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another pair bites the dust

Posted on: February 3, 2007

Well, I finished the ‘I can’t say no’ socks and they were gratefully received yesterday. It was not all in vain, I was given a nice bottle of red wine for my trouble. Hm, that could get dangerous! I would have shown you a picture, but apparently it was inadvertently deleted from the camera, as was another tea cosy that I knitted for MIL2 for her birthday. I will write up the pattern for this, because it is entirely mine. Never mind, I will need to take a picture of it when I visit. Deep breaths.

I took delivery of some lovely yarn this week. Pink Jo Sharp cotton for a cardigan for the Tiny Madam – I have finished the back of the cardigan, it is a lovely ribbed number. There is nothing like a four year old with an angry face to motivate one to knit! We had to go and buy buttons this morning. I could have been finished with the cardi had the book with the pattern not gone missing for two whole days, only to turn up in a plastic toy bin. No one is admitting to the crime!

And these arrived – my first etsy purchase, but I would hazard a guess it won’t be my last!

As we say around here – WOOP WOOP WOOPEE!! I am all about the pinks, purples and greens at the moment. I have rolled one skein into a ball, but I will not cast on. I have too many things on the go. I must finish something. The colours are so bright! They are calling to me, but I will resist. I am stronger than any sock yarn. Really, I am.

My ball winding is quite a sight. I don’t have any fancy equipment, just my feet at the end of my stretched out legs and a fair bit of shoulder work to make a perfect ball. I used to spend hours winding balls like this for Auntie (my dad’s auntie who raised him for the most part) in my childhood, so this process brings back many memories for me. She taught me to knit when I was six. I have been looking for a photo to share with you of me knitting when I was really little, on Auntie’s couch with my brother in the background. When I saw her recently (she is now over eighty and in a nursing home) I told her I had been knitting socks. She has knitted just about everything I think, but never fine socks. She can no longer knit due to failing eyesight.

Here is me knitting outside in the heat (and boy there is a bit of that around here at the moment. The kids and the SuperSpunk are outside at the moment, in the blow up pool). I am getting game – this is the most of me I have ever shown on my blog! The red thing you can see is a bag that my mother made for me which is a great knitting bag! I have lots in many colours as she can never just make one of anything.

I am managing the two socks on two circs, but you can probably see I am a bit awkward. I am still unsure whether I really like this method of knitting socks. I think it will be very strange to get to the end and have a pair rather than having to cast on another. And if I might be so bold – the Addis are a bit blunt for my tastes.

I watched ‘Ten Canoes’ earlier in the week, which I really enjoyed immensely. The film tells a story in a very interesting way, with three different layers and connections between the present, the past and the ancestors. I was keen to see it, and also keen to see if it would be suitable for 28 or so teenagers to watch at school. I think the kids would need quite a bit of work beforehand, as the actors are naked the entire time, and they talk about poo a lot. I can imagine quite a bit of tittering which drives me quite nuts.

My holidays are rapidly drawing to a close; I actually went in to work on Thursday. I am in two minds about this. Obviously it would be fantastic to lead a life of leisure but I am yet to find a way to make that profitable!


6 Responses to "another pair bites the dust"

You would be a bold teacher to venture into cinematic waters such as that. Socks — maybe the 2 circs would be the key I finally need. I like ’em, but not enough to knit them.

Hope the Tiny Madam figures out a nicer motivational strategy and I can’t wait to see the cozy.

Brazen it out, you can out-experience them, I know you can!!! I am so envious of your green wool and 2 socks at once?? Lucky Tiny Madam, did her face match the cotton?? The Labradors have been under the hose and in the paddle pool today. Too hot to knit: I tried!!! I love your Etsy purchases as well, and I remember holding the wool for my mum as she wound it into balls. It was usually a jumper unravelled and ready to be knitted a size bigger with stripes or different cuffs!!
Yes, school.. it approaches..but you have to go to work to afford the wool!!! Enjoy the rest of the hols!!

Oh wow that yarn is bright!! You are cruising well with your sock knitting arent you? I am finding myelf casting heaps on! I have my pair knitted for me, designed by me, yarn dyed by me….Adams SECRET Valentines socks (shhhh dont talk about them) and a pair of socks for a friend that I cast on last night, she has had a few stressful days.

Oh I am jealous that not only you know toe up but 2 at once!! If you came to a knitting group I would ask kindly if you could teach me toe up. I so want to learn it for some free patterns online.


Hi there.
Like your blog. Just replying to your comment about the merino bambo. It’s actually really nice to knit socks with, and good for me to see the stitches as I am still on the novice sock knitting list.
Love that bright coloured yarn you just received. Very tempting.

You’re a BRAVE one to be even contemplating showing naked bodies to a class of teenagers. It made me think of that monty python sketch where John Cleese is teaching a sex-education class and is out the front actually doing it with his wife whilst the class of teenage kids are chucking paper balls and generally mucking up, completely ignoring what he’s doing out the front.

I have done one sock on two circs, and aim to have a go at two one day, but I find there is something missing from the satisfaction I get from going round and round on those dpn’s. I can’t explain it, but it kind of doesn’t feel as good to me.

And Katt, don’t wait to be taught to do toe up! Just follow the pattern and you’ll be right.


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