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As I was getting ready for work this morning (praying the rain wouldn’t fall – carnival day!) the Spunk raced up our external stairs (from the laundry – oh for an internal laundry!) and said “I think you better come and have a look at this”. To cut a long, expensive story short, the hot water cylinder had leaked all over the freakin floor, into the ‘little room’ under the house where the previous owners may have kept their teenager and created quite a mess. About $1000 later, we are the proud owners of a new hot water cylinder and a very wet floor. I have to see the glass as half full – there were some boxes of books that are quite important but too voluminous to have in the house that we could have lost and didn’t, so it’s not all bad. That would have upset me. As for the money, well, they’re still printing it. Tighten the belt. Cancel Christmas. Sigh.

I didn’t quite make the deadline of posting before the end of the weekend. There were storms here on Sunday night and I am a bit scared of weather, especially of it jumping through my laptop and killing me, so I put the post off. Then last night I fell asleep again. But, here I am. I finished a sock, and am on the home stretch of the other one. I have done a bit of my handspun scarf and also started a Granny Square afghan with left over sock yarn.

Left overs

Granny Square

Buggy Basics

Handspun Scarf

I got an early birthday present today! I am not a ‘high maintenance’ kind of girl and much prefer comfort over speed. I have been coveting some crocs Mary Janes for some time, and when I was talking to Mother about them the other day, she offered to get me some for my birthday (which is in December!). We have never been particularly good at waiting for birthdays! Here they are! Yay!

Nice moon tan!

We also came by some books today. Little Purl has a job on the side reviewing books for the local rag. In the post she got Do Not Open and Ripley’s Search for the Shrunken Heads and Other Curiosities. Both of these books are fantastic and I would highly recommend them for kids and adults. The first would be an excellent gift for book lovers or seekers of knowledge. It’s amazingly filled with facts about everything from the contents of your hamburger to the Mary Celeste. The second is in the style of Egyptology and has pop-ups and little letters and all sorts of things. Both are presented beautifully, the first in a box with a magnetic closure and the second with a kind of squishy cover and embossing. A sneak preview: 

The cool book box. Shiny and new. *sigh*

A typical double page. Believe it . . . or not!

Finally, imagine how difficult life can be without a v key. Mine is sticky. It is annoying! Looks like keyboard number three could be coming up!


Today was World Teacher’s Day. Well, at least it was in Australia. Strangely it seems that World Teacher’s Day can occur at different times, depending on where in the world you are. Kind of like the Queen’s birthday I guess. I think Madge is onto something, having an actual and an official birthday. If I could choose I would have another one in the middle of the year rather than December so I didn’t have to wait so long between present receiving opportunities!

I must say, celebrations for World Teacher’s Day were particularly low key. I did not find any pleasant surprises on my desk this morning (although I did get some truffles last week, that was a bonus! And some biscuits the week before that!). Not one student wished me a Happy Teacher’s Day. (Mum did though! Thanks Mum!) 

However, when one is in this business, one learns to find rewards in one’s work as much as possible. Really, if one was not in it for the warm fuzzy feelings, one would not go back after day one.

Today the rewards were in the many smiles, hellos, thank yous, are you coming to the cricket tomorrows and have a nice weekends Mrs J that came my way.

World Teacher’s Day is really about recognising the role of teachers and building awareness about the importance of education around the world. I encourage you to thank a teacher whenever possible. We don’t hear it very often!

I have, unfortunately, done little knitting this week. I have almost finished a sock. I have started a scarf and that’s about it. Two nights (or three?) this week I fell asleep at around 6:30 for an hour or more and lost precious knitting time. Tell you what. I will knit my butt off and post again with pictures before the weekend is over.

. . . no post! A kind blogger emailed to ask if I was okay. I really am, work is great at the moment! Of course work is getting in the way of what I would prefer to be doing! Knitting and talking about knitting, along with reading and writing about knitting. I guess that’s what weekends are for. And Show Day! We had a sneaky day off on Thursday and I did nothing really except sit and knit.

Some time ago I was going on about the Interweave anniversary book and how I wanted to get it so I could make the felted bag. fitknit offered to send it to me, gratis, and promptly did! I am constantly amazed by the generous nature of the people I meet in cyberspace! Thank you so much Fi! The bag has joined the queue. I have to just save some pennies to buy some yarn for it!

Last weekend the Spunk and I ventured out to the Evandale Market where I was hopeful of finding something yarny to buy. On one stall was some bluebell and some baby wool and some grey stuff (enough for a cardigan). I didn’t buy any of it because it was sweaty. Yuck.

This morning I went to the library and got two books – Spinning Designer Yarns and a stitch dictionary. I looked for the audio books but the Spunk was doing blockies while Purl and I were in getting our stuff, and the whole blinking library has been rearranged and I couldn’t find them. Just as well I guess as I have three Harry Potter books to listen to, and about a million podcasts. My ipod sure does get a workout!

Of course, there has been sock knitting. I have finished a few things since my last post:

  1. Waving Lace
  2. Swirly Girl
  3. Back to Basics
  4. Back to Basics (on foot of sock one)
  5. Embossed Leaves (one down)
  6. Retro Ribs (one down)
  7. Vanilla
  8. Vanilla
  9. Vanilla

Some pictures and comments:

Embossed Leaves in Patonyle. I find this pattern incredibly quick to knit. Apart from the Patonyle sock pattern, it is the first I have knit twice. They are lovely.

This is Back to Basics in Koigu. I tried a number of patterns with this yarn, and this is the best one. I really liked knitting the pattern and the yarn. The heels on this pair are a bit ‘poochy’ – next time I will start the shaping a little sooner. Knitted on 2.5mm addi circulars, these may also have converted me to a socks on 2 circs kinda girl.

Vanilla Patonyle sock pattern, knit with Online yarn. This is really nice yarn to knit with, not as scratchy as Opal (which hurts my delicate skin after a while!!) These turned out really well and I was tempted to keep them for myself! No, I must be strong. I will buy more of this yarn.

The lone Retro Rib sock. The Leg’s foot is nowhere near as big as the Spunk’s. How do I motivate myself to make another one?

The start of another Back to Basics, although I am considering other things at the moment. Not sure. Hm. I better decide soon, I am almost up to the ‘V’.

Hey, we also made a hat! I knitted some and so did Purl! It’s my own design with some sparkly spangly yarn picked up from the BSODL ™ for $2.00 per ball. It’s for Purl. She will never wear it. Still, it was interesting to knit and I might make myself something similar for next winter.

The smallest kids and I have been enjoying watching Fraggle Rock episodes, and have started a bit of a tradition – one a day, before bed! They are so cute and funny and carry such a positive message. I just love LOVE them. Today I bought the second series at Woolies. I can’t wait to watch some more!

Fraggle Rock

Try not to clap! I dare you!

In other news, Little Purl got a job with the Golden Arches! She will start soonish – she had to sit a test at home last night online, and they will call her with her first shift directly. She is excited by the money spending possibilities – although has just begun to understand that things are expensive when one is spending one’s own money! 

Also this week, I got a webcam and a facebook. Mother and I have been corresponding grinningly at each other each evening. Through facebook I have made contact with three old school chums! Yay!

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