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you make me feel like dancin’

Posted on: June 19, 2007

We were so keen to start ballroom dancing that we turned up a day early! We prepared the children, ate an early dinner, rugged up and set off last night to the church hall. We arrived promptly at 6:30 only to find that there were three people in the hall, our dance teacher and a couple gliding across the floor. They looked at us in puzzlement as we started our to and fro banter. The Spunk said “So, are there many takers tonight?” Our teacher said, “Um, that’s tomorrow night, unless you are meant to be with Andrew.” Nope, we knew we weren’t with Andrew. Oh dear, I made a mistake. As we hurried out muttering apologies and see you tomorrows I said sorry to the Spunk who replied, “Well you have been wrong before. There was this time last year . . .” I am not wrong very often (or at least I don’t admit it!). In fact a colleague gave me a magnet that says “You can agree with me, or be wrong”. Never mind. We are off to dancing tonight! Cha cha cha.

Nat and I have decided to knit as much as we can until the end of July, and then we are going to buy some very nice things for ourselves! I am not sure what that will specifically entail at the moment, but I am fairly sure it will involve sock yarn. To that end, I am on the foot of the Undulating Rib, but am not ribbing the foot. I am not particularly enamoured of the yarn/pattern combination but am pressing on regardless. I will not be able to knit through the stash if I keep ripping things out!

I am also plodding along witht the Koigu Go With the Flow sock. Again a case where the yarn is obscuring the stitch pattern, but not in a bad way. I think I will continue this pattern down the foot.

Yesterday, I was watching Bargain Hunt and had a good mind to write to the BBC. One of the items a pair had bought was a mahogany Victorian umbrella swift, in working order. The auctioneer made the comment that there was not much use for one of these things in today’s world! It sold for less than the equivalent of AUD100! I was outraged. No wonder the show was axed.

As for other news, I am back at work. Hmph.


11 Responses to "you make me feel like dancin’"

Yep I was sort of doing what you and Nat are though only til mid June. Now I am knitting the girls a jumper and a few more kids socks then might get back to plodding through UFOs (if I feel up to it) my reward is that after I get several done I get to start something new (which might end up a UFO! lol)


forgot to say

BUMMER about turning up a day early…lets hope tomorrow goes off without a hitch.


I saw that! The ignorant “people” called it a “wool winder”. Sheesh.

can’t wait – knitting the night away….

You nasty woman, that song is stuck in my head, if I’m still singing it tomorrow, I may never forgive you. I’m trying to spend the summer knitting from stash as well so I can buy at the knitters fair witha clear conscience

Oh, I have done that, been a day early for a sale!! I never know what day it is. Is Andrew Mr Newspeader Andrew: you name droppers you?? Hope you danced the night away!!!

Sounds like a typical day at my house. Good luck on the knitting marathon. The socks will be nice.

Here is hoping that tomorrow pulls off without a hitch. I still have this Gutschein (gift certificate) for Ballroom dancing that my DH gave to me when we lived in München. He still has not managed to get us signed up for a course, and we moved 6 years ago…..

And I thought the show was axed because it is just plain awful!

That’s OK, I showed up for my gyno appointment a week early. What’s really bad, I did the same thing last year! It’s hell getting old. How nice of Spunk to agree to ballroom dancing. I love to watch dancing, I envy any kind of coordination since I completely LACK any what so ever. Socks are looking good!


This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy being here.


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