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more talk of gnomes, but with a g this time!

Posted on: April 20, 2008

First of all, I need to make good on my promise of Sesame Street content. This little sketch runs through my mind every day for some reason. “Wanna buy an o?” “AN O??” “Shhhh!” “an o?” “Riiiight”. Don’t ask me why. I am damaged I guess!

Sesame Street – Would You Like to Buy an O

I have a question for anyone reading . . . Does anyone have a copy of the Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome pattern? I am searching and searching and am obsessing about knitting this to the point where I am almost losing sleep over it! I know I could order it through mail order from the UK, and it is on ebay but I have been blacklisted by ebay for stupid reasons and falsehoods. It is also available in a booklet called Irresistible Knitted Gifts which I have had in and out of a shopping cart this afternoon. I have thought of just knitting my own version, but that would mean thinking too hard. Much easier to follow a pattern. I even have the yarn ready for his beard! So if anyone has one they would be willing to sell or swap or lend or something – let me know! (Wanna buy a pattern . . .) Here are three beards waiting to happen (79 cents from BSODL(tm) today):

Thanks to a heads up on Ravelry, we went to Spotlight today and I bought five 100g balls of Moda Vera Sock for $3.99 each! Wowsers, that’s five pairs of socks for under $20.00. The yarn feels quite soft, and is a typical 75/25 blend, so it should be fine. The colours are a bit masculine perhaps, but that’s fine! Beggars can not be choosers.

I have been knitting fairly steadily this week. Last Sunday after reading 2Paw’s blog, I had a hankering to knit a miniature sock. I managed to miss any mention of the swap happening, so had to be content with knitting one for myself. Cute huh?

Because that was so much fun I made two more, intended as Christmas presents for colleagues at this point:

They take about an hour or so to knit, and are great fun! If anyone would like my botched together pattern, let me know!

I also knitted a hat for the Spunk out of some of the Cascade 220 left over from the CPH. He likes it!

Mother’s socks are coming along nicely. I finished number one with a stocking stitch foot rather than the Nutkin pattern all the way down. I also used the heel and toe from Embossed Leaves out of the Favourite Socks book. They look very nice and should be ready for Mother’s Day:

Speaking of Mother’s Day, today I hopped on over to the Book Depository and ordered a couple of books for myself, as directed by the Spunk. In a local book shop this morning I saw Vogue Knitting – The Ultimate Sock Book which looks fantastic. They had it for $39.99AUD. The book has history, techniques and patterns and appeared to have a large section of stitch patterns to plug into your sock recipe! Just what I am looking for! I ordered that and also the Knitted Babes book which I have been oogling for a long time. Both books came to $48.94AUD with free postage! Amazing!! I have heard that the books arrive very quickly from this site, so I am looking forward to receiving those!

I had a near disaster last weekend – the PC up and died on us! With all of my photos, iTunes and about four years of school work for me and the Spunk’s uni work, Purl’s reviews . . . you know the deal! Was anything backed up? NO. Did I feel like I had lost a friend? YES. Was I living in despair? YES! Anyway, I tried to fix it myself through reinstalling Windows and googling for answers on the laptop to no avail. Thank goodness I work in a large school with competent techies! One of them took pity on me and fixed it. Something about a corrupt whatsit I believe. I think it all came about because I left a CD in the drive and the computer thought it should try to boot from a You Am I disc. No go! Lesson learned. Sort of. I am sitting here with all the files still unbackedup!

Have a nice, short week if you’re in Australia!


9 Responses to "more talk of gnomes, but with a g this time!"

Yes, once again I sang all the words to the ‘O’ sing. I must have watched A Heap of SS as a child!! I think I have the gnome pattern, it was an extra with the UK Simply Knitting, I will look, can’t promise anything though!!
Saw the sock wool in The BSODL: no green 😦 O such lovely little socks!! Very cute indeed!! O you have been so busy with the hat and other socks too!!
O and wonderful book bargains too. What a great weekend!!!

I might have another gnome or three pattern around – let me look this week.

And please – buy an external hard drive and back everything up. In the long run, it is much cheaper than burning a bjillion CDs. but you need to do one or the other. Losing photos is just too much (ask me how I know?)

I might have another gnome or three pattern around – let me look this week.

And please – buy an external hard drive and back everything up. In the long run, it is much cheaper than burning a bjillion CDs. but you need to do one or the other. Losing photos is just too much (ask me how I know?)

I ve been after that ghome pattern too and even emailed Alan Dart himself who assured me it was republished and his pattern will also be available on his site when they get it up!!Im so keen to get the thing that Ive contemplated buying a torn out pattern from eaby!!!
Well done with the sock wool!!!

I love the little sock! Please post the pattern when you have time 🙂

i have that gnome pattern if it was the one in the english knitting if i can only work out where i put it?

is your mothers day socks knitted out of some of my delphinium? or am i going crazy..

i watched a lot of SS and play school growing up..loved them 🙂

i have one or two balls of that spotlight sock wool. yes it does look lovely and i did notice very manly colours..i wonder if they think only men weat hand knitted socks? i plan on buying more of it cos it so nice looking and i dont have many manly colours…was the cheaper sock wool only the other day or is it still going? i might have to head in later today after visiting a friend and see if its still cheap 🙂

I had two PCs die on me in succession this year- it’s gone a long way towards simplifying things. Of course it also made me crazy.

I watched a lot of Sesame Street when the children were growing up and have been watching it again with the grandchildren and miss 5 1/2.

I think that I may have the gnome pattern that Katt is talking about as well. If she can’t find it then I will have a look for you.

We thought that the Platypus House was worth a visit (just the once) but won’t be going back again as it was very overpriced (about $46 for a family) but they only had 4 platypus and 3 echidna’s. We thought it was a lot of money to see only 7 animals.


I don’t have the gnome pattern but I know a few gardens where a few ready made ones can be found!!!
I have been singing “one of these thigs is not like the others” ALL week in my head…I am going nuts. It is one short step away from my Seasame street favourite…”Ma na ma na”. But once that gets in your head you are doomed.
I use that wool for the scraves and hats I am knitting for shivering children in Mongolia….it is quite nice. I got girly colours the last time they got it in. Maybe next shipment!!!

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