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Posted on: April 7, 2007

Because she has been without camera for a while, Little Purl has gone a bit nuts with the photos this morning! For your viewing pleasure . . .

 First up, we have a scarf that I made very quickly, using Patons Inca. It is very soft and lovely; I wanted a skinny scarf that I could wrap around my neck a few times, and that’s exactly what it is!

Next, we have a socks in progress. One is from Favourite Socks, using Socks That Rock Fairgrounds. This is actually the third incarnation of the yarn. I was up to the heel of another pattern, but it was lacy and the intricacies were lost. Then I started something else, and it was all wrong, so I settled on this pattern, vowing that I would make these socks, no matter what. It is a very easy pattern, and although the yarn is pooling I like them. Very pretty colours quite reminiscent of fairy floss, grass and sherbet. Yum. The grey ones are for the Superspunk whom I caught putting a pair of my knitted socks on yesterday morning, stretching them over his manly foot! The man has a death wish. I must finish these quickly for him. He can not be trusted. I have also cast on my second Baudelaire.

These are my finished RPMs. These socks took a honking long time to knit. I love them though, the yarn from The Knittery is soooo soft, they are a pleasure to wear.

I have been listening to podcasts – love the mess! One that I like to listen to is The Creative Mom. Although she hardly ever talks about knitting (!) I find it quite inspirational to listen to someone who makes time every day to pursue creative endeavours. I would recommend listening! Anyhow, I have bought myself a sketchbook, and some pencils and a very very nice pen. I have talked before about my thing for stationery. It has hit a new level. I have decided to have a go at ‘journalling’ – I think it best you take a look at hers! If I make anything worth sharing, I will share! I have never thought of myself as someone who can draw, but practice makes perfect – or at least better than now.

I also bought some silver shiny yarn, because I saw Maggie on Extras wearing a long, skinny silver scarf when she went out on a date. That girl has some lovely scarves! So, I am going to knit on big needles, a skinny scarf that I can wear out!

As for spinning, well, I seem to have lost my mojo. I can not ply. I won’t go into details but my single yarn is passable, but when it comes to twist two singles together, things get a little messy. My legs won’t treadle, the yarn gets all twisty and I start to panic! It is not fun. I may need to go back to my friend for some further lessons. Hm. I will not let it beat me.

Finally, there are some photos of trees and the beautiful autumn sky. You can also see the haze over Launceston which concerns most of us that live here.


8 Responses to "hop to it!"

Socks, socks everywhere! I look forward to seeing your STR creation – I have some here thats stewing in the stash because it just wouldn’t work for me when I tried it.

Love the photos, and the reminder that it is not spring everywhere in the world.
As far as spinning, are you really, really sure you want to learn this? (grin) as you will go from a little bit of wool to the several cupboards like the stash I have (and many wheels…)

socks all look good…

I am glad I made Adam socks before I made me some! lol. I have little feet and if he tried to put mine on he would ruin them

Hope the spinning sorts itself out soon. I have always wondered about the whole plying them together things.


Oh yeah the good old Launceston haze and it is only going to get worse over the coming winter months.

You asked about the autoharp? Yes it is coming along and I can now finger pick a lot of my favourite songs. I can remember you also took up an instrument at the same time, can’t remember what it was or maybe you didn’t mention that but anyway how is your musical instrument going?

Yeah! I love pictures. The RPM’s look very cool and I love the GREEN. What is the haze from? We’re just kicking in to spring here and still experiencing snow!

hey, don’t give up on spinning because of plying. I am no expert spinner but I wish I was closer (partly because I heart Tas) so I could cheer you on. Don’t give up! What sort of problems are you having with it? Maybe someone who reads your blog can help?

Thanks for dropping my blog. I’m glad you like the scarf. If the teaching goes ahead I will only get two hours a week, not enough to give up the ‘real’ job!
Oh, by the way, while you were on my blog, did you notice your blog in my list of blogs I visit?

Liking the look of those socks. Inca is a great yarn, I have knit several garments and also a hat and shawl (ironcically called the Inca shawl) from this yarn. Luuuuurve Launceston, such a lovely part of Tassie.

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