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sockapalooza 4 and being more specific

Posted on: May 8, 2007

I have been agonising over a pattern for my Sockapalooza 4 pal, who gave me a size and asked for something different and not blue. When I submitted my preferences, I said I really didn’t mind what someone knitted for me.

I have been reading lots of blogs, mainly due to the Pligg that has been set up for this exchange, and I am wondering if I should have been very specific instead. It is not an easy task to make all the decisions when knitting for someone you don’t know! If you are reading this, my poor unguided knitter, I will be more specific. For those of you just reading the post, you might learn something about me!

  • My favourite colours are green and purple, but I also like red and orange and yellow. And blue. I wear a heck of a lot of black, so there is no danger of my socks not matching my clothes. In fact, my socks are generally the only bright part of my attire, whether they are knitted or bought.
  • I prefer socks that I can throw in the machine. Well, that my Super Spunk can throw in the machine, because I am one of those lucky people who has an extremely domesticated husband. Lucky one of us is!
  • I have fairly chunky calves, so to be safe don’t knit them too long.
  • I would love plain old stocking stitch socks in pretty colours, so don’t feel pressured to knit me something too fancy! They feel fantastic under boots. I want you to enjoy knitting them. I believe in karma!
  • If you like knitting lacy fancy socks, I would love them too, and show them off even though it would mean I would have to talk to the ‘normals’ about knitting yet again and explain why a stranger would knit me socks and why I would knit socks for a stranger. I would endure their looks of bemusement and concern, because I think it’s a fabulous and wondrous idea and I am making knitting friends all over the world!!

I hope this helps!


12 Responses to "sockapalooza 4 and being more specific"

I am sure you are gonna get gorgeous socks out of this!

I dont do swaps anymore..I always seem to get the reject person that takes FOREVER to send my item….


You have the best attitude! I wish I was knitting socks for you (I like who I am knitting socks for too, but she didn’t really give a lot in preferences either).

My pal did not give any preferences at all. So I guess it’s all up to me. I love to knit plain SS socks. They’re my fave to knit and to wear. Do you think my pal would mind if I just did ’em plain? I did choose the best yarn though. I sell my own hand-dyed yarn so I picked the best stuff in the house in a pretty colour. I think I will challenge myself to try at least a stitch pattern this time around. No lace though. I didn’t realize it would actually be harder not to have specifics to go on.

I want to give you props for being specific. I didn’t give many preferences either…because I honesly will be thrilled with whatever I get, and I wanted my knitter pal to have the freedom to do whatever she wanted. It’s not every day that I have someone else knitting socks for me. But the pal I’m knitting for didn’t put any preferences either, and I’m AGONIZING over what I should knit. I started many pairs last week and I still don’t have a plan I’m happy with. So I’m hoping my knitter pal isn’t having as much difficulty with the choices as I am…I didn’t want to make it harder on her, I thought I was making it easier. whoops…

I didn’t give my pal too many specifics either. For me, it was because I selected beginner. I didn’t think I should list too many criteria and potentially overwhelm a beginner. And, who knows, they may knit me something I would have never thought I’d like and I love them.

I was pretty specific with my pal & I worried she might think I was too picky, but she’s been wonderful about it! My knitee pal was very vague & I’ve asked her a couple more questions to get a better idea of what she’d really like.

I think more information is always better than less. I even mentioned specific patterns to help my knitter, for inspiration. Not that I was requesting a certain pattern, but I thought it would give her a basis for comparison!

OOh! I’m scared off ever being in any kind of swap! LOL


Mine gave no preference at all, so I’m knitting exactly what I feel like in a pattern I can manage. I just gave my person my foot measurements and said I like things stripy (if I remember rightly!) Looking forward to seeing what I get!

Hiya! Most folks who don’t give many preferences really are thrilled with whatever they get, So don’t worry that you’re not making the “exact right” sock for your pal. I’m sure they just want to participate and are excited about someone making something especially for them.

And Lynne, don’t be scared off swaps! It really is tons of fun! đŸ™‚

I understand not being more specific- I hope I gave enough info too… I love trying to explain knitting for strangers. I agre it’s a great thing!

I think it is great that you gave a bit more detail about what kinds of things you wear and like, in addition to sock preferences. This should help your swap pal if still undecided about what to knit for you! I didn’t give too many details for my pal, but I’m up for just about anything. Here’s hoping that you get absolutely delicious socks!

I fall sort of in the middle. I really don’t care what I get as long as it is well knit and not acrylic. If someone wants to look at my blog, they can atleast see that I knit a whole range (so someone could assume that they might be worn as well). I figure that I just appreciate the effort and if it doesn’t thrill me, I have two teens standing there with their hands out who love handknit socks.
Ny swap partner was extrememly picky. Pattern type, fiber, color and what to mix with what and what not to.
Ok, we are not beginners.
And I evily have designed just the pattern for her.

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