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ebony and ivory

Posted on: March 12, 2007

As promised . . . some pictures! I went to the sheepy shop Saturday morning and bought another bag of raw white fleece, and some carded washed brown fleece.


That’s my fleece up a tree!

Then I went to a discount store and bought a better comb than the one I had, and I combed and combed and combed. It was quite fun actually, apart from the splinter in my finger and the smell of lanolin. I fluctuate between thinking it is not so bad and gagging. I combed and I combed until I thought I had enough fibre to spin. Then I set about spinning. Then I combed some more, and then I spun some more. Then I plied and skeined, then I soaked and washed and then I hung it out to dry. Then I made a ball. Then I knitted. Here is what it looks like:

The yarn is very lumpy, and I think it will be a scarf. I think I will knit it and then dye it. I know that’s backwards, but there you go. Why be like everyone else?

Yesterday I went to the large retail outlet that happens to sell yarn, and bought lots of things. I bought two balls of Patonyle in the light grey – they are completely out now and I can’t believe they won’t be getting any more. What will I do for cheap sock yarn that is great for gifted socks? I also bought three balls of Inca which is rapidly becoming a skinny rib scarf:

And I bought enough Zhivago in brown to make myself a cardigan, which I might just start tonight. Amongst all of this, I have not met my goal of finishin a pair of socks, but I am well on the way down the foot on the two at once RPMs, so the end is in sight! This afternoon I could not hold back any longer and started spinning this:

That is the black alpaca fibre that Mother and the kids got for me last weekend. It is not as consistent as it could be, but I am getting there. There is only 100g of this, and I have no idea how much yarn that will make! I am thinking it might become a lacy holey scarf if I can get enough yarn. Otherwise, it might just be something I pat!


5 Responses to "ebony and ivory"

Wow! You certainly have been busy! Love the photos too!

Nicely done, I never even considered that lanolin has a smell. I assume it’s something akin to a wet dog?

How exciting, your own wool spun with your own lily white hands!! Good bargains too. No more Patonyle, very sad.

I have something that might interest you..Its a bribe of sorts!

Love the scarf so far! And I got some greyish brownish dont know what to call it Patonyle the other week.

So are they not making it anymore (patonyle) or is spotlight not carrying it anymore? (and my sock wool is as cheap as buying enough patonyle to knit a pair of socks! lol).


I weighed up all my fleece the other day….Just a bit over 6.6kg!!! And I sorted it into colour lots too…

Want me to email you piccies?


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