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on why i love my job!

Posted on: April 23, 2007

I am off to Canberra in August! Some people I know won a competition on the weekend, and I have to chaperone them to CANBERRA IN AUGUST!!! Excited much?? Anyone free for coffee?

Anyway, back to knitting. I added to the scarf:

It will be posted onward tomorrow. I have also been plodding away at a couple of socks, but there isn’t much interesting to show. I really must finish them so I can start something else.

I cast on for the Branching Out scarf last night, but I can’t do lace when there are people around. I can’t decided whether I should persist with this very simple lace pattern, or I should do something that I can manage whilst watching television and kid wrangling. Any words of wisdom?

And for the sake of keeping you guessing what might happen next, here is a stick insect that was sticking around my house:

These things are truly weird!


8 Responses to "on why i love my job!"

Branching out is a sucky first lace pattern. The person that wrote that it was a good beginners lace pattern needs a sound spanking. Truly.

For tv knitting, go for something that has a 6 row repeat, or less – so you have a chance in hell of remembering it. Even the Swallowtail (which looks a lot more complicated) isn’t as evil as branching out.

Lara’s right: Branching Out is promoted as beginner, but it’s not really at all. Happy Chaperoning: you might get to meet some Canberra(n?) S’n’Bers!!!

Nooooo – I’ll be away for ALL of August! *pout* Guarantee the other SnB girls would be happy to meet you, though.

I can’t do even the simplest lace without barracading the doors and turning off all communication devices – I’m the last one to give advice on lace.

The good things about walking sticks, as I know to name them, is that they are fun looking and do not munch yarn. They are pretty good kid pleasers and can be kept in an old aquarium.

I know tatters, but not knitters in Canberra. Wish I could come too.


I tried Branching Out as my first lace, too, on the advice that it was good for beginners. What rot. There are better ones.

Yes, come out with us when you’re here! We love visitors!

If I were you
I’d make the lace.
take your time
It’s not a race
I like the stick bug
but not on my face.

Yes, I am sleep deprived right now…

I dont think anyone could knit lace with kids around or whilst watching television. I dont really knit it if I dont have to, unless it is just a nice easy one for a few rows.

I must admit that I knitted branching out alone and without the tv on. Knitty has some ladder stitch socks that may be easier to try to start with …

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