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I really need to get a camera! My purchases arrived! The Socks that Rock arrived today, and I am dying to take a picture of it and show off! My books are here too, I have had a very quick flick through and think they are quite fabulous. What does it say about me that I don’t want to make a ball of yarn until I have photographed the skeins? Deary me! I may need to borrow someone’s camera this weekend.

I have also tried to sign up for the Knitterly Letter Swap and have signed up for the Knitter’s Treat Exchange (my answers to the questionnaire are over where my SecretPal10 used to be). I hope I get to participate in both, I need some diversions here and there. What a week I have had at work. Busy busy busy. Some students want me to try and knit with steel wool, to settle an argument. They were determined that I should do it, and suggested I could wear rubber gloves so my hands didn’t hurt. They are so kind!

And now it is the weekend. By Sunday night, I will have a cardigan, as I am knitting the yoke of the Country Silk cardi at the moment. My Monkey socks are still on the needles, but I did finish the RPMs and have worn them this week. Very comfy!

Finally, take a look at this! This is possible the cutest cat ever. Apart from mine of course.


I am home from work today, with no voice again. Combine that with no camera for pictures, and things are a bit dull!

For some reason, although I registered for Secret Pal 10, I never heard from anyone. I am trying not to take it too personally. I’m sure it was just an error! Perhaps I will just spoil myself for a couple of months.

I have joined this KAL, even though I haven’t actually received my book yet. Maybe it will come today? I am home alone, it would be a great distraction. I am taking the time to comb through my work email box – there were over 400 emails in there and it was well overdue for a clean out. I have deleted about 100 so far, but because I am worried about missing something, this takes time. And, I receive about 15 every 2 hours, so it is 50 steps forward and 15 back at the moment.

I have to show you something – apologies to That Spinning Place, I have completely stolen your image, but hopefully the link will make up for it. I am considering buying this:

or this:

or this:

What do you think? Which one? I like all of them and really want to try spinning some roving, and some colour other than natural sheepy colours. I have also finally called Bendigo Woollen Mills and asked for one of their shade cards. I got an answering machine and croaked, mumbled and muttered my message. Thankfully they called back and a shade card is on its way to me! Woopee!

I am also occupying my time today with finishing off some knitting – Monkey socks are coming along well and I also dragged out an FO from some time ago, which is almost done. Now the weather is cooling down (sometimes) a cardigan seems like a good idea (I am doing the green one, but brown). As well, I am making discs from my DVD hard drive after finally figuring out how to do it. Come on, I have only had the thing since October! Instruction books really can come in handy. I can vouch for that!

I just saw this on tv. Watch it! It is very clever and contains VAST amounts of yarn. Not only that, but it is a pretty cool song as well! 

Walkie talkie man – Steriogram

I find myself becoming slightly obsessed with finding the right title for my posts lately. All of them have been coming from my iTunes list, which at the moment consists of 1036 songs. And yet, there is little there to explain why there will be no pictures for a while.

Purl took the camera on school camp. Purl went for a bushwalk. Purl fell in the creek. With the camera. No go with the insurance company – we are not covered for such events. So any pictures will need to be taken elsewhere or I will need to nick a camera from somewhere else. Admittedly we were planning on buying a new one, so this has just made the purchase a little more urgent. Incidentally my sunglasses were also broken. I have not killed her though. Life’s too short to worry about accidental breakages, even when they are going to cost me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. No, amanda, deep breaths. (Self talk helps at these times.)

I have been spinning. And knitting. And reading blogs a bit. There was a bit of controversy on a blog when the author asked why blog if you don’t get comments. Are you a slave to the comments? Are you an habitual lurker? Do you feel down when you don’t get enough comments. I go through stages where I comment a lot, and then I don’t. There are blogs I read and comment on every time. There are blogs that I read and have never commented on. I mean, will my comment really add anything when there are over one hundred already? Hey, leave me a comment and let me know you’re here! Next comment will be my 100th for this blog. I tell you what, at 200 comments I will give something away!

In more expensive news, I bought two skeins of Socks That Rock last night. My SuperSpunk is an enabler. And I love him for it! I bought Chapman Springs and Fairgrounds. I hope they hurry up and get here!! I also bought the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook and Favourite Socks from Amazon last week, so there is a definite smell of burning plastic around here. Hey, I work hard! I deserve it!

Perhaps if I make up for photos with lovely links for a while!

. . . but only just. I have no voice whatsoever. Well, I can whisper, but that’s it. And I think it might just drive me insane. I am a talker. I like to talk. My job requires that I talk A LOT. At the moment, I am trying to work out how I can wrangle my OWN kids, let alone about 200 of other people’s on Monday. I am hoping a quiet weekend will fix the problem – I need to go and learn how to use my voice properly, or I will really have to find ways to knit for food!

In other news, thanks to a heads up from Katt, my SuperSpunk set off to the City Mission shop and bought me a huge bag of raw fleece, in a lovely chocolate brown. That has staved of the mild feeling of panic I had about what would happen when I ran out of fleece. I have been harassing people for information about sheep owners. I have been calling local businesses and not so local businesses. The issue (not problem, I like it this way!) with living in Tassie is that we work hard to ensure our environmental problems are kept to a minimum, and therefore buying raw fleece from the mainland is not an option due to quarantine restrictions. I will just have to be resourceful. Either that or convert the back yard. What do you think? Suburban sheep. They would love the view!

Happy St Patrick’s Day! My Irish heritage includes a number of transported convicts, which I think is interesting in the extreme. There are also English and Scottish convicts and one or two free settlers, but on the whole, I am fairly concentrated Tasmanian convict stock. Because I have no photos of my own, I have lifted one from somewhere else today:

This guy is not one of my ancestors, but he would have known one, because he was transported on the same ship. Lucky for us, the Brits were very thorough and made lots of notes and lists and it is quite easy to do some research on convicts in Tasmania. The ship these two were transported on was called the Pestongee Bomangee. I have no idea why! Cool huh? To be sure. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

As promised . . . some pictures! I went to the sheepy shop Saturday morning and bought another bag of raw white fleece, and some carded washed brown fleece.


That’s my fleece up a tree!

Then I went to a discount store and bought a better comb than the one I had, and I combed and combed and combed. It was quite fun actually, apart from the splinter in my finger and the smell of lanolin. I fluctuate between thinking it is not so bad and gagging. I combed and I combed until I thought I had enough fibre to spin. Then I set about spinning. Then I combed some more, and then I spun some more. Then I plied and skeined, then I soaked and washed and then I hung it out to dry. Then I made a ball. Then I knitted. Here is what it looks like:

The yarn is very lumpy, and I think it will be a scarf. I think I will knit it and then dye it. I know that’s backwards, but there you go. Why be like everyone else?

Yesterday I went to the large retail outlet that happens to sell yarn, and bought lots of things. I bought two balls of Patonyle in the light grey – they are completely out now and I can’t believe they won’t be getting any more. What will I do for cheap sock yarn that is great for gifted socks? I also bought three balls of Inca which is rapidly becoming a skinny rib scarf:

And I bought enough Zhivago in brown to make myself a cardigan, which I might just start tonight. Amongst all of this, I have not met my goal of finishin a pair of socks, but I am well on the way down the foot on the two at once RPMs, so the end is in sight! This afternoon I could not hold back any longer and started spinning this:

That is the black alpaca fibre that Mother and the kids got for me last weekend. It is not as consistent as it could be, but I am getting there. There is only 100g of this, and I have no idea how much yarn that will make! I am thinking it might become a lacy holey scarf if I can get enough yarn. Otherwise, it might just be something I pat!

I have made yarn! But I can’t show you because Purl has gone to the coast with the camera! But trust me, I have. I have spun about half a bobbin with brown fleece and I am managing to be consistent most of the time. So my next task is to spin another half a bobbin and then ply them together.

I ended up going to a friend’s house last Saturday afternoon to learn to spin. I drooled over her lovely roving from Bendigo, in beautiful shades. She then showed me how to spin. Oh, it looked so easy. It isn’t easy at all. I couldn’t do a thing with the roving, but she had some raw fleece much like what I bought and showed me how to work with that. I also found out that all that washing was for nowt, as it is easier to spin with the lanolin still in the fleece because it sticks together.

Then, I had to go to Melbourne for three days. So that put my spinning plans on hold. I did however deliver these to my SIL.

I think she liked them. I am a bit glad I didn’t bother with anything too fancy. I am also quite sure this is her last pair of socks. Not nearly enough enthusiasm on receipt! Haha! Once bitten twice shy is my motto! The tiny little niece was very cute and sweet and so SO tiny compared to my thumping three babies!

SuperSpunk and I searched Melbourne for knitting books, and there were some, but certainly none I wanted. I had a very small wishlist – Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd, Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush, and The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook by Lynne Vogel. There was NOTHING!! I was stunned. I have actually seen the Twisted Sister book in Launceston! Aargh! I will just have to buy from Amazon – I can get three books posted to Tasmania cheaper from Amazon than from Angus and Robertson online. How does that work? 

Anyhow, I have done a bit more spinning since returning home, but not much. I have been too tired. I am about to head down to the city to get some more fleece (no, I have not finished the fleece I have, but I don’t want to run out any time, do I?).

Oh! I just remembered that Mother took Purl and the kids to the Blessing of the Harvest at Longford last weekend and they bought me some carded alpaca that I have to leave alone until I am able to spin it properly. I think I will make it into a scarf or something, it is so soft! Black as night and really lovely and shiny! I am a lucky girl! If only I could show you a picture. Monday I promise!

Our weather has cooled enough to make sitting back in a chair comfortable again, so a goal for the long weekend is to finish a pair of socks. I am on the heel of the two at once RPM socks, and have done nearly three repeats on my second Monkey, so this should be achievable.

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