, this is what we did last Sunday:

That is a Barbie explosion. They all are now dressed, shod and lying neatly in their trunk, awaiting the next play session. Not one of them is akimbo.

I have been doing much knitting and finishing of promised projects. Way back when, (July ’06!) I started making a doll for the tiny madam. All of my obsessing about the gnome (I still don’t have the pattern. Boo hoo) made me feel guilty about the limp, unstuffed, bits dangling off pieces of doll waiting to be seamed up and finished in a plastic tub. So I hauled her out, sewed her up, gave her some hair and made a dress and shoes, and WA LA! Here she is!

I also finished what was supposed to be another bunny for the Number One Son. I had crocheted his head and body months ago, and then he sat around, faceless and alone! I made his arms and legs (they were really quick and I wondered why it had taken me so long!). Then I put them on and discussed with the Son noses and eyes and whatnot. I went to Spotlight and bought some possible eyes and he chose some. Then I was about to make the ears and therefore complete what should have been a cute bunny. Instead, the Son decided it was to be a monster, with a horn for a nose. And this is what we ended up with:

His name is Ech. I am not in love. I think he needs a beanie. This might happen over the weekend. His head is too round and bald looking. His nose leaves me cold. But, the Son is happy.

I also did one sock for the Spunk. No picture, as it is quite a boring sock.

One of my Mother’s Day books arrived; Knitted Babes by Claire Garland. I am going to start one of the Babes today I hope. They are really so gorgeous, and I am even going to sew! I don’t have a sewing machine, but I can sew. I will probably sew by hand as the clothing is quite small, and otherwise I will have to go to Mother’s house and borrow her machine. I like the idea of using recycled fabrics for the clothes. Of course, I had to make another trip to Spotlight with kids in tow. We had a great time choosing yarns and felts and a couple of fat quarters.

I am still waiting anxiously for my sock book, and will have to continue to wait because it is being delivered to work, and I won’t be there now until next Wednesday. Three kids home sick today, so I gave myself a day off to be a Mum to my own kids for once. Then Monday and Tuesday I have Professional Learning (translates to no school, good food, listening and chatting to colleagues with hopefully a bit of useful stuff thrown in!). I didn’t do much outside PL last year, so this is a bit of a change for me. Later this month I have a yucky one about mandatory reporting of abuse. I am not looking forward to that. It’s an unfortunate and upsetting part of my job however.

I am working on a commission at the moment! A friend at work asked for some fingerless mitts, so I am making a modified pair of Fetchings. I have no intention of charging her anything but the cost of the yarn. I just don’t know how I could do that!

Finally, I was lucky enough to catch up with 2paw and Kate last Friday for a cuppa and a chat. It was really lovely and relaxing and 2paw gave me a sock tote which is so gorgeous and perfect:

I feel rather guilty that I have made her one sock of a pair and must get off my butt and finish it. I know she doesn’t mind, but seriously! Could I be more slack??

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