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we’re gonna sock around the clock

Posted on: January 25, 2007

What is it about people who don’t knit? Or is it that I keep saying how easy it is to make things if you concentrate? I am presently dealing with two mother in law issues. Because I have two mothers in law. I think I have mentioned this before.

MIL1 loved her tea cosy so much! So much that she showed her friend who also loved it so much! So much that MIL1 volunteered me to knit another one for her! Without consulation with me. And this was relayed over the phone. Sheesh. I got a bit snaky. Because, I won’t just knit something out of the stash, I will need to go and buy something. If I am going to knit something, it is going to be worth looking at! I am not about to turn out some crap in the wrong colour for this friend’s kitchen! Yikes.

Today I received an SMS from MIL2. Again no face to face. “Special request from (insert name of cousin from England visiting at the moment). If she buys the wool could you knit her some sock like the ones you made for me?” I jumped on the phone and it just so happens that they have already visited the LYS and purchased some Opal, which would be perfect for golf socks! How can I say no to that?

I like knitting for people. I think we all do. But, I like to choose who I knit for and I like to choose what I knit. It is part of the fun. Now I am stuck with knitting two items for people I vaguely know, out of yarn and colours that I would not choose, for nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling. What is with that? If I wrote short stories, would people assume that I would write a story for their workmate? If I painted pictures, or played music, would it be expected I could just turn something out? What is it about knitting that allows people to believe it just happens? Man. Grr. Aaaaaargh.

So, now I am finishing my purple and green socks, and the SIL socks, and Pomatomus is no further, and BaudelaireII is not even cast on and I want to design my own sock and phhht.

Oh, I did buy some gorgeous yarn which I am waiting impatiently for. Some advice – stay away from etsy! Especially this store. Her yarns are gorgeous. I will show pictures the minute it arrives. So, it’s not all bad news. Now, I had better go and knit socks



8 Responses to "we’re gonna sock around the clock"

Just as well you don’t have an over-demanding Mother!

I have to do the demand knitting and not always the patterns I want. BUT I get paid for mine! lol

Cant wait to see some of the things you are working on.

That etsy shop has some gorgeous sock wool..But OUCH over the price (especially if its US$$)…


I don’t know about rewarding people who demand things. Can you “demand” something equally time-consuming back? Fortunately I knit very slowly. . . so no one asks.

I have to say that I have issues when my mother “volunteers” me to knit for others. I don’t mind knitting for people that I know, that I know will appreciate it when I have the time to do so. But those who demand get nothing from me. Nada zero zilch zip!

Hmm, people don’t really understand the enormous amount of effort and time it takes to knit a pair of 4ply socks or a complicated tea cosy do they?? The Knitting Sisternity does, and I always find that if you make something for someone they love to reciprocate. It’s not as if you don’t have a husband,children, a life and a job???!! Knit s.l.o.wl.y.
Oh so much green in that sock wool!!! How divine!!!

Firstly I just love the tea cosy and those socks to wear with thongs, what a great idea. Where did you find the cosy pattern?

Secondly, one MIL is more than enough for me and you my poor dear have two!! I have been ‘suckered’ into knitting my share of socks for people and even jumpers. Which has a lot to do with why I opened an Etsy shop, I will now just direct them over there, very subtly of course 🙂

I am going to corrupt you further now, over at Etsy there is a seller called Twisted and her yarns are gorgeous. (sorry but I can’t keep her all to myself now can I?)

Yes, my Greenery Snickerts are languishing. I have to concentrate every row and so they are no good for hot days, or tired days, or for when I watch DVDs days…I just have to find the right time!!!
Happy Birthday belatedly to your Kitty Cat!!!

EEEK! The thought of someone else volunteering my knitting for someone else I barely know…. I am sitting here just squirming. Especially cause I know I would get stuck and not be able to say no either.

Although I do find people are less likely to ask for things if you offer them knitting lessons instead:)

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