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Posted on: January 11, 2008

That’s a pretty good word to describe how I feel today. I am not sure why, just blerk. I have been out of sorts since waking up this morning incredibly HOT! We had planned another trip to the beach, but the son is coughing like a . . . well, like a boy with a bad cough, and the day is a bit windy and overcast so we stayed home.

I have been knitting! This is my last port of call as far as updating. Do any of you find that it takes quite some time to keep up with all the peripherals around being a knit blogger? I am involved in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry as I mentioned last time, and so for the January challenge I made:

Smooth Monkeys! I love them! I cast on last Friday, and finished yesterday (Thursday). I loved the pattern the first time I made them, but I really liked doing no purls! I think I will make some of these if I do gifty knitting this year. At one point I was thinking of making socks for the girls I work closely with for Christmas this year (’08), but that would mean four more pairs than ’07 for giving away. Which leads me to the question – have I set a precedent that I am willing to meet? Will people expect socks from me for Christmas and birthdays all the time? I can’t really maintain that level of knitting I don’t think! However, it would certainly alleviate any guilty feelings about buying yarn! Speaking of buying yarn, I have become a little obsessed this week with thoughts of buying yarn from The Knittery or some Jitterbug, or both. And some KnitPicks Harmony dpns. Hmmm.

Anyhow, I digress. I have spent quite a bit of time updating all over the place today. I have spent most of the afternoon on the couch actually. Hence the strange photos. The setting is the recliner footy bit of my couch! Argh! I digressed again. What I am trying to get at is that I have been hopping all over the interknit posting here, there and everywhere! All this joining in takes time! I have been to the SSS KAL, a couple of places on Ravelry, Favorite Socks KAL and my FO blog. Then, I went to the Year Long Giftalong to check whether I had completed anything on my list. I had not, so I felt a bit guilty but forged ahead anyway!

Here is the Spunk expertly modelling his Retro Ribs that I finished some time late last week. The Trekking Pro-Natura yarn is so soft and lovely.

Last night I knitted another sock for Tiny Madam, but it looks crap and I will not knit another one!

Instead, I cast on for Hedera for me. I have been wanting to make these socks forever and ever, so it’s about time.

When I finish these, I officially only have two full skeins of Patonyle left in my sock yarn stash. Things are getting a bit desperate. I asked Mother to give me back the yarn I gave her last year that she hasn’t knitted yet, so I can make some socks for her with it! Eek.

In other news, we watched The Bourne Ultimatum which we thought could perhaps be re-titled The Boring Ultimatum. Nothing really happened, the camera work was dreadful and so many of the scenes were so dark you couldn’t see what was happening. I am becoming an old fuddy duddy I think. I just want to be entertained! Tonight we are watching Romulus, My Father which was given good reviews. Purl bought an excellent hard cover copy of The Stand by Stephen King for us yesterday to replace an older paperback copy, and The Talisman arrived today – it was ordered before my birthday on the 13th. As Purl is reading The Celestine Prophecy should I be wondering about the coincidence of two Stephen King books coming into the house in two days?


9 Responses to "blerk"

Oh I am sorry you feel blerk: I am sure it is the weather. I saw that we are in for 3 days of coolness. Hooray!!! I have been seeing the Purl-less Monkeys a lot lately, I think I like them too. Yours look lovely, and the Spunk’s socks too!! I am glad you are casting on for you as well. I am drastically cutting back on knitting socks for other people this year. Just a few and that’s all. I became a bit over run with it all. You are right about all the needing to be everywhere in the ether: I have to check my groups on Ravelry in case…in case what I don’t know!!! Glad you are enjoying your holidays though, and I am pretty sure you’re not as fuddy duddy as me yet!!!!!!

Just had to look in on your blog – you have been a busy little bee!
I know what you mean about the gift-sock precedent: I’ve made a decision that this year I will knit socks for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day ONLY, otherwise I will knit nothing but socks for everyone else but me! My parents don’t even really need socks as they live in Grafton in northern NSW – I’d be sandalling it all year round if I lived up there (and I am fundamentally opposed to sandals with socks – that is just plain wrong!).
Feel better soon.

Nice socks – yup the weather’s made me a feel a bit blerk too – I think it is being too hot at night which makes me not sleep properly and then feel blerk! – at least you’re putting the blerkness to good use!

Exactly why I haven’t signed up for Ravelry! {astonished questions/looks no doubt] I spend too much time reading blogs and writing my own to sign up for anything else!

So many pairs of socks you have knit up already. They look very nice too. I do hope you feel happier soon too. We watched the Bourne Ultimatum, and I didnt mind it although the ending could have been better.

Blerk…I know that feeling. Yet you managed to knit through the blerkiness. Well done. I love the smooth Monkey’s I’ll have to check out the pattern.

Hi,thanks for visiting! I agree with 2 paw and the other girls Im only doing a couple for close friends who i havent given socks to and the rest are for me and mine of course,I keep giving everything away,its nice to see how much they love them though,accept one who said she had been waiting for nearly 12 mths for hers and I thought they were a surprise…..

Hope the blerk has gone away!

I know how you feel about updating so many things – leaves less time for knitting doesn’t it!!

Your socks look great – look forward to seeing Hedera.

Sock diva that you are, there’s a limit to socks as gifts for people unrelated by blood or marriage, surely!

Hope the blerk is on the way out.

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