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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. On one hand I need to work out what the heck we are going to give the three and a half mothers we need to buy for. On the other hand, I have to work out what the heck I want. Obviously this year it will need to be knit related. I have been oogling these shirts for a long time. Personally, I think they are hilarious. I am just not sure the humour would translate if I actually wore the thing! Perhaps I will stick to something a little safer and get some yarn. But then, what to buy? More STR? Something from The Knittery? Some Lorna’s Laces? What should I do??

You may remember that I was in search of a shiny soft scarf. Well, I found one in a pharmacy for $9.95, but I didn’t buy it because I felt guilty! I can knit, I should not be buying scarves. Of course, I could not knit an exact replica of the scarf, because it is a very fine guage and very neat and shiny. Of course if I did find a yarn to knit such a scarf with it would take me a very long time and most likely cost a lot more than $9.95! What to do?

And finally, if you don’t have children already, I hope this doesn’t put you off. This is what remained of a mandarin that the Tiny Madam ‘ate’ earlier this morning.


How gross is that!! ‘They’ don’t warn you about the disgusting food moments!


I found ANZAC Day to be quite productive on the knitting front. I did not march this year, for the first time in quite a while. The SuperSpunk did and Purl and I stayed home. For a while. Then we went to Spotlight but it wasn’t open! I wanted a button to finish off the cardigan, but I didn’t get one from there! We then headed off to get coffee/white hot chocolate and back home again. I decided to steal a button from a pair of pants that I never wear due to them being ultra scratchy and me having sensitive skin. I can’t bring myself to throw them out, so I am constantly moving them to get to something else! So, I have a button, and here is a picture:

I like it, although in this picture it looks a bit like a sack. Hm.

I have decided to make a more simple scarf with the yarn I won, so here it is:

How to!

I have finished one sock in the STR Fairgrounds, and almost one sock for the SuperSpunk. For the life of me I can not photograph the STR sock, so I will wait until there are two. Here is a progress shot of the grey sock. Why do men have to have such big feet?

I am happy with both. The STR will be so warm and cosy, which at the moment sounds very good, because the weather has turned quite frosty around here! It only reached 16 degrees Celsius today. I am very glad we had our camp last week and not this week, because although it was chilly at night they days were lovely.

Finally, here is a picture of a sheep, expertly painted by the Tiny Madam at Kindy today. What a lovely, happy sheep. Brainwashing children? Me? Never!!

I am off to Canberra in August! Some people I know won a competition on the weekend, and I have to chaperone them to CANBERRA IN AUGUST!!! Excited much?? Anyone free for coffee?

Anyway, back to knitting. I added to the scarf:

It will be posted onward tomorrow. I have also been plodding away at a couple of socks, but there isn’t much interesting to show. I really must finish them so I can start something else.

I cast on for the Branching Out scarf last night, but I can’t do lace when there are people around. I can’t decided whether I should persist with this very simple lace pattern, or I should do something that I can manage whilst watching television and kid wrangling. Any words of wisdom?

And for the sake of keeping you guessing what might happen next, here is a stick insect that was sticking around my house:

These things are truly weird!

I am back in the land of the living, after three days on camp! I survived, albeit on about seven hours sleep over two nights! Consequently I am absolutely exhausted! However, it was great fun and the kids were fabulous and there weren’t too many casualties and everyone went home tired and happy. That’s camp done for this year! Unfortunately I was so busy the whole time, the camera stayed in my bag so there are no camp photos to share. I may be able to get some at work tomorrow as I know there were others taking pictures! Just not me!

When I got home, I had a couple of little surprises, which was lovely! I had my winnings from Sue:

I think the Studio Mohair will become a scarf, perhaps Branching Out. Obviously I will knit socks with the sock yarn, but which to knit? Any ideas? It is a very pretty yarn with nice subtle colours. I love it! Thanks so much Sue! 

I also received my first Scarf Circle scarf to continue, from allicat. I am still pondering what to do next with this scarf, and will sit down and knit tonight so I can post in the morning. I think I will try and tone in with some natural colours. The yarn used here is not one I have seen before; it has little bits and pieces in it and some tiny bits of a really pretty purple:

I went to Kmart yesterday hoping that there would be some specials on yarn, but alas, it was not to be. I have, however, gained insight into what they are up to at Spotlight! They have been selling out locally produced yarn in order to make way for Lion Brand! Now I am going to have to go and look at it, just to see what all the discussion is about. This yarn really seems to polarise people! In the current catalogue there is a self striping yarn, which I assume is intended for socks. There is also Chenille, Homespun and Colour Waves. I am not sure if they have any other Lion Brand products . . .

Finally, I finished my silver scarf, which has had to become a silver belt because it is so scratchy I can’t bear to put it near my skin. However, I had many compliments when I wore it to work early last week, and of course a request from a colleague to make her one. I will need to go back to the drawing board, and see if I can find a softer silver yarn. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? This is just a simple drop stitch pattern. I like the way it looks! What do you think?

Well, I am. To camp tomorrow for two nights. Wish me luck – I may just need it.

In knitting news, I have completed the first section of my scarf and sent it off on its way around the world. It was quite an ordeal to get it past the postman! I had to sign forms and show my driver’s licence, declaring that I was only posting some knitwear and chocolate! Then he stuck stickers all over the envelope and off it went.

Here is my bit:

The Country Silk cardigan is all sewn up, waiting for a button. It fits, I like it and I will wear it, so that is very exciting! Hooray. I have cast on another garment for me. 

I also received my Knitterly Letter, from the lovely Kelly which was very exciting. I am going to sit down tonight and write back! Yay! I have a penpal!!

I have listened to two books through my ipod lately. What a good idea! I can ‘read’ and knit at the same time. The first was The Dark Room and the second Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell. I am a big crime fan, and both stories had some twists and turns, and it was amazing how quickly the novels went. Thanks Holly for the idea!

. . . the problem started early. This is me, around twenty five years ago!

Oh yeah, and my brother. I have been looking for this photo for ages, I could remember it so clearly. Mum found it and scanned it, and emailed it yesterday. Note the double strands. I think maybe I was knitting another pair of slippers like you can see on my feet!! Love it! What about you? Any evidence of early knitting? Please share!

Also, just for fun, here is a picture of what my Dad has just bought – a 1954 Morris Minor. That’s us going for a very slow spin around the block!

I think his will be a midlife crisis I can handle!

It has been a good week this week! I have not been at work . . . I guess that has a lot to do with the sort of week I have had.

First of all, I have almost completed an assignment for Uni – here is a picture of my Monkey socks on top of a pile of reading:

The assignment will be finished today, which will allow me to move on to all the other school work I have to get done by Monday. Next week will be another good week, but in a very different way. I am off to camp! 😛

I have had some time to work with some raw fleece from the Op Shop. You can almost see me behind the bag – it is huge!

Unfortunately, the fleece feels so disgusting and dry I was having trouble even touching it, hence I took these from the SuperSpunk (I am serious, he is quite famous around here for his pink gloves!):

However, I found that it was too difficult to work with gloves, and had to take them off and get my hands dirty. Ugh. Here is me ‘under the house’:

I wasn’t too happy, but the cat was loving it:

Mmmeoow! Fleece!

Anyway, I washed and dried quite a bit of fleece, and have been spinning a little bit. I have had some great advice from some lovely people here and here (thanks!) to do with plying, but have not spun enough yet to try it out. I should get this done soonish. I am already nervous about it!

I have also signed up for Sockapalooza 4, which is very exciting. I need to stop with the signing up for things now though, or I will not have the time nor money to get everything done that needs doing. I am also involved in a scarf circle at the Lime and Violet message board, and have to knit six inches of scarf to post Monday. The idea is that the scarf will travel around the world, starting with me and will be added to by eleven others! So the twelve of us will end up with a long scarf that has a section knitted by all of us! Isn’t that cool?

As well this week, someone turned 7. One of the Grandma’s arrived with this, guaranteeing herself more knitted socks!

And to round it all off, some friends arrived with this, which may or may not have been chosen purely based on what was on the label!


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