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Posted on: January 22, 2008

The title of my post today is a direct quote from my seven year old son, who learned how to knit today, along with his five year old sister. Tiny Madam has been wanting to learn to knit for about a year, but I thought she needed to be a bit older, so I told her I would teach her when she was five. She turned five in November, and has been asking me for knitting lessons ever since. Today was the day! With only vague plans to get Purl to the Basin with a friend in the middle of the day (don’t go there, first time unsupervised, not worried, she’s fine! Besides, if she plays up someone will tell me – I teach at her school. Mwahaha!) we sat down to learn to knit. The Number One Son did not want to learn . . . that is until he saw his little sister doing it. Then it was off to BSODL(tm) to buy some short needles made for kids, and some yacrylic (99cents for 100g) and home again to knit. The N.O.S. has taken to knitting like a duck to water, and had figured it all out in no time! His little boy brain was whirring and he could not believe how ‘cool’ and ‘amazing’ knitting is! The Tiny Madam got it too, surprising both of us. Her stitches are a bit wonky. His are perfect. He even asked how to knit backwards if you make a mistake and whether this was all there was to it. I will give him a couple more sessions and then teach him to purl. My goodness! A wonderful day in a knitting mother’s life! Even the Spunk knitted a couple of rows! Proof of knitting kids:

The knitting on my Central Park Hoodie is flying along.  I have finished the back and both fronts, and will cast on for the two sleeves when I finish here. I have had some interesting revelations in the knitting of this garment so far (which began with the cardigan I just finished). I think most of these are ‘duh, no kidding’ for most of you, but I am a little slow on the uptake.

  1. Most of my failures in the past have been due to over confidence and rushing in. Swatches are my new best friend.
  2. I have been a process knitter most of the time, which is not a terrible thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome of hours and hours of knitting will be satisfactory.
  3. Ravelry and knitting blogs allow us all to share mistakes and suggestions, and knitters are very generous with answers to even the most trivial questions. For this reason I have been able to do short row shoulder shaping in preparation for a three needle bind off – a week ago I didn’t even know you COULD do this!
  4. Keeping detailed notes is invaluable. I have kept track of every row and every time I have done something (increased, cast off, etc). That way, if anything happens, I can fix it easily! And should fix it too!
  5. Cables aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were!

There have been other things along the way, but five is a nice rounded number to finish a list on. I may add to it as I go along. Here is the CPH so far, nestled in a very cool bag that Purl gave me. We are both bag hags, but she wins hands down. She can just cast off green bags with big buttons and polka dots with nary a backwards glance. Sigh, to be young again!

Knit me dammit!

Interestingly (or not) it takes me 20 minutes to wind a skein of Cascade 220 by hand. If time is money, I would not have to wind many skeins on a swift and ball winder to pay it off. Do you follow my logic? It’s the same logic that says if I don’t buy something I might have bought, I have saved money. The Spunk doesn’t get it. I think it makes perfect sense! 

Now, as I am a person who likes to plan ahead, I am already thinking about my next project. Have I left socks behind for a little while? Just when Mother dropped her yarn off for me to knit with? Perhaps. At the moment, I am considering Cardigan for Arwen (but longer), Rogue, Ribby Cardi, Wicked or something else altogether. I wanted to put a poll on the blog but I’ll be blowed if I could get it to work. Never mind. Tell me what you think!

We had the best ever meal ever tonight. First of all, we had a beer each while cooking – Carlton Dry Fusion (nice, but no Corona with real lime!). We had calamari in sweet chilli sauce with Spaghettini, basil and Italian parsley, with garlic bread. Holy shmoly, it was delicious. Just my type of food! I didn’t take a picture, because it didn’t last long enough.

Finally, I posted a while ago about Pay It Forward, whereby you leave a comment on my blog saying you would like to participate, I make something for you within a year and you promise to do the same for three more people. I had a nibble from Cathy, but that’s it! Anyone else wanna play??


11 Responses to "super mega magic easy knitting"

the ribby cardi is a great pattern – well fitting too

Fantastic!! It is the passing of the flame of knitting in this Beijing2008Olympic year!! Do you know that boys were often the best at cross stitch, knitting etc. Their brains seem to work well at the logic of craft and the 3D mapping in their heads helps the thing work. Ah the fickleness of youth!! I am sure Little Purl is/was/will be fine.
MrsDrWho said you would finish CPH before I sew mine up, she is soooo right!!! Fantastic progress. I am an obsessive writer downerer of everything. I find it really helps too.
Not sure what to recommend. I am thinking of Ariann, maybe. Or a Stargate Cardigan, or maybe Blake’s 7 a la The Doctor Who ZUC!!!

Rogue is great – I wear mine all the time (probably too often now it’s looking a bit ratty). I’m about to cast on for Twist which will be a Rogue replacement. I had been considering CPH, but Twist has the button band built right in.

Ooh how exciting that both your kids are great knitters. Mine can both knit, although Lachie hasnt for a few years now, and Isabelle has to be in the mood to do so too. All your future projects sound great, and I too want to knit A Cardigan for Arwen and add length to it. I hope all goes well for your PIF, I got no responses to mine and feel as though I have let people down by not passing anything on. Perhaps blogland is just overloaded by it and I am one of the last to do it.

I still wait for 2 more PIF spots – ah well!!

I too have Arwen on my list (but ;longer – and I have the Bendi to do it!!)

Yay for your kids!! I hope they keep it up!

And yay for you – knitting lessons are great aren’t they. And I agree, everyone in the knitting world is so generous with their time and advice etc. So cool! Two years ago I would not have dreamt of knitting socks. This week I did my first toe up with short row heel. Wow! (my short rows need some work…not to worry!)

Hey there – sorry I’ve been lax in the commenting department! But I have to say:
* LOVE the smooth monkeys!!!
*great socks for your kids (no way am I showing them to my kids, ‘coz you know what’d happen then!)
* Retro Rib for your hubby look like evidence of total devotion
* the cardi is pretty cute
* I’m jealous of your CPH, but I bought the pattern for Twist so I’m going to make that first
* my girls are keen on bags too, must be the XX chromosomes
* dinner sounded yummy, though I’d be going for a nice bottle of red :>
And yes, I think we must have been a bit slow on the PIF front 😛

What smart kids – must take after their mum! 😉

Congratulations to both of them – hope they keep it up.

I cannot WAIT to teach my 5 yo… Maybe she’s old enough now? I’ll give it another go!

Very cool that your kids learned to knit. I think it’s an invaluable skill. I think I was seven when my sister taught me.

Ravelry is awesome for feedback and technical help. Besides I like to go through the pattern notes from other knitters to see what they changed or what other yarns they used for a project before I start something.

I love the Arwen cardi, it’s so beautiful. I think I have that pattern. Cables are a cinch, they look so much more intimidating than they actually are.

That meal sounds awesome, I think I would have made short work of it.

My three can knit as well, but they’ve hit the Boys don’t Knit block & haven’t picked up the needles for a while.

I want to come over next time you’re making that sounds delish!

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