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Posted on: May 12, 2007

I have made my choices for Sockapalooza. I received some gorgeous yarn from Katt yesterday in her ‘Buggy’ colourway. I have knitted two pairs of socks from Katt’s yarn previously and they both turned out very well. It is a very soft and comfortable yarn that wears very well, and washes well too, which is very important. It is also extremely reasonably priced! Yay! Here is a sneak preview:

I am basing the sock on a pattern from Magknits, but making some small alterations to the heel and toe. Are you all keeping your patterns a secret, or are there so many Sockapalooza participants it doesn’t matter if you post your decisions?

It is a lovely foggy Autumn day here. If you look back over my blog you will see my view from the back of my house. Today I can see the houses just below, and not much more. The perfect day for couch dwelling and sock knitting:

I have been taunted by another note from the postman. Perhaps I need to get a post office box? Part of my Mother’s Day present will have to wait until at least Monday in the post office. I ordered some spinning fibre from Ewe Give Me the Knits. I can’t wait to see it! Last night I dreamed about separating different coloured fibres ready to spin them. It’s a problem. I haven’t had any time to spin for the longest time, but there are only three weeks until I have a holiday, so I should be able to do something then!

I finished the Super Spunks socks – my first pair knitted out of my head with no pattern! I am pretty proud of that! At least I know if I was stranded somewhere with some yarn and dpns I could make some socks and a scarf!! They fit him well and he is wearing them today:

I am almost finished with my STR socks from Favourite Knitted Socks, so hopefully I can show you them tomorrow. I was worried about the yarn pooling in different ways and it has. The socks are quite fraternal, but I can deal with that. They will be so soft and squishy I could forgive them almost anything.

I am also in the process of daydreaming about making a chevron scarf using black sock yarn that I have and striping it with all the left over bits and pieces I have been collecting for the last year. I have a feeling this will happen soon! I am such a follower!

Finally, I posted off the third instalment in the Scarf Circle. I had some trouble finding yarn to use and ended up knitting with some left over Zhivago that I used for my Clapotis and some sock yarn. I really liked the way it turned out. I hope the eventual recipient does too!


7 Responses to "all systems go"

It is so foggy, visibility was about 10 metres when we went to the dam for our walk!! Katt’s wool is lovely and aren’t you clever to knit socks out of your head!!! I like being a follower: people on the cutting edge of nw things can get hurt, we followers learn from all their experiences. Have a great Mothers’ Day tomorrow. Oh and I am intrigued by your scarf swap thing too- it’s great!

Love the yarn choice! I’m blogging about my yarn and pattern for Sockapalooza, but am giving up virtually no information about my sockpal or her preferences that she’d be able to trace. Dive in with the chevron scarf–it’s irresistable! I’m about half through with mine, and have already bought yarn for a second one!

I am going to also show the Sockapalooza in progress. Other than saying she is really picky, I am giving nothing about “her” away. But I am going to welcome opinions on the sock.

I love the colour you chose for your sock pal!

cant wait to see what you do with the buggy yarn..I am still working on my thing for my friend whos baby it is named after (unborn..I call the baby Buggy Butt cos his mother is known as Bugsy online)….. 😉

wasnt yesterday foggy!!!

Happy mothers day to you my dear. Hope you have a great day


What wonderful socks you knit. I must admit that I let the wool make my patterns. I have done one pair of lace-patterned socks but need to get onto something simple but impressive to get me convinced that it is worth the effort.
So ok folks what is the easiest but flashiest pattern?

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