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on sense of humour and shop bought knitting

Posted on: April 28, 2007

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. On one hand I need to work out what the heck we are going to give the three and a half mothers we need to buy for. On the other hand, I have to work out what the heck I want. Obviously this year it will need to be knit related. I have been oogling these shirts for a long time. Personally, I think they are hilarious. I am just not sure the humour would translate if I actually wore the thing! Perhaps I will stick to something a little safer and get some yarn. But then, what to buy? More STR? Something from The Knittery? Some Lorna’s Laces? What should I do??

You may remember that I was in search of a shiny soft scarf. Well, I found one in a pharmacy for $9.95, but I didn’t buy it because I felt guilty! I can knit, I should not be buying scarves. Of course, I could not knit an exact replica of the scarf, because it is a very fine guage and very neat and shiny. Of course if I did find a yarn to knit such a scarf with it would take me a very long time and most likely cost a lot more than $9.95! What to do?

And finally, if you don’t have children already, I hope this doesn’t put you off. This is what remained of a mandarin that the Tiny Madam ‘ate’ earlier this morning.


How gross is that!! ‘They’ don’t warn you about the disgusting food moments!


6 Responses to "on sense of humour and shop bought knitting"

No, a Labrador would never leave ANYTHING on her plate!!! 3 and 1/2 mothers: it sounds like a TV Show!! I am like that: I saw a cardi the other day I loved but I could not bring myself to buy it because I . Can. Knit. One. Myself!! Happy gift pondering!! girls love their manderins.

ooooh dont talk to me about mothers day…I dont have a clue what to get for 2 mothers (thank goodness I dont have to get anything for Adams step mum)….and what do I want? well..more wool of course..BUT do I really NEED more!?!

Cant afford to buy anything really..But I dont want to KNIT anything for the BIL (maybe my excellent birthday pressie was cos I havent knitted for her yet and she wants me to?)…But my mother has her hobo gloves and some socks from me..what to do what to do!?!?

Ok enough ramblings! lol


Besides love and time for the mothers? All I can say is that at somepoint you won’t have them anymore. Not trying to be a downer, but as we age, so do our elders.
I learned rapidly not to hand make for my MIL, she was from the era when you did that because you were poor. She didn’t see the time, or the love – it just pulled her back to when she did not have enough and was different because of handmade, handme downs.
So we went with store bought – because gifts need to suit the receipient.
I buy fine gauge (machine) knit things – I am not going to knit those. But anything else, on my eventual to do list.


Buy the scarf. Maybe even buy two.

I also have that ” I can Knit one” thing happening. The problem with this is that Miss B is now down to one school jumper and one other jumper that actually fit her as I haven’t bought any others to replace what she has grown out of.

Luckily there is an almost finished CPH on the needles with her name on it.

Great. Thanks for that….

I promised mom Larj a pair of socks for mother’s day, will I get them done by then? Doubtful.
That mandarin is really gross, thanks for sharing 😉

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