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First of all, I need to make good on my promise of Sesame Street content. This little sketch runs through my mind every day for some reason. “Wanna buy an o?” “AN O??” “Shhhh!” “an o?” “Riiiight”. Don’t ask me why. I am damaged I guess!

Sesame Street – Would You Like to Buy an O

I have a question for anyone reading . . . Does anyone have a copy of the Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome pattern? I am searching and searching and am obsessing about knitting this to the point where I am almost losing sleep over it! I know I could order it through mail order from the UK, and it is on ebay but I have been blacklisted by ebay for stupid reasons and falsehoods. It is also available in a booklet called Irresistible Knitted Gifts which I have had in and out of a shopping cart this afternoon. I have thought of just knitting my own version, but that would mean thinking too hard. Much easier to follow a pattern. I even have the yarn ready for his beard! So if anyone has one they would be willing to sell or swap or lend or something – let me know! (Wanna buy a pattern . . .) Here are three beards waiting to happen (79 cents from BSODL(tm) today):

Thanks to a heads up on Ravelry, we went to Spotlight today and I bought five 100g balls of Moda Vera Sock for $3.99 each! Wowsers, that’s five pairs of socks for under $20.00. The yarn feels quite soft, and is a typical 75/25 blend, so it should be fine. The colours are a bit masculine perhaps, but that’s fine! Beggars can not be choosers.

I have been knitting fairly steadily this week. Last Sunday after reading 2Paw’s blog, I had a hankering to knit a miniature sock. I managed to miss any mention of the swap happening, so had to be content with knitting one for myself. Cute huh?

Because that was so much fun I made two more, intended as Christmas presents for colleagues at this point:

They take about an hour or so to knit, and are great fun! If anyone would like my botched together pattern, let me know!

I also knitted a hat for the Spunk out of some of the Cascade 220 left over from the CPH. He likes it!

Mother’s socks are coming along nicely. I finished number one with a stocking stitch foot rather than the Nutkin pattern all the way down. I also used the heel and toe from Embossed Leaves out of the Favourite Socks book. They look very nice and should be ready for Mother’s Day:

Speaking of Mother’s Day, today I hopped on over to the Book Depository and ordered a couple of books for myself, as directed by the Spunk. In a local book shop this morning I saw Vogue Knitting – The Ultimate Sock Book which looks fantastic. They had it for $39.99AUD. The book has history, techniques and patterns and appeared to have a large section of stitch patterns to plug into your sock recipe! Just what I am looking for! I ordered that and also the Knitted Babes book which I have been oogling for a long time. Both books came to $48.94AUD with free postage! Amazing!! I have heard that the books arrive very quickly from this site, so I am looking forward to receiving those!

I had a near disaster last weekend – the PC up and died on us! With all of my photos, iTunes and about four years of school work for me and the Spunk’s uni work, Purl’s reviews . . . you know the deal! Was anything backed up? NO. Did I feel like I had lost a friend? YES. Was I living in despair? YES! Anyway, I tried to fix it myself through reinstalling Windows and googling for answers on the laptop to no avail. Thank goodness I work in a large school with competent techies! One of them took pity on me and fixed it. Something about a corrupt whatsit I believe. I think it all came about because I left a CD in the drive and the computer thought it should try to boot from a You Am I disc. No go! Lesson learned. Sort of. I am sitting here with all the files still unbackedup!

Have a nice, short week if you’re in Australia!


For your viewing pleasure – The Ladybug’s Picnic. I am going to post some of my favourite Sesame Street moments in the next few posts! Yay!

I finished my Fetchings and they are very nice! As well, my friend received her green pair very well and was allowed to hug me! I don’t often let people hug me but as she is a hugger and was very happy, who was I to refuse? I did not get a picture of hers, but here are mine:

These were finished this afternoon. As well, I have been working on Nutkins for mother. Here is a progress shot:

The colour is not quite right, but close. They are looking very lovely! I have read on Ravelry that some pairs are a bit swirly up the leg, but these seem to be staying on the straight and not too narrow.

Today, after thinking about it for months, I decided to over-dye some Patonyle yarn I dyed last year that was quite disastrous. I am happy that I did. Here is the result:

Nice blue thumb?

The pale aqua is acrylic tied around the skein. The skein itself ranges from a deep purple, through blue to a very bright green. Purl named it Zoot, after the Muppet. Very fitting! This will become socks very soon I would think! It is really lovely! Perhaps I should try and design some socks myself. I could call them Electric Mayhem! I wonder if I will ever move on from my Jim Henson obsession?

The Number One Son turned 8 on Thursday and was absolutely lavished with gifts. Our two smallest children have 8 grandparents due to divorces and remarriage. Purl has 12. Phht. Anyway, the upshot is that any birthday that goes by is followed by our poor little house splitting even further apart at the seams. I have no idea where on earth all of the Lego will live. He managed to collect the whole new series of Indiana Jones Lego in one day! This could be an occasion worthy of a look by Guinness. He also got some books; one of which contained a mini archaeological dig. Here he is chipping away, uncovering a dinosaur:

All three children have been unwell this week, off school for two or three days each. Purl stayed home from work today and spent the day in my pyjamas and headband, wearing false eyelashes with a helium balloon tied in her hair. I don’t even ask any more!

Thank you to people who recommended convict books and so forth. I have ordered some from the library and am now even further behind with reading! We like Oliver Twist and I showed it to my classes. They loved it! Yesterday I took delivery of ‘Discovery Boxes’ from Port Arthur, containing real convict era artefacts for my students to look at and handle! They will be very excited. Local people may just spot me on the television or in the paper later this week, as there is a certain Minister going to a certain school to launch a certain convict related CD that my students have been trialling. How intriguing . . .

I have been knitting! On Friday I cast on for a pair of Fetchings using left over Cascade 220 from the CPH. My friend has to teach in our hall, which is a great big cavernous building which is almost impossible to heat. She has been after some fingerless gloves for some time. The problem is, she can’t stand to touch wool!! Why I thought that the answer to this would be to knit a gauntlet out of pure wool (which is a little on the scratchy side) is beyond all comprehension. Anyway, I finished the left one on Saturday, and put it on. It is:

  1. obviously made of scratchy wool; and
  2. too big around the top.

So, I will keep that for myself and knit another one soon – I too have to brave the weather on lunch time duty, and these will come in handy. Pun only half intended!

I then scrounged around in my pitiful stash and found some pale green Cara Mia from some time ago. This is a blend of various man made fibres and 13% angora. It is very soft and does not feel a bit like wool. However, I found that 45 stitches around was too loose, so I ripped back and started again with 40 stitches. Lucky this is a quick knit!! I am now up to the thumb on the left mitt and should get that finished tonight, all going well.

The Nutkin sock pattern is fantastic. I highly recommend it. However, next time I do not think I will do the cuff as stated in the pattern, as I found it highly irritating to fold the cuff over and knit a stitch from the cast on edge with the stitch on the needle. It looks nice, but I am not sure it’s nice enough to bother again!

My throat is holding out. I am resting it as much as possible and milking it for all it’s worth at school! “Do not make me raise my voice! You will be subjected to relief teachers if you aren’t careful!!” It works part of the time at least!

In my usual fashion, I think I am becoming a touch obsessed with convicts. At the moment, I am reading The Potato Factory by Bryce Courtenay, Out of Ireland by Christopher Koch and The Great Shame by Thomas Keneally. I am about to watch Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist and we have The Potato Factory mini-series out on video. But we don’t have a video player! I guess I never learned about ‘everything in moderation’!

Because I can’t leave you without something to look at, here is my cat as photographed by the Tiny Madam (you can see her perfectly pink toenails!). Excuse the dead grass. Blame global warming.

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