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of my shocking procrastinating tendencies? Faithful readers and internet friends may have noticed it has been five days since my last post and that my comments on blogs have been scarce. In that time I have done very very little knitting. Why? Because I had to write two huge honking assignments that were due some time ago and whose extensions were until Friday two days ago. I just emailed them off. One, 6006 words, the other 2260. My hands and brain hurt a lot. Next time I will start early. Yeah right!

I have managed to add another bit to a scarf circle scarf, which I will post tomorrow to Wales. Postage is another little procrastination opportunity for me; I seem to have trouble letting go!

I also finished an Undulating Rib sock. The idea is that these socks will go to the mainland with the MIL on Thursday, but I am not sure if I can pull that off. Considering I am planning to sit and knit for the rest of the evening and will have time at school to do school work rather than my assignments in every spare minute, it might just happen. Here is where we stand right now.

On Friday, after what may have been one of the longest days at work ever (arrived 8:00am, left 5:45pm, naughty students, stressed parents, shocking discoveries, rehearsals, making myself heard in a gymnasium, visiting artists and choreographers, general Pushme-Pullme behaviour) I arrived home to be greeted by friends and a lovely dinner AND THIS:

Julie and I have had a little exchange organised, just the two of us! Here is what I got:

  • Junior Mints, Starburst, Oreos, Skittles, M&Ms (s0me of which have since been devoured!)
  • A Chibi
  • Panda Wool (yum! Such pretty yarn in suc lovely colours!)
  • Kid Merino (gorgeous kiwi colour!)
  • A notebook (ooh, I Heart Stationery!)
  • A card

My parcel for Julie is almost together and will be posted Wednesday. I am including some Australian delicacies – Violet Crumbles, Pollywaffle and TimTams to name but a few. Watch out Julie!

Finally, we made it to dancing and it was FUN! I even managed to progress without too much trouble. I just averted my eyes to cover my antisocial tendencies. I can’t wait for Tuesday.


We were so keen to start ballroom dancing that we turned up a day early! We prepared the children, ate an early dinner, rugged up and set off last night to the church hall. We arrived promptly at 6:30 only to find that there were three people in the hall, our dance teacher and a couple gliding across the floor. They looked at us in puzzlement as we started our to and fro banter. The Spunk said “So, are there many takers tonight?” Our teacher said, “Um, that’s tomorrow night, unless you are meant to be with Andrew.” Nope, we knew we weren’t with Andrew. Oh dear, I made a mistake. As we hurried out muttering apologies and see you tomorrows I said sorry to the Spunk who replied, “Well you have been wrong before. There was this time last year . . .” I am not wrong very often (or at least I don’t admit it!). In fact a colleague gave me a magnet that says “You can agree with me, or be wrong”. Never mind. We are off to dancing tonight! Cha cha cha.

Nat and I have decided to knit as much as we can until the end of July, and then we are going to buy some very nice things for ourselves! I am not sure what that will specifically entail at the moment, but I am fairly sure it will involve sock yarn. To that end, I am on the foot of the Undulating Rib, but am not ribbing the foot. I am not particularly enamoured of the yarn/pattern combination but am pressing on regardless. I will not be able to knit through the stash if I keep ripping things out!

I am also plodding along witht the Koigu Go With the Flow sock. Again a case where the yarn is obscuring the stitch pattern, but not in a bad way. I think I will continue this pattern down the foot.

Yesterday, I was watching Bargain Hunt and had a good mind to write to the BBC. One of the items a pair had bought was a mahogany Victorian umbrella swift, in working order. The auctioneer made the comment that there was not much use for one of these things in today’s world! It sold for less than the equivalent of AUD100! I was outraged. No wonder the show was axed.

As for other news, I am back at work. Hmph.

Here is the finished Sockapalooza pair!

What do you think? I am very very happy with them. I really really need to get myself one of those foots.

Here are some pictures of our day at the beach. Purl is missing because she needed to take the pictures.

Last night I was both productive and unproductive. I cast on for some socks for me. That was productive. Apart from finishing my Baudelaires, I have not made socks for me for a little while. So I am making Go With the Flow from my Favourite Socks book. Seriously, this book has been one of the best investments! The Spunk asked me last night “Is that the best book in the world, or what?”!

In the unproductive basket, I pulled the MIL1 socks off the Magic Loop and restarted them on dpns. And changed my mind about the pattern. I am now doing Undulating Ribs, also from Favourite Socks.

What do you all think of the Summer Knitty?

Guess what? I was trawling some blogs the other day and I found a reference to Magic Loop. Click. Read. AHA! Suddenly it all made perfect sense to me. I managed to cast on, split, pinch and knit without even looking at the instructions again! Isn’t it amazing how that can happen sometimes. It’s called ‘just in time’ learning. I was not ready for this technique before. I am now. Here is the start of a sock for the MIL1 who is wearing the one pair of socks I knitted her for Christmas every time I see her. She will be receiving some Embossed Leaves for her birthday in July; these are for the mean time.

Yesterday I went to our one and only independent LYS to buy some supplies for baby knitting. I have mentioned the pregnant friend before. She is now very pregnant and I had started obsessing about knitting some tiny trousers. When I was in the LYS, I finally worked out why going there is not exciting. Everything is wrapped in plastic! The shelves are literally stocked to the ceiling with yarn of all kinds. There was even some bamboo which I am going to have to go back and buy when I diminish the stash. But it was wrapped in plastic! I want to feel the yarn. I don’t want to have to take block after block of shrink wrapped yarn to the counter for someone to open and wait for them to dole out the goodies! Surely they could sacrifice at least one ball for the touchers and strokers like me? It is very perplexing. Baby trousers . . . cast on. One leg almost done (Magic Looping again!):

Today we went out of the house together! We ventured to Devonport, to the Imaginarium Science Centre (dorks and nerds, the lot of us). We had a lovely time solving a mystery and the kids really enjoyed the interactive nature of the exhibit. We will return!

We ate fish and chips down by the water at The Bluff and fed the seagulls the left overs. I was a tiny bit worried that they would burn their gullets. I do not like birds very much. They flap about and are far too erratic for my tastes. I like my animals to be predictable, which could be why I don’t like many animals at all. Turtles are okay. I think I could outrun a turtle. Purl took pictures and then most inconveniently took her camera with her to her Gran’s house! I shall share them at a later date.

On the way back to Launceston we stopped at the all time most amazing shop in the whole wide world – Reliquaire. Dodgy site, great place. They have so much stuff in this shop, and we can not be in that part of the world without the Spunk getting some of their home made fudge. It is perfectly delicious. They had some very cool bags which would be perfect for knitting projects, but as I have about a kabillion bags anyway I did not purchase anything!

The Sockapalooza socks should be done tonight. I have finished the gusset so now it’s just a couple of leaves to go. I will photograph these in some kind of real light tomorrow to show you the final product.

Finally, when I dropped Purl at Mother’s house this afternoon, mother presented me with something:

Ooh! Sock yarn in a gift! Yay! Perfect. Then, she told me that the intention was that I should knit socks for a certain blogger who loves green who is going to make me a sock tote! Ms 2Paw is the only person who knows of the secret connection between Mother (who blogs too) and I! Mother was in the BSODL(tm) searching for the next yarn fix when she found two balls of green yarn. You see Cindy! Karma is a powerful thing! Now bloggers, tell me what to knit for Cindy!! All suggestions welcome.

Now I am off to eat one of my very favourite things in the whole world – Dave’s Noodles! Woo hoo!

I finished the first Sockapalooza Embossed Leaves sock and cast on the second!

and like magic she flipped the world upside down to better show off the sock

I am very pleased with it, and love the toe! It is quite different to any I have done before (what am I talking about, I have only ever done the same toe, whether it is up or down!) I will be using this one again. And for those of you scared of kitchener . . . there is none! I am slightly worried about the fit, it seems a tiny bit loose. My pal’s foot is slightly larger than mine, so it should be fine.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my last post. It is so nice to check my email and have so many people saying they like what I am doing! I try to comment on as many blogs as I can. Speaking of blogs, look what I seem to have got myself into! Hm, another sock in the to do list. And somehow I forgot how much I hate ribbing! I am knitting the Diagonal Rib Socks.

I spent a lovely evening knitting with my friend last night. I cooked a very simple tea and then knit knit knit until about 10:00pm. What a respectable and very domestic way to spend a Saturday evening! I guess I didn’t qualify for WWKIP day, but at least I wasn’t knitting alone!

Speaking of knitting in public, it has been bothering me badly lately that I have to sit through long meetings at work, and that I would be able to knit in these meetings and still participate fully. At least as fully as those people who are either dozing or doodling on their diaries. However, I think if I tried it some would disapprove. The Spunk is encouraging me to give it a go. He assures me the world will not tip on its axis. I am not so sure. What do you think? Should I try it? After all, Mrs Green used to knit in the classroom when I was in Grade 2!

You will be pleased to hear my Monkey socks made it home safely, and as a reward Purl got her socks! They look great! I like the contrasting toes, heels and cuffs. The STR Chapman Springs is lovely but I must say it did not knit up how I thought it would. I think if I had used this yarn for socks for me or the Spunk the pooling and spiralling would have been completely different due to the extra stitches. This yarn really is delicious and I will have more . . . some day!

I am obsessing about buying one of these! Imagine all the fantastic sock photos I could take with one of these! Just like Cookie A

At the suggestion of Saffron, I headed over to Brown Berry Chronicles to answer the question ‘Why do you knit’. There are some interesting responses. It’s worth a look.

I have been Skyping a bit and have been involved in a virtual SnB meeting where I talked to actual podcasters like Stephanie and Shannon from SSK, Marly from Yarn Thing and Guido from It’s a Purl Man. I have been talking to my Mum who downloaded it (she lives around the corner and down the street, but it will save us some money because we usually talk three or four times a week!). In a weird moment of synergy, Mum suggested I should do a podcast. I would love to, but I just don’t have the time!

And to finish off, two cat pictures!

Mmmm, lunch!

Here are my Sockapalooza socks!

They are working! And they are so lovely! This is Embossed Leaves from Favourite Socks in merino cashmere ‘Strawberry’ from The Knittery. I have to say it is one of the most intuitive patterns I have ever knit – I am having no trouble with it whatsoever and the leaves just appear! I am fairly sure it will be the first pattern apart from my vanilla pattern from Patons that I will knit again. In fact, I think I will make them for my MIL1 for her birthday. Shh – don’t tell! Now my only anxiety about Sockapalooza is that my swap pal had asked for something ‘different’. I guess they are different for me because I haven’t made them before!

Being the ADKD (Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder) sufferer that I am, I could not resist casting on another sock:

This is Waving Lace, also from Favourite Socks, using Patter from Katt. This too is an intuitive pattern and makes perfect sense as I am knitting it. My yarn overs are bigger in one half of the pattern than the other, but I am liking them very much. They are for me!

I should finish these tonight:

Purl is away for the night so I would like to have these done for her when she returns. You might be able to see the pale yarn that is the waste where I will put the afterthought heel. I sent her off today with MY MONKEY SOCKS ON with threats of death if they either a) get hurt or b) get left behind. Then she was so paranoid she showed me a hole she thought she had made – lucky for her it was a yarn over hole. Maybe I should make her a pair. Hm.

I tidied up my sock yarn the other day:

There is enough yarn there for 8 pairs – quite a paltry stash compared to some! It really could do with some enhancing. However, I am going to knit as much of this as I can before December and then reward myself with yarn bought with other people’s money, as I am planning on asking for money for my birthday this year! Hahaha! I can never think of anything I want so this is the perfect plan as far as I can gather.

While I am really enjoying my socks, my ADKD has me thinking about knitting trousers/pants for babies. My friend is due to have a baby in four weeks and I tested the water yesterday by showing her and looking at some of the baby patterns. She does not know whether she is having a boy or girl, which is most inconvenient! I will wait until the baby is born to make the pants, because I would like them to be gender specific. She is a fantastic friend who loves hand made items. In fact, the two of us were discussing Etsy . . . perhaps I am getting closer to knitting for food?

review written by Purl, who no longer knits or blogs but still reads a lot!

“The Friday Night Knitting Club – it’s fun to stitch and bitch” by Kate Jacobs

A well written book that runs a thread – literally – through the lives of many different women who are mostly lonely, avid knitters.

The main character, Georgia, runs Walker & Daughter, an inner-city knitting shop with her older friend Anita and daughter Dakota. Dakota’s father, James, has suddenly arrived back on the scene after twelve years without contact.

Widowed Anita is being asked on dates, Lucie is trying to grow into her own skin, Darwin is trying to fit in and catty Cat is trying to buy friends and lose a husband.

As melodramatic as it sounds, it is a well written novel about the power that knitting has to pull everyone together and how the garments that flow off the needles can make us remember times passed, both good and bad.

A light read with a sad edge. 5/5

I will have to wait for a less busy time to read this book. Or perhaps wait for the movie! Amanda

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