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Posted on: May 19, 2007

We are budgie sitting! My Dad has gone to Queensland to see my little brother for his thirtieth birthday, and Daphne is staying with us. It is a bit strange with so much chirping noise in the house, but not unpleasant. At times Daphne can be heard saying things in my Dad’s voice through a budgie modulator. This is disconcerting to say the least. However, I could get used to the wolf whistles! She is cute:

A disclaimer before I go further. The camera situation has not been rectified. Today’s photos are even worse than some others we have had recently. However, I prefer to add pictures, so bear with me. I have used the Kodak software to add a spotlight, hoping this will add a little something to my photos. It does – black edges. It kind of reminds me of a very bad episode of Neighbours when Bouncer had a dream. That may have been the last episode I ever watched. I am hoping a new digital camera will drop out of the sky any day now.

The Tropicana sock is no more. I stretched the sock over my calf and there was a muddying of colours. I am now doing the Retro Rib from Favourite Socks:

So far so good. I have stretched it out as far as I can and it looks fine, so it is definitely the mixture of pattern and yarn. Such a shame because unstretched it looked fabulous! If it was intended for me I would have continued, but because at this point this is still the Sock apalooza I have to be a bit more discerning. What do you think?

The Mexican sock (so named by the Spunk himself) is coming along nicely. I have passed the row where you knit with a waste yarn and then keep on going – this is where the heel will be (you can see a darker line. So far this is the only knitting I have done with the fourteen balls of Zhivago I bought!). I am going to try a sewn cast off for this sock. I think. I will google stretchy cast offs, unless someone has some advice?


I received a letter from my Knitter Letter Swapper that I wrote to!


Thanks Vicky! Hi! I am writing back tomorrow!!

I did some spinning today. I really need to devote some time to this hobby, consistently. It is not easy. How do people make it look so easy? Tomorrow I am going to hit the books for some technical ideas and advice and spend a good amount of time practicing. I think I am sitting too low. Where do you spin if you spin? I might have to try all the chairs I have until I find the right height.

Tonight we went out for the third night in a row! I have never eaten out so often in my life. On Thursday we had a dinner at a nice Italian restaurant not far from home. I ate garlic prawns which were passable, the Spunk had veal. Last night we went to a bar and bistro type place which was lovely. I had chicken and shitake mushrooms, and the Spunk had a Caesar Salad. Tonight we ate with family and had Canneloni and a lovely dessert of lemon tart and blueberries. I feel full of too much food. Tomorrow might be toast and cereal all day. I love cereal. I could eat it day and night. I am supposed to be heading out for lunch, but I am not sure that the budget or the waistline can take it!

Two weeks until the holidays. I am going to make it, just! We have a busy couple of weeks coming up with three birthdays in six days in the family, drama competitions and youth theatre plays, end of term barbecues involving 450 sausages and 206 children, parent/teacher interviews with us in the parent chairs for a change and untold unforseen events that seem to pepper our lives at the moment. Thank goodness for the escape that knitting and the interknit allow!

Stay tuned – Little Purl has read the Friday Night Knitting Club, and since I am not going to get a chance before it is due back at the library after waiting months for it to arrive, she will be reviewing it for us! I will just have to wait until it is either released as an audio book or for Julia Roberts to lead me through the story.


6 Responses to "whistle whistle prrdt"

Oh disappointing about the sock, but it must be right!! I am very interested in your afterthought heel!! Nice Zhivago. I accidentally put some variegated green on lay-by today. It was 1/2 price…. What a lovely budgie, the newest budgie I know is called Kevin!!!! I had Eggs Benedict and Janz for brunch today down at the Mill near the river. Yum!!! I loce cereal too, and I have it for any meal I like!! Even dry as a snack!! IAs The Labradors are in bed, I expect their dreams are looking just like your post!!

You never can tell what a varegated yarn is going to do without swatching & even then you can be shocked sometimes. I remember a lovely muted ball of mohair that looked like clown colours once all the fuzz was separated.

A social life and knitting, too! So jealous ;). Know what you mean about the spinning. It would be great to have dedicated time for it. Hope the chair hunt is a success!

I love the yarn you chose for your sockpal sock! Such bright, fun colors! Too bad the first pattern didn’t work out, but it looks like you are on the right track with the Retro Ribs.

I’m sorry that the Tropicana stopped working out for you, but it looks like you hopped back on the bandwagon with the Retro Rib!

I really hate the feeling of being too full nowadays. It is hard to go out to eat and not feel a bit overdone by all the food.

Sorry to hear of the demise of the sock, sometimes they just have to go to the big frog pond.
I heart eating out…food in general..really.

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