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8 more random things

Posted on: December 22, 2007

I am fairly sure that I have already done this meme, but I am going to do it again. Tauret tagged me ages ago and I just found the email she sent when I was clearing out my inbox. So, here goes. The rules:  “Here’s the deal: Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.”

Random fact number 8: I am sometimes amazed by language. For example, if you read through the paragraph above, then take fifteen years off your life and read it again, how much of it would make sense? Not much.

Random fact number 7: I have a bunion. It sometimes glows red and hurts a lot. I imagine that means it’s growing. It scares me a bit because my Grandma had hideous bunions that mangled her feet. She never got them fixed – will I?

Random fact number 6: I am annoyed that yoof use the word random so much! Like “Oh, you got a hair cut. How random!” That is not random.

Random fact number 5: I once found a scorpion in the bottom of my washing machine. I picked it up with a tissue and squeezed it to kill it (sorry scorpion lovers). It’s innards shot into my eye and I was mildly (well actually very) concerned that I might go blind or die, so I called Mother to ring me back in 15 minutes to check I was okay. Obviously I was. Still, I learnt a hard lesson.

Random fact number 4: In the same theme, I was sewing a hem on some jeans once and did not have a denim type needle in my sewing machine. The needle broke and a piece of needle shrapnel flew up and stuck in my lip! I kid you not. My cousin who was with me had to extract it. Now, that’s random!

Random fact number 3: I am addicted to Diet Coke.

Random fact number 2: I am incredibly anti-social and would prefer to stay home forever. I lack confidence in social situations. However, the other day at work two people told me I exude confidence. Perhaps I should have been an actress!

Random fact number 1: I don’t like talking about ‘personal matters’ with anyone but my Spunk and resent having to listen to others at work rabbitting on about their love life, their pimples, their bodily functions and the fight they had with their mother. On camp this year I was almost sent barmy by colleagues doing a Cleo quiz. I thought I left that stuff behind when I left high school. Apparently not.

Well, that’s me done. What do you think? Random enough??

Who do I tag? Katt, Slim Suzy, Taph, Mandie, Nat, Cindy, Fi and larjmarj.


8 Responses to "8 more random things"

oh god. I will never get over the scorpio juice in the eye thing. Oh my. I can’t imagine. How awful!

okies – just give me a couple of days to collect myself and my thoughts! LOVED your random things though – very original!

You tagged me you stinker!!
re: #7 Get it fixed! They only get worse with time and can completely affect all the other bones in your foot.

re: #6 I work with a girl that does this, it’s weird I could never figure it out.

re: #2 Ditto, I have more interaction with people online than in meatspace. I simply can’t be bothered with all the planning and driving and whatnot that it takes to have a “normal” social life.

re: #1 LOL…I work in a hospital. If you spent five minutes in my work place your ears would probably burn off. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we work around people in such embarrassing and un-modest circumstances but I think it gives us all a little bit of verbal diarrhea when it comes to our own personal stuff.

What’s a cleo quiz?

Glad you liked my snow pics, funny, I never thought of it as exotic, only as a pain in the ass when I have to drive to work in it.

you are hilarious my friend. If all stupid memes were answered so entertainingly, the world would be a slightly less annoying place! We have #3 and #2 in common. Please remind me about #1 if we ever meet in person ;-).

oooooh evil you tagging me!!! lol…hmmm will have to find time to do this

I am like you. knitting group and visiting a friend is the only real social outting i get..I prefer my net people, who i love dearly. I have a shockingly low self esteem in real life til I get to know the people.

You should come to knitting groups…we wont eat you…well..not until you are well marinaded then cooked…


Dear Amanda,

Thanks for your note on my blog. And thank you for the comment about the quilt. I really like it too!!

I’m Alottaknittin on Ravelry. I’ll add you to my friends when I get on today.

Cheers, Alotta

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