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holey pomotamus batman!

Posted on: May 7, 2007

Only those with a strong constitution should read further. Taking the advice of a kind blogger, I decided to wear my precious and beautiful Pomotamus socks to work today. The same socks featured in my title at the top of the blog. I was showing them off after a “Wow, those socks are beautiful! Did you make them?”

“Why, thanks for asking and yes I did indeed!” I pulled up my trouser leg in order to fully show off said sock and OH MY GOD THERE WAS A HUGE FREAKING HOLE IN IT!!!!

I shrieked! No one who does not knit can imagine the horror of finding a hole in your Pomotamus. “I have a hole in my sock!” was met with looks of confusion and bemusement as I ran through the building in search of a needle and thread. I interrupted a textiles class, swept students’ projects to the floor, took of my shoe and sock and came up with this:

Needless to say, this is a shocking stop gap measure. What do I do? It looks as if I have snipped the yarn, so I can only imagine I caught it on something this morning, because the hole most definitely was not there when I put the sock on this morning. I could, I guess, patch it better with matching yarn. Or, I could rip it back and reknit part of the leg, the heel and the toe.

Woe is me. Send me good wishes! I am suffering from a deep funk.


8 Responses to "holey pomotamus batman!"

Ouch. That hurts. Do you have any of the yarn left over? Can you graft it?

Good Luck!

Oh, there are holes happening everywhere. I panicked with my Holey Cardigan too. Grafting would work, but the Hippo socks are heavily lace. I’m not sure how to graft a yarn forward. You poor thing!!!! Wear the sock, when it is mended, so the mend is on the inside of your leg!! Good luck.

Oh no how horrid!! You poor thing!

I recommend trying to graft it first. I hope its able to be done..Otherwise it might be tears and ripping back to redo it

I wonder what it got caught on?


Nooooooo! That’s so unfair. I’ll just go and throw a tantrum for you. I’d darn it but, I’m lazy that way.

Oh no! And it looks so beautiful….I would try to graft it. Good luck and I hope to see pictures of it all fixed!

Ouch!!! Such pretty pretty socks.
I’m no good at mending, but like others, I’d try grafting over reknitting.

I am with the grafting, patching and putting it to the inside. I am afraid that reknitting the whole thing would make me cry.

Now, you really need to find out what caught it so that you can kill it dead before it exercises itself on your second sock..

They look stunning and you know what everyone else will say…”it doesn’t show unless you really look for it”…Of course YOU can see it straight off and dont have to look.
Even under your trousers you need it to be just perfect so do what you can best cope with for wearing them in front of the world, or just keep them for house socks.

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