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on the kindness of almost strangers

Posted on: May 2, 2007

I found a little card in Purl’s room the other night, one that said that there was a parcel waiting for me at the Post Office. “WHEN DID THIS COME??” I calmly asked.

“Oh, yeah . . . I forgot about that.” Teenagers. Who’d have ’em?

I live in one suburb which is fairly central, I work in another to the north west. Our local mail centre is south east. Work is nuts at the moment and while I know there are people out there who envy the hours that teachers work and covet the holidays – I challenge them to spend three weeks following me around! I am exhausted and do not spend less than eight hours a day at work, then around two at home. And all day Sunday. And I get paid for thirty five hours a week. I don’t teach maths, but even I can figure that doesn’t work! Sorry, I digress.

Anyhoo, the SuperSpunk went to the post office and picked up my parcel. A very kind blogger, who I have been corresponding with on and off, sent me . . .

Which contained so much fibre, here is just a sample:

OH MY GOOD LORD WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?? I was whinging about plying or some such problem when Hope gave me some advice and said she would send me some stuff to have a try with. I opened the package and the fibre just kept coming and coming and coming. I have cotton. I have mohair. I have sparkly bits and silk and wool and so much to play with I really don’t know where to start. I have to finish spinning the fleece that I have on the bobbins at the moment so that on the weekend I can start to have a try with some of this stuff. It is so lovely and I am quite overcome with the generous nature of a fellow knitter. I will think of some way to pay it back or forward. Thank you Hope, from the bottom of my heart!

By the way, no Barbies were harmed in the production of that photo. We just happen to have them lying around most of the house most of the time.

I had a very strange experience today – tell me what you think it means. I was sitting in my office today and a white feather floated from somewhere to land on the floor. Thankfully my friend was with me, or I would have had trouble convincing anyone it had happened. I have two windows that are about ten feet high and open only a crack. The feather was higher than the door frame when we noticed it, so it could have blown in the door in an updraft . . . it was very strange. I am a practical no nonsense person, but it made my hair stand on end!

In knitting news, I am almost finished with the mohair scarf, I have finished one sock for the SuperSpunk and am about to order SOMETHING from Bendigo.


7 Responses to "on the kindness of almost strangers"

Well one of my friends always told me that when you find a feather it means you are on the right path….

It is so much fun to send things. It is even better when you don’t have to ask for an address.
Enjoy, then pass it on or retaliate (which might be even more fun).

I had a friend who used to say that whenever you find a feather it means that you are on the right path in life…..

P.S. I will be mailing a letter out this weekend!

What a lovely surprise parcel – I’m sure you’ll make good use of it.

Feathers are strange and turn up in weird places but I love the image of it just falling to the floor you were sitting on. No idea what it means but I’m sure it’s a blessing of some kind.

What a fantastic parcel. I keep looking at all those bundles and am wondering how they actually fitted into that parcel. I can only assume squishing was involved.

The same squishing you want to do when the teenage inhabitants of our homes hide those glorious little post office cards.

I think Purl was very lucky indeed to survive! Glad that you finally got your hands on ‘the parcel’.
Have fun playing 🙂

Always nice to have surprises waiting at the post office! Have fun spinning it all up!

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