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Posted on: July 28, 2007

On and off for the past few weeks I have been feeling pretty dreadful. I finally dragged myself to the doctor last night after realising it is not normal to almost die walking up and down stairs. I have the flu. The real flu, not just a cold or something, but the aching body sore throat brain knocking on my skull can’t move my eyes can’t breathe without coughing sinus sore back keep falling asleep flu. So I am quarantined and the MIL’s 60th has been cancelled in my honour and I looked up Influenza A and wikipedia told me it is a BIRD FLU! Like those two words don’t strike horror in one! Don’t tell anyone though. I don’t think it is the same bird flu or the people in white paper suits would have grabbed me and put me into a big tent like ET.

Anyway, I haven’t knitted for a couple of days, but when I could lift my fingers (I am struggling to type dear readers. Many backspaces due to severe finger lethargy) I was doing this:

Slowly but surely, 2paw’s sock.

Montego Bay scarf with Bamboo. Not sure about this but will plough on regardless.

At the risk of jinxing myself completely, I have done some of a shawl. Specifically, this is Kevat. The leaves are very poochy but I have read about blocking and its miraculous ways, so I am not too concerned.

Okay. Back to the couch.



I got my invite. Don’t the Ravelers know I have to write reports which I have already procrastinated over for weeks on end?

Let me know if you are on and I will add you to my friends! My name is amandaj!

Oh dear. I was supposed to wait for the end of July to buy yarn, but I cracked today. I went on an excursion into the city (anyone see lots of kids in uniform in Launceston today? That was me!) and the kids were off on their own and I had to buy some yarn to send to Julie (Hi Julie!! Welcome home! Posting your pressie tomorrow!) and then there was some gorgeous bamboo that I bought to make a scarf for a friend and then there was some Merino Bambino that I had to buy to make something for my newest tiny friend and suddenly I had dropped $60! Woops. However, this doesn’t count does it, because it is all for other people! Don’t worry Nat, I won’t eat for the next 11 days. That should leave plenty of money for yarn.

Here are some pictures:

I have been knitting of course. I have done the back and one front of a cardigan for my newest tiny friend, the heel of the second Opal sock for the spunk and am thinking seriously about the fact that I said I would have a shawl to wear to end of year celebrations and it’s nearly August. Can anyone recommend a nice easy free laceweight shawl pattern that someone with concentration problems and too many children and no time to think could knit?

Cindy‘s Mon vert ami et professeur socquette is coming along slowly but surely. Perhaps I should list WIPs to keep me honest like Katt does. No pics of knitting because there is nothing much interesting to look at.

Finally, here is the present my friend at work gave me (minus a couple of bits and pieces and quite a lot of the chocolate), just for being me! She is going to be the recipient of the bamboo when it becomes a scarf! Shh, don’t tell, it’s a secret.

No pictures today, I just thought I would let you know what’s been going on around here! I went to Ravelry and checked where I am at: 

  • You signed up on June 2, 2007
  • You are #6217 on the list.
  • 346 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 11775 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far
  • I figure I am not doing too badly and should get an invitiation AT SOME POINT. I am working hard on not being jealous and telling myself that even if I did get the invite I actually can’t do anything about it.

    Some of you might remember that as well as loving knitting, I have a thing for stationery. One of my lovely team members left a present on my desk today that had me squealing like a . . . like a . . . well, like a person who squeals when they get a nice present. I will post a picture next time, but suffice to say it contained all sorts of gorgeous colourful things to write with and on. Wheee!

    I have been knitting. We are at July 18 and Nat and I are trying to justify yarn purchases. I think the way I am going I will be able to live with myself if I buy some things.

    The teeny tiny boy visited on Sunday and his little hat fitted so well. He looked so cute! You will have to trust me with this.


    I’m off to knit.

    I absolutely loved Footrot Flats as a kid. It could be that although it was set in New Zealand, I related to the farming and the humour. He pretended to be so tough! I had a picture of the Dog surfing a huge wave shouting at the top of his lungs ‘STOP THE WORLD! I WANNA GET OFF!” I know how he felt. My goodness life has been so busy and hectic and stressful and I have had little no time for blogging. I have, however, managed quite a bit of knitting.

    Mon vert ami et professeur socquette for 2Paw.

    Did you all know that 2Paw was one of four colleague teachers I had when I was at University? Not just ‘a’ colleague teacher but the one that taught me the most! I am almost to the heel of the first sock as I type. I was going to be a bit secretive about this, but instead I will give you a far off picture! I noticed that like many other people 2Paw is participating in the Tour de France KAL, and therefore I have given the sock a French name. I doubt that I have the words around the right way, but it’s the thought that counts! I wonder if the intern I have starting next week will ever knit me a sock or two? I doubt it – he does not look the knitting type! I will just have to appreciate the time his presence will allow me – phew!

    I knitted two little things for the new baby boy – a tiny jumper and a teeny hat. I am yet to give them to him because a) they weren’t finished when I saw him last and b) I have not seen him this week because most of us around here are sick with something or other. He remains very cute and is doing well.


    Sirdar Snuggly (approx 50g total). Patterns from Panda ‘Adorable Baby Knits’ – started Thursday pm finished Saturday pm

    I had to go to that big store that’s always in a mess that happens to sell yarn and has a blue and red logo on Sunday last week to buy some buttons. As I had no cash I had to bump up my purchase somewhat, and so bought two balls of Patons Shadow Tweed to make a scarf. I finished it last night. It is very long and I like it very much. In fact it has come in very handy today as it is cold and my neck really hurts with swollen glands. Once again I have a sore throat. I made the scarf in two pieces which I then grafted in the middle based on this pattern, which incidentally is very similar to the Monkey socks pattern from Cookie A. My scales now point to the middle from both ends. I have not added a fringe to this scarf. The yarn is very soft and I think I could spin something similar if I had time, which I think I have mentioned already today I do not. Here it is:

    Patons Shadow Tweed Soft and Scaly Scarf (almost 100g) with 8mm needles – started Sunday pm finished Wednesday pm

    I listened to David Reidy’s podcast Sticks and String this morning, and he was talking about buying a new spinning wheel and how much better it was than the old one he had, which of course got me thinking “Hey, perhaps I need a new spinning wheel!” One phonecall to a relatively local distributor changed my mind on that one – at the moment it is well out of my price range. *sigh*

    I have also finished one sock for the Spunk using some Opal that I had in the stash, and am well on the way down the leg of the other.

    We are still dancing . . . so far we have learnt the Karamar 3-step, Carousel, relearnt a progressive Barn Dance and a Jive, begun the Quickstep and a proper Waltz. It is a lot of fun and hard work. We may need to buy a bigger house to practice in! My toes are holding up okay, but it was touch and go this week. The Spunk was being a touch too enthusiastic with his quick-quicks in the Quickstep and kicked the end of my big toe around 4 kabiliion times. We have sorted the issue and should be fine for Tuesday!

    Tomorrow is Friday again. Where do the days go?

    The latest knitting news . . .

    Now, onto my news. I have finished a pair of socks! These, you may remember, were intended to travel interstate last week. Well, they didn’t make it. Instead they will be a WELCOME HOME! present tomorrow.

    I have made most of the leg of a sock for the Spunk, who said yesterday “I have thrown out three pairs of socks in two days. You need to knit me more.” Dutiful wife that I am, this is what I did yesterday.


    I also cast on for Cindy’s socks. I must think of a clever name for them.

    We had a visit from the Pregnant Friend and her Expectant Husband yesterday. Guess what? Today there are three of them!! Edited to add – not three babies! The baby was born 2 July!) Can you believe the miracle of procreation. I barely can. I just spoke to her and can not rid myself of the lump in my throat! I am so proud. I can’t wait to see them all. Unfortunately I have not finished any knitting for the little guy. Better get a wriggle on with that!

    Finally, just as one life begins, another ends. We lost Louis our little mouse on Saturday. She has gone to the big mouse wheel in the sky. Sniff.

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