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another sock down

Posted on: June 10, 2007

I finished the first Sockapalooza Embossed Leaves sock and cast on the second!

and like magic she flipped the world upside down to better show off the sock

I am very pleased with it, and love the toe! It is quite different to any I have done before (what am I talking about, I have only ever done the same toe, whether it is up or down!) I will be using this one again. And for those of you scared of kitchener . . . there is none! I am slightly worried about the fit, it seems a tiny bit loose. My pal’s foot is slightly larger than mine, so it should be fine.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my last post. It is so nice to check my email and have so many people saying they like what I am doing! I try to comment on as many blogs as I can. Speaking of blogs, look what I seem to have got myself into! Hm, another sock in the to do list. And somehow I forgot how much I hate ribbing! I am knitting the Diagonal Rib Socks.

I spent a lovely evening knitting with my friend last night. I cooked a very simple tea and then knit knit knit until about 10:00pm. What a respectable and very domestic way to spend a Saturday evening! I guess I didn’t qualify for WWKIP day, but at least I wasn’t knitting alone!

Speaking of knitting in public, it has been bothering me badly lately that I have to sit through long meetings at work, and that I would be able to knit in these meetings and still participate fully. At least as fully as those people who are either dozing or doodling on their diaries. However, I think if I tried it some would disapprove. The Spunk is encouraging me to give it a go. He assures me the world will not tip on its axis. I am not so sure. What do you think? Should I try it? After all, Mrs Green used to knit in the classroom when I was in Grade 2!

You will be pleased to hear my Monkey socks made it home safely, and as a reward Purl got her socks! They look great! I like the contrasting toes, heels and cuffs. The STR Chapman Springs is lovely but I must say it did not knit up how I thought it would. I think if I had used this yarn for socks for me or the Spunk the pooling and spiralling would have been completely different due to the extra stitches. This yarn really is delicious and I will have more . . . some day!

I am obsessing about buying one of these! Imagine all the fantastic sock photos I could take with one of these! Just like Cookie A

At the suggestion of Saffron, I headed over to Brown Berry Chronicles to answer the question ‘Why do you knit’. There are some interesting responses. It’s worth a look.

I have been Skyping a bit and have been involved in a virtual SnB meeting where I talked to actual podcasters like Stephanie and Shannon from SSK, Marly from Yarn Thing and Guido from It’s a Purl Man. I have been talking to my Mum who downloaded it (she lives around the corner and down the street, but it will save us some money because we usually talk three or four times a week!). In a weird moment of synergy, Mum suggested I should do a podcast. I would love to, but I just don’t have the time!

And to finish off, two cat pictures!

Mmmm, lunch!


9 Responses to "another sock down"

All your socks look great! I love the contrasting heel and toe.

Knitting during meetings? However enjoyable – Sorry – No.

It depends on the meeting. I knit through staff meetings but not management meetings. I knit at conferences and seminars, too.

The socks are looking very, very good. 🙂

I mooted the ‘knitting in staff meeting’ thing as I can do both, but it was frowned on at my school.No go…
Nice socks all round. I was at home all day, no wwkip for me. Nice cat pictures, especially the one where the cat is window shopping for dinner!!!

Wow – you got that embossed leaves sock finished so quickly – fabulous!

Embossed leaves is such a lovely pattern. Your pal is sure to love it!

Hello from Calgary, Canada. I am a teacher and have become quite well known as “the one who knits through staff meetings”. I usually have a sock at school that I just work on in those meetings – simple stockinette round and round. So far, no one has complained.

You’re not going to believe it, but I’ve turned the heels on both of my embossed leaves socks! egad!

I say give the knitting in meetings a try..if they frown at it ignore them until they comment (then point out the sleepers and doodlers and say at least you are paying attention).

Socks look fantastic! I do love that Champmans Springs STR..And would love more…though I think I would get lightweight next time not medium…


the socks looks great!! WWKIP can be anywhere – how you book marked the site for next year!!

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