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School went back today without me! I seem to be having an issue with my throat again, and am making strange croaking noises and losing volume mid word. Then every now and then I will say something and my voice ‘cracks’ and I get pain too. Perhaps one should see one’s GP soon? Blah. I hate going to the doctor. Anyway, that’s enough whinging. Don’t worry Mother, I will be fine. Too much fun on the weekend? The Spunk and I travelled to our state capital with Mother and her DH to attend a cousin’s wedding.

Here is a picture of the finished Back to Basics III at the wedding on Saturday night:

The Spunk was wearing a pink shirt and so they went perfectly well with his outfit. Mother’s DH was not too sure about being seen in public with him! Beside his foot you can see a magic glass of bubbly that never ran out. I don’t think I saw the bottom of my glass all night. Which was probably just as well really as it dulled the stress of it all. Families! Who’d have ’em?

The setting was lovely though, and we made contact with a long lost relative who should be able to help me with my nerdy genealogical research that I have been doing for some time. He was a bit overwhelmed by us all . . . the poor guy is just trying to run a business and suddenly he’s hit with about twenty loud and ‘enthusiastic’ people all wanting to meet Grandma’s cousin’s boy! Ha! He has a name that has been carried down through generations (he didn’t know that!) and I said “If the Spunk knew I was talking to a *insert name here* he would die.” Right on cue the Spunk appeared, and I introduced *insert name here* and the Spunk nearly died! Poor man must have thought we were stalking him or something!

On the way back from our state capital we stopped at Campbell Town and looked at the bricks with convict names on again. I showed Mother a couple of bricks and then got confused and thought they belonged to my Dad’s side, but when I checked they were indeed on Mother’s side. When one has so many convict ancestors it really is difficult to remember which crim belongs where.

Last week my son built a Lego castle that belonged to the Spunk when he was a boy. Here is a picture:

They love Lego! It’s a fantastic way to spend time! I can’t believe only three pieces were missing after all this time.

And, finally, I have actually been knitting. I cast on a sock last night – Nutkin. I really like it so far. Using Katt‘s yarn, this one will be for Mother. I gave her the yarn for Mother’s Day last year, and she gave it back for me to knit.  The weather is much cooler and we will all need plenty of warm socks to get us through the winter!


Yay! Easter holidays!! Ten days off work!!! I might actually knit something worth sharing with you all. I don’t think I have knit one stitch in a fortnight. Seriously, something’s gotta give!

I have the pleasure this year of teaching some lovely teenage people. They are bright and interested and interesting and keen to do their very best. However, they can not spell for nuts. I tested my classes with 100 words so we can start Strategic Spelling and confused the heck out of them when I said “GNOME. I have a gnome in my garden called Terry. GNOME. Be careful guys, there is a silent letter.” Over half the class wrote KNOME. I kid you knot. Ha! I got them again with pneumonia. I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to spell that correctly, but again with the silent letter. I can understand their thinking . . . knee, knife, knome, kneumonia. Of course! Let’s just say I have my work cut out for me this year!! Nothing like a challenge!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter.

(photo stolen from

I am still alive!

I have been so flat out manic busy snowed under up to my ears in work that I haven’t had time to blog, comment, read or do anything except for my real job! Rest assured, the dust is settling and I should be back to semi-regular contact with you all soon.

I have been knitting on a very minimal scale – I made a sock! It was intended for Mother but it is too big. So, the Spunk will have a nice pair of pink and purple socks. Lucky he is very comfortable with his masculinity! I am having real issues with too big knitting at the moment. I still haven’t finished the black cardigan. One button band to go and I can’t quite bring myself to do it.

No pictures, perhaps next time!

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