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holy sheep! i’ve been tagged!

Posted on: May 22, 2007

larjmarj has tagged me! For a random seven facts about me! In my world the word random is used so often, it’s just . . . so random that I have been tagged. So here goes:

1. I grew up in various farming situations and one day had to literally nurse a sheep in a vehicle that was built by my uncle, which we called a beach buggy, but that would never see the beach. The sheep was being taken to the slaughterhouse by me and my Dad. I was probably five or six and this whole episode didn’t really bother me.

2. I have been in my time quite athletic, although those who know me now might find it hard to believe. I was the swim champion of my Primary School. I ran in representative teams. I would love to be fit, but do not have time. Someone should address this. Not me though. I don’t have time.

3. I have always wanted to be a teacher. Some people find that strange, and I am sick of defending my job. I love it, kids are great and I wish people would begin to: a) respect teachers and b) respect kids. Both groups are fine and really need no intervention whatsoever.

4. I had a child at 18 and both of us are not only fine, but are over achieving for our age, thankyouverymuch.

5. I am scared of cats and dogs. I don’t want to be, but I am.

6. I was once walking down the street, chewing bubble gum with my mouth open when a lady bug flew in. DO NOT EAT LADY BUGS. THEY TASTE VERY VERY BAD.

7. My grandfather was called G’pa, which is random enough, but his real name was Cyril. I feel slightly guilty that I could not name one of my children after him because he was possibly one of the greatest influences on my life . . . but who could call their child Cyril?

Now, I guess I need to tag. I choose to tag:

Suzy; Katt; Kelly; Stef; Hannah; Nat; and Holly


10 Responses to "holy sheep! i’ve been tagged!"

This made me laugh! Especially #2 and #6. Do you pronounce G’pa as “gee-pa” or “guh-pa”? Or another way? My grandmother was known as Dabby. I think that’s pretty random too!

you are the third person to tag me for this..I really gotta do it I think! lol


I respect teachers! Especially after watching Mark go through 2 years of uni, and then a year of hell in the classroom. I have nothing but the greatest respect for anyone who can rise above the crap that gets flung at teachers, and who manage to still love the job.

You rock!

ha ha, my boss is called Cyril! But he is a lovely fellow despite the name. Thank you for tagging me!

My pop was called Cyril too, for years I thought he was “Squirrel’!!! Good thing you do;t live at my house: It’s Dog City!!!! You and Little Purl have certainly turned out very well indeed!!! Well Done, Tick VG!!!

This was so interesting to read! I will have to remember about the lady bugs… eeew!

It is always great to see what answers people post when they have been tagged. It was good reading yours, and the ladybird story reminds me of one when I was young and a fly flew into my friend’s nose. I remember she was crying, and had to hurry home to get it removed. Poor thing, and I am sure that the ladybird would have tasted horrible too, considering they love eating aphids.

Have to admit to having a similar background as mentioned in #1. However, I couldn’t eat lamb for about 20 years!

And I respect teachers…having 3 boys I don’t see it as a choice but to bow down.

Thanks for sharing – I’m scared of dogs too. I was bitten as a wee thing. I don’t remember it but I’m still terrified of dogs begger than rat-size, especially the ‘macho’ breeds.

Thanks, too, for dropping by my blog and encouraging me in the new pursuit – the gym. The ‘legs’ day isn’t too bad, upper body exercises, especially weights, do me right in! And I’m using the lightest weights!

I am so glad that you enjoy teaching. A teacher who enjoys their work makes all the difference for the students in their classes.

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