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wacky and weird sockapalooza?

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Does anyone have any suggestions for a wacky and weird sock? My sockapalooza recipient has asked for something different! As far as I know, she doesn’t have a blog, so I can’t stalk her . . . help would be appreciated.


12 Responses to "wacky and weird sockapalooza?"

Gee, that makes it more difficult. If she does have a sense of humor, you could always go fraternal (one lengthwise and one in the round).
How are you on fairisle? I have some great graphs of mythical beasts.
And then there are pirate skulls.
Really wacky would be a mosiac pattern with a nice main color and use for the contrast a couple of rows at a time from all the left over sock yarn of the same gauge.
Colorfull at the minimum.
Beads? you could go beads.

if she has 2 fave colours. Make 1 sock striped (3 rows 1 colour 3 rows the other…with solid heel and toe) and the other sock a solif colour except for the rib, heel and toe in the contrast…

if that isnt for you..then do the heel, toe and rib contrast thing but having one with say the main colour red and the other the main colour blue (with contrast in the blue/red)

one lace and the other plain? lol..ok now I am getting silly..I am sick..dont pick on me!


solid not solif!!! but I am sure you worked that out 😉

Here’s a sideways sock pattern, with disclaimers!!!
It is very hard if you have no blog clues: weird and whacky for you might be staid and sensible for her!!!

Crikey – this is so why I avoid swaps! I’d be tempted by the Hidden Passion socks from Interweave’s ‘Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs’ – they are in shadow knitting. I saw them on Grumperina’s blog. Or the Bakerloo on Magknits The designer of these also has a shadow knitting sock pattern on her blog All quite different.

I’d say the spiral Socks which have no heel to turn but extrememly comfortable. It is just a knit 3 purl 3 then every 3 rows moveit across one stitch. I worked my first one in Febuary but just have to cast the second on the needles.

if youd like the pattern emailed please contact me.

I’m planning on making Bakerloo (though right now it is for me, so I can work out any bugs and fiddly things in the pattern before making it up for my sock pal), and I should be starting next week. If you are interested, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Lucy Neatby’s book “Cool Socks Warm Feet” has a couple of wacky sock patterns–Marietta rib socks and Mermaid socks with a sideways garter stitch cuff are the two that come to mind. The Mermaid socks are very cool…

Different. that can mean anything from ‘not just a stocking stitch sock in a single colour’ to ‘anything you can imagine’.

This gives you total permission to make those crazy socks you have been wanting to knit but knew you would never actually wear;p

Kristen has made some wacky socks – scroll down this page

I’d interpret that to mean colourful – I liked the idea of the mismatched stripes. Ask her if naive is the style she is going for- otherwise I’d stick to something more conventional colourwise, and do something different pattern wise, a sampler style sock with different patterns down the length of the leg. Long striped socks? I’d do something like that…

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