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gone daddy gone

Posted on: March 22, 2007

I find myself becoming slightly obsessed with finding the right title for my posts lately. All of them have been coming from my iTunes list, which at the moment consists of 1036 songs. And yet, there is little there to explain why there will be no pictures for a while.

Purl took the camera on school camp. Purl went for a bushwalk. Purl fell in the creek. With the camera. No go with the insurance company – we are not covered for such events. So any pictures will need to be taken elsewhere or I will need to nick a camera from somewhere else. Admittedly we were planning on buying a new one, so this has just made the purchase a little more urgent. Incidentally my sunglasses were also broken. I have not killed her though. Life’s too short to worry about accidental breakages, even when they are going to cost me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. No, amanda, deep breaths. (Self talk helps at these times.)

I have been spinning. And knitting. And reading blogs a bit. There was a bit of controversy on a blog when the author asked why blog if you don’t get comments. Are you a slave to the comments? Are you an habitual lurker? Do you feel down when you don’t get enough comments. I go through stages where I comment a lot, and then I don’t. There are blogs I read and comment on every time. There are blogs that I read and have never commented on. I mean, will my comment really add anything when there are over one hundred already? Hey, leave me a comment and let me know you’re here! Next comment will be my 100th for this blog. I tell you what, at 200 comments I will give something away!

In more expensive news, I bought two skeins of Socks That Rock last night. My SuperSpunk is an enabler. And I love him for it! I bought Chapman Springs and Fairgrounds. I hope they hurry up and get here!! I also bought the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook and Favourite Socks from Amazon last week, so there is a definite smell of burning plastic around here. Hey, I work hard! I deserve it!

Perhaps if I make up for photos with lovely links for a while!


8 Responses to "gone daddy gone"

Ah, comments. It’s a bonus to get a comment. I feel a bit presumptious (like now), commenting on the blog of someone I don’t know but then I think how thrilled I am when someone comments on my blog and try to make a sensible comment that either shows appreciation or adds to discussion. Most of the time I don’t comment on the “star” blogs – how many “me toos” do they really need?

Sorry you are cameraless and without sunglasses!
Poor little Purl! Glad she came out of the river all in one piece, even if it was minus the camera.
I always read. I don’t always comment. I love to get comments though.

Chapman springs is what I knitted my socks in and they are just GORGEOUS!! its divine sock wool too! so soft! Did you get the medium or light weight? The medium is more like a 5ply by the way…Thats what I got..Next time I will probably get a light weight.

Bummer about your camera (and glasses)…lets hope it doesnt cost TOOO much to replace them.

I comment on blogs only if I have something worthwhile to comment on. Having said that. If I know the person I find something to comment on every time! lol.

You spun up any of that fleece from the op shop yet?


I hope the fun of camera shopping outweighs the bummer of having to. . . I do miss the pictures.

And me? I’m a comment-lover. Love them love them love them. Would actually like to email thank-yous to everyone who comments. But I don’t leave comments if there’s say, over 20? Seems like they’ve already gotten it all.

Little Purl is the reason I hated taking children on excursions: glad she is OK but she would have given me a conniption!!! It is always the same: you are never insured ENOUGH!!! STR is beautiful, I felt Katt’s socks, actually I wore them on my hands a lot:beautiful. I saw the whole comment ‘blowup’. I comment on the blogs of people I know, but never a star really. I am sure I am not of one iota of interest to them. I feel bloggularly inadequete!!! Happy shopping and I take it your voice in back and you are feeling better. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!!!

I do like getting comments but have learned to live with the fluctuating numbers. It used to bother me if they were low. I don’t really leave comments on “star” blogs either, I feel that concurring with above posters gets redundant after a while.

What taphophile said. Still I like comments myself, but can’t predict which posts will elicit a lot of comments and which posts won’t.

I read a million blogs, maybe comment on ten.

And as for the superblogs, I can’t bear suckups so I’m never going to be one in their comments either, I mean I’m sure even they don’t read them all!

[…] you pretty things I really need to get a camera! My purchases arrived! The Socks that Rock arrived today, and I am dying to take a picture of it and show off! My books […]

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