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knitter’s treat spoils

Posted on: May 10, 2007

Oh. My. Goodness. You might remember a couple of posts back that my daughter had neglected to let me know there was a note from the postie about a package to pick up. She upped the ante Tuesday when she actually watched the post van arrive, let the postman knock on the door and then walk away. Admittedly she was in her pyjamas, but I was just out the back hanging clothes on the line! Lucky I am a pacifist. Seriously.

So again, I was tempted with a note. The SuperSpunk went to the post office for me, but the package hadn’t made it back there late Tuesday afternoon. He returned to the post office on his way home from work yesterday and when I got home I found this:

The quarantine people had opened it and been through, looking for yarny covered drugs perhaps, or smuggled in fruit flies but they didn’t find anything. At least they left a note:

When I opened the package, the most delicious smell emerged. I unfolded the pink paper and this is what I found:

Oh my goodness. I screamed KOIGU! “Bless you dear!” Oh my, they just don’t get it. I am amazed by the kindness of Jeanne. This is the most delightful and divine lot of goodies. I have Cadbury chocolate made by Hershey’s! That’s hilarious (Cadbury chocolate factory is not a world away from here, just a couple of hours!). There is CANDY. We don’t have candy in Australia. We have lollies or sweets, but not candy! There are caramel chocolates with lovely little sayings inside their wrappers like: When two hearts race, both win. Cute! There is mohair fibre to spin!!! There is a Spin Off magazine with socky goodness in it (the pattern looks gorgeous. You will see this knitted soon). And a card. Thank you does not cover it. You must be the best Treater out there Jeanne!

All this has distracted me a little from Sockapalooza. I must not cast on the Koigu. I must finish other things first. If I keep telling myself that, it could mean my knitting goes very quickly!


8 Responses to "knitter’s treat spoils"

Ooo! and what was that we were saying about swaps? LOL

How fantastic!! What an excellent swap present!! The Cadbury’s thing is very funny, I think it will taste different too. How could you expect anyone to see her (Miss Purl??) in her pyjamas, what kind of mother are you??? Why do Customs always think knitters are evil law breakers???

I have never had a knitting parcel intercepted by customs, never! Unlike Katt who always seemed to have her parcels especially with Kool Aid intercepted.

I’ve been tempted to buy some Koigu for myself and have been shopping around.

How nice of Customs to poke around..Never know..You could have your Koigu washed in Crack (not IN YOUR crack..but the drug) and the mailed to you all drug filled..

Oooh i would love to have a gander at your Koigu! You will have to let us all know if its lovely to knit with


Glad you enjoyed the package – and too funny on the Cadbury thing- who knew?

What a lovely swap present! How exciting!

Oooh! I love a swap! And especially if there’s yarn and chocolate in it!!

who’s a spoiled little knitter? :]
lovely lovely lovely Koigu [ and the Cadbury thing is hysterical ]

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