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Posted on: April 22, 2007

I am back in the land of the living, after three days on camp! I survived, albeit on about seven hours sleep over two nights! Consequently I am absolutely exhausted! However, it was great fun and the kids were fabulous and there weren’t too many casualties and everyone went home tired and happy. That’s camp done for this year! Unfortunately I was so busy the whole time, the camera stayed in my bag so there are no camp photos to share. I may be able to get some at work tomorrow as I know there were others taking pictures! Just not me!

When I got home, I had a couple of little surprises, which was lovely! I had my winnings from Sue:

I think the Studio Mohair will become a scarf, perhaps Branching Out. Obviously I will knit socks with the sock yarn, but which to knit? Any ideas? It is a very pretty yarn with nice subtle colours. I love it! Thanks so much Sue! 

I also received my first Scarf Circle scarf to continue, from allicat. I am still pondering what to do next with this scarf, and will sit down and knit tonight so I can post in the morning. I think I will try and tone in with some natural colours. The yarn used here is not one I have seen before; it has little bits and pieces in it and some tiny bits of a really pretty purple:

I went to Kmart yesterday hoping that there would be some specials on yarn, but alas, it was not to be. I have, however, gained insight into what they are up to at Spotlight! They have been selling out locally produced yarn in order to make way for Lion Brand! Now I am going to have to go and look at it, just to see what all the discussion is about. This yarn really seems to polarise people! In the current catalogue there is a self striping yarn, which I assume is intended for socks. There is also Chenille, Homespun and Colour Waves. I am not sure if they have any other Lion Brand products . . .

Finally, I finished my silver scarf, which has had to become a silver belt because it is so scratchy I can’t bear to put it near my skin. However, I had many compliments when I wore it to work early last week, and of course a request from a colleague to make her one. I will need to go back to the drawing board, and see if I can find a softer silver yarn. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? This is just a simple drop stitch pattern. I like the way it looks! What do you think?


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Better than I ever did, Lookin’ like a true survivor!!! Yay for camp being over and hope your voice is back!! What a good present! I bought some Adore 4ply to use as sock wool, but it is Moda Vera. There is other wool at the BSODL that has the same variegated colours in all different kinds of wool: thick, thin, hairy etc!! Very cool. I have no glittery soft suggestions other than using fabric cut into strips. I think there is a bag on Knitty made this way. I love the scarf idea, I have made a quilt that way too.

and the Aussie stuff spotlight has cost more then anywhere else!! I noticed in their latest catalogue that they had some wool that is for sale in Kmart for like 50c to $1 per ball cheaper (if not a little more)…shocking!!

Looks like Cindy got some of the same wool i got from spotlight (some Adore and I bet she got the same green I got several weeks ago)…

I have eyed off their LionsBrand. I am thinking about getting some of their sock wool…but not sure really..I wish they would get some of the other Lions Brand stuff in (you know the stuff everyone else raves over! lol)..

I think I have the same hot socks wool as you (I have several but I am pretty sure that one of them)…


What!? Spotlight is abandoning Australian Country Spinners’ range for imported yarns? Whatever happened to wool being one of our main primary industries? Boycott, that’s what I say! LOL
Seriously, I’m not at all happy about it.

SPOTLIGHT HAS LIONBRAND???????????????????

Oh and before I forget, has Little Purl moved under the sea??? I’ve missed her insightful blogs of late!

Welcome back!
I’m curious about the Lion Brand yarn, probably because I’ve heard so much about it. I hope I’ll be satisfied with a look and a touch (sounds a bit rude doesn’t it!), Lord knows I don’t need anymore yarn….much. Maybe I could just get the stripey one to kick my sock stash off 🙂

I love the silver scarf/belt very cute. As for Lion Brand yarn, it’s pretty available in the states here and I have used a lot of it especially when I first got back in to knitting. I would say that some of it is good and some of it is crap. Depending on how you want to use it also. Homespun is good for quick gift scarves and afghans. Wool ease is good for ….ummm…..not much, don’t like it at all. I hear good things about the cotton ease though.

Glad to hear that you survived camp, I know how I feel when I arrive home after my Gems camps!

Bendigo will be doing well from me this year because I refuse to buy imported yarn when we have such lovely Aussie yarns, just wish they would get into some striping sock yarn.

Sorry can’t help out with the silver.

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