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Posted on: July 28, 2007

On and off for the past few weeks I have been feeling pretty dreadful. I finally dragged myself to the doctor last night after realising it is not normal to almost die walking up and down stairs. I have the flu. The real flu, not just a cold or something, but the aching body sore throat brain knocking on my skull can’t move my eyes can’t breathe without coughing sinus sore back keep falling asleep flu. So I am quarantined and the MIL’s 60th has been cancelled in my honour and I looked up Influenza A and wikipedia told me it is a BIRD FLU! Like those two words don’t strike horror in one! Don’t tell anyone though. I don’t think it is the same bird flu or the people in white paper suits would have grabbed me and put me into a big tent like ET.

Anyway, I haven’t knitted for a couple of days, but when I could lift my fingers (I am struggling to type dear readers. Many backspaces due to severe finger lethargy) I was doing this:

Slowly but surely, 2paw’s sock.

Montego Bay scarf with Bamboo. Not sure about this but will plough on regardless.

At the risk of jinxing myself completely, I have done some of a shawl. Specifically, this is Kevat. The leaves are very poochy but I have read about blocking and its miraculous ways, so I am not too concerned.

Okay. Back to the couch.



13 Responses to "errrrk"

Oh I hope you recover soon. Very brave knitting lace when you dont feel right either, and I will cross my fingers that no ripping back will be needed. Your sock looks a nice green too, and the scarf looks lovely.

Oh, girl, get some rest! Sorry you’re under the weather. šŸ˜¦

You poor thing!! I think Influenza A is one of the types they vaccinate against: There’s a mixture of As and Bs from various places around the world, we get a cocktail of three every year. Thank you for knitting your germs into a sock for me!!!!! I know you are being well looked after: no school until you are totally better!!!

Rest up and get better soon. Your yarn is waiting for you to come out and play šŸ™‚

I am so sorry you aren’t well. Get better soon šŸ˜¦

Go to bed! We’ll see you when you get better! Is that the Knittery’ s laceweight in purple for the shawel? it looks strikingly like th eyarn Iam using for Icarus…

Hope you are feeling better soon – at least you’ve been able to do a little knitting – there’s not much worse than being sick AND not being able to knit!

Oooo! you have my sympathy. As you know, I’ve had it and it was horrible! I’m still not completely over it. DD had it worse than I did so she’s not ‘right’ either! Rest, rest, rest!

Oh you poor thing!! BUGGEST hugs hun! I hope you feel better real soon šŸ˜¦

Knitting looks great.

Sleep lots…drink lots…


You poor thing. Mike & I have both been sick, it isn’t pleasant. I hope you feel better real soon.

Your knitting is all coming along really well, and if you get lots of rest, you’ll be back to it in no time.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Been there, done that. Once, back in medical school. Never want to go there again. Influenza A kills people.
Especially as a teacher, you are working with disease vectors on a daily basis.
Oh, wait – they call them students!

All the “flus” originated in birds at some point in their history. Influenza A (with all its lovely variations has been around for centuries).

Two weeks of dragging, with the ability to knit more the second week.

All my sympathies- and next year get your flu shot! Here the schools pay for the immunization because it is a work related disease.

I hope you feel better soon (though it is 3 days since the post, so maybe I’ll be lucky and you are already better), because it is never fun to just lie on your back and hope not to die.

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